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(Come out to light (1)

Derek walked into the house, with Joe, who clung to his hand, at his side.    

 "Joe!" Cherry cried, her eyes swam in happiness at the sight of her son.   

  Lily breathed out a sigh of relief when she saw Derek arrive with Joe. Things were looking up for them.     

"Mommy! Daddy!" Joe shouted as he ran towards them, arms outstretched. Cherry caught Joe in her arms.     

While Jackson patted Joe's back, he glanced at Derek, with furrowed eyebrows, and asked,"Why did you bring Joe here?"   

 "I was worried about you and Cherry. That's why I brought Joe here,"  Derek explained. He understood Jackson's anger and knew that the situation was very dangerous. But he acted on impulse.   

Cherry held on to Joe with no intention of letting go. Joe was safe, that was all that was important. She didn't care about the rest of them.     

"Are you okay, Mommy?" Joe asked. As soon as he walked into the house, Joe had a strange feeling about it. And the scowling men in black coats did not help ease his mind about it.     

"I'm fine, Joe, don't worry about me,"  Cherry said when she finally let go and looked Joe in his eyes.    

 At the sight of Derek and Joe in the house, Eric couldn't help but smirk,"Now that all of you are here, this game is about to become even better."    

"Such a beautiful moment, is about to get ruined,"  Lily lamented. Lily watched Cherry and Joe hug each other tightly before she glared down at Eric and Jonson. "Eric, Jonson, it's time for you to leave the city."    

No one had dared to call them in that manner, except Lily.   

"Why is this old woman using your good names?" Bobby spit out and pointed his gun at Lily.     

All the men in black coats aimed their guns at Jackson, Derek, Lily, Cherry, and Joe.     

Jackson stepped to protect and cover Cherry and Joe while Derek attempted to do the same for Lily. 

   But Lily stood her ground and stared at Bobby. "You will pay for what you said today!"    

There was something in Lily's eyes that terrified Bobby and made him fear for his life.     

Lily glanced at everyone in the room. 

"Whoever dares to pull the trigger will be shot down! If you think I'm joking, try me!"    

Lily put fear in everyone's heart. Are there snipers here, under Lily's command?   

A shot rang out before anyone could speak.     

Everybody gasped when one of the men in black coats fell down. A pool of blood spilled underneath him.     

Eric and Jonson were as shocked as everyone else and didn't know what to say.     

Bobby ran towards the man to look for his injuries. The man was shot on the head, a feat that only hatchet men could achieve.     

Bobby stood up, his angry eyes fixed on Lily, but he kept silent.     

Silence. Nobody said anything for what seemed like hours. Finally, Bobby turned to his men in black coats,"Put away your guns."    

All the men followed Bobby's order.   

Bobby was now afraid of Lily, who was most likely to be even more powerful than his bosses. He didn't want to risk any of his men getting hurt. These men were his brothers and he couldn't stand to see any of them hurt.     

Eric and Jonson exchanged looks without a word. They both knew Lily wasn't lying and her warning was true. 

And that what they talked about was heard by the men that laid dead outside.

     Jackson and Derek didn't move until they knew it was safe to do so. Jackson checked Cherry and Joe as soon as he could if they were okay.     

Derek did the same, and when he saw that they were, Derek breathed out a sigh of relief.     

Before anyone could say anything, Joe's eyes shot daggers at Eric's,"Are you here for the token?"    

Everyone was surprised when Joe mentioned Token. Eric and Jonson turned to each other with shock on their faces with an unspoken question, did this kid know where the token was?  

 Jackson and Cherry stared at Joe with jaws dropped and eyes wide. "What are you talking about, Joe?" Cherry asked.   

  Derek was even more shocked, how Joe, this little kid, could know such a big secret.     

Lily's face remained unchanged. But a thought ran through her mind if Joe knew more about the secret than her.  

   Joe's next action proved that Lily's thought was right.     

Joe grasped Cherry's hand and turned to her,"Mommy, do you have the pendant that Grandfather gave you?"   

 "Yes, why?" Cherry asked. "Can I have it?" Joe asked. Without a word, Cherry took off the pendant around her neck and gave it to Joe. Maybe it was the shooting that made her so frightened. But she just did what Joe asked.   

Eric and Jonson had no idea what was happening. Cherry gave Joe something, that they knew. But they were standing too far away to know what it was.    

 Judging from Cherry's action, Lily guessed that Joe knew more than even Jackson did.    

 Joe took off the pendant around his neck and gave both pendants to Jackson. "Daddy, you can use these two pendants to command them."    

Eric and Jonson clearly saw what Joe gave Jackson. They could spot those familiar pendants from far away.    

 Jackson, Cherry, and Derek were still astounded. The pendants, these were the Tokens.    

 Jackson still stared at Joe, unable to believe what Joe just said.    

 Cherry watched Joe with confusion in her face. How did he know, she asked herself, that these were tokens? Jackson didn't know about this, Cherry thought, how could her son know?   

A serene smile formed on Lily's lips. 

Finally, the Chu family would be safe. And she didn't need to worry about them anymore.     

Jackson finally understood why his grandfather kept apologizing to him. 

Andrew gave the pendants to Cherry and Joe, thus he placed them in a dangerous situation. If something happened, Jackson would be safe, but Cherry and Joe might not. But he understood Andrew's decision. He needed to give the tokens to the people he could trust, and that was Cherry and Joe.     

Jackson hugged Cherry and Joe tight. 

He didn't know anything about the pendants and he wasn't able to protect them well enough. If he hadn't been there, who knew what Eric and his men would have done to his family.   

Jackson let go of Cherry and Joe but continued to stay silent. Joe became worried and he shook Jackson's arm. 

"Daddy, please do what you need to do."   
 Joe shook Jackson out of his thoughts. Joe's conviction reminded Jackson what he needed to do next.    

 Jackson walked up to Eric and Jonson and held up the pendants in front of them.   

"Take a good look at these these pendants. Are they the 'token' we've mentioned?" Jackson enunciated word for word.

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