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(Come out to light(2)

All the men in black coats, including Bobby, lowered down their heads in awe when they saw the Tokens. When they saw the Token, they saw their real master. And now Jackson, an offspring of Chu Family, was holding the Token in his hand, no one dared to resist him.    

 Eric was frustrated. These were the Tokens, he was sure of it. Tokens were always unique.     

Jonson bowed his head at Jackson and apologized,"We're sorry for our actions against you."   

 Jackson didn't answer. He didn't want to punish the two men. He just wanted Cherry and Jackson to be safe. And if it was possible, he didn't want to be part of this business.     

Jackson scoffed. "For now, I am your master. When I find your true master, I will dismiss you and your men and you will leave for good."  

"Are you really going to dismiss us?" Jonson could not believe what he just heard. The Chu family was one of the strongest and the most powerful families in the city. Their team could be beneficial for their protection. Why was Jackson dismissing them?    

 "It's none of your business,"  Jackson answered curtly.     

Jonson kept his mouth shut. Jackson was his master now and he has no right to know what his master wanted to do. 

    Eric was dumbfounded. He had no idea what to say. He treated Jackson abhorrently and he was sure Jackson would want him dead. He didn't dare to say a word now.     

Lily had always known Jackson had a soft heart. And that he didn't know what to do with the power of the Tokens. After all, he just found out minutes ago what they were. Lily thought she was the one who would tell him the truth. But Joe beat her to it, much to Jackson's shock.  

 Lily approached Jackson and asked,"Mr. Jackson, do you really want to release them?"   

 Jackson was confused by Lily's question. But when he turned to look at her, he saw seriousness in her eyes.    

 Jackson nodded. "Yes, they are released when I can let them go."    

Lily knew Jackson's decision was final. And because he was determined, she was also determined to help him with her power. Jackson and Cherry had always treated her well. They had always been kind to her and for that, she is grateful. She had no reason to betray them or have them harmed.    

 "Then I will help you,"  Lily declared.    

 Jackson was curious at Lily's answer but he didn't say anything.   

"I think it's time that you know who I really am,"  Lily decided to reveal her identity.     

Jackson and Derek had so many questions in their heads. But they did not prepared for what was going to happen next.    

 Lily turned to Eric and Jonson. "Eric, Jonson, are you ready to see another Token?"    

Everyone was in shock.     

Another Token? How many were there? Jackson and Derek exchanged looks. 

One of the Tokens in Jackson's hand could direct Eric and the other one, Jonson. What about the third one? What would it do?     

Jonson turned to Eric,"If there is a third Token, then we have to leave. We have no other choice."    

"Ah. You remember the rule well,"  Lily stated with a grin. She dangled the bracelet from her wrist in front of them. 

  A white jade pendant laid in the middle of the bracelet. It had the word "order" on it.    

 When Eric and Jonson saw the word, they fell on one knee, their heads bowed down,"Master."    

All the men in the black coats, including Bobby, did the same.     

Jackson and Derek stared at Lily, astonished. It was hard to believe that Lily's jade pendant was even more powerful than the two Tokens in Jackson's hand. It was the first time Jackson had ever seen Eric and Jonson kneel before someone. Jackson thought of the two men as powerful kings. But apparently, there was a King who was even more powerful than them.     

Cherry and Joe started at the beautiful jade pendant in Lily's hand.    

 "Listen to me, Eric and Jonson, surrender all your property to a woman called Hellen Wu within 24 hours. 

Release your men. And then leave the city and never come back,"Lily ordered. 

"If I find out that even a single strand of your hair is back, we will kill him."  

"Yes, Master,"     

the two men answered.     

"In 48 hours, Hellen will send someone to check whether you have all left. If you're still here, well, you know what we can and will do to you,"  Lily warned them. 

    "Yes, Master, we will release them and leave the city today. We will never come back again,"  Jackson promised.    

 "Andrew arranged places for you to live, didn't he?" Lily asked to make sure.     Eric nodded,"Yes."   

 "Go, live your life there. And remember, if you do anything bad, Hellen will come after you,"  Lily warned them again.    

 "Yes, we remember," Eric answered, his head bowed down low.    

"Yes, we remember,"  Eric answered, his head bowed down low.   

"Who's Hellen?" Jackson asked, the name was not familiar to him.     

"She's a sniper,"  Lily answered. Lily assumed Andrew told him about the sniper.   

  "Of course,"  Jackson said. Andrew did tell him about the sniper.     

Everything was done and everyone was safe, Lily assumed. She turned to Jackson and pointed to Cherry and Joe. "Mr. Jackson, it is done. Please go home with Mrs. Cherry and Joe. There's nothing more that needs to be done here."   

 "Come home with us,"  Jackson requested Lily.    

 "Of course, Mr. Jackson,"  Lily replied. She was glad that Jackson still wanted her in their home after she revealed her identity.     

Derek was happy with the turnout. He followed Jackson, Cherry and Joe to the door when he turned to Lily and said,"Let's go."  

Lily nodded,"Okay."    Lily followed Derek out the door.     

Eric and Jonson waited until they all left to stand up.     

"We should leave, too,"  Jonson was the first to speak.     

Eric nodded. "Goodbye,"  he simply told Jonson before he walked out of another door.     

Some of the men in black coats followed Eric out the door.     

Bobby turned to Jonson. "Boss, take care. Have a good life."   

 "You too. Find a job and look forward to a better life,"  Jonson reassured Bobby.  

   "Yes, boss,"  Bobby agreed. He bowed down to Jonson before he left.   

Jonson watched them leave, sadness filled his body.

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