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(A place of mystery (2)

She didn't wait for him to agree,"Mr. Eric, I will guarantee you that if my Ma'am doesn't leave safely, the woman at the villa in the southern suburb will meet a more miserable, sticky end than my Ma'am."   

 As she finished delivering her threat, a triumphant smile spread across her lips.

 She'd gotten word from Hellen shortly before, via SMS, letting her know Eric's woman was also pregnant. He had assigned men to stand guard over the villa 24/7 to protect her, like a panda.   

  "How dare you! If you so much as touch one hair on her head, I will rip you to pieces!" warned Eric, glaring as he enunciated the last four words.   

  His feral words scared Cherry and she couldn't utter a word. She just stood beside Lily, clutching Lily's hands with all her strength.   

Jonson caught a glimpse of Eric's expression and knew he was enraged. He had known Eric's lover was pregnant, but he didn't get over how this housemaid knew it. From what he knew, the Chu family's housemaid was almost always home cleaning and rarely went out. How could she have learned such a secret?     

"Oh? Did I say I would handle it personally?" countered Lily as she glared furiously at Eric. "Mr. Eric, you do know what a sniper is, right?"    

A hush fell over the entire warehouse as everyone turned and looked at Lily.   

  With disbelief in their faces, Bobby, the subordinates, Eric and Jonson stared at Lily.     

Cherry didn't have much understanding about what a sniper was, but had heard the term. She looked at Lily in amazement, realizing Lily was not as simple as she once thought.     

Eric and Jonson knew what sniper meant. Their team was powerful, but, had no sniper. A sniper was a danger to everyone and at present, they had no way of handling a sniper.   

"Who are you?" a flustered Jonson demanded. His eagerness to know her true identity was overwhelming.     

"I'm just a housemaid serving the Chu family with a duty to help the Chu family,"  Lily's voice held a tender tone as she spoke. She was the housemaid to the Chu family, but she had an identity beyond anyone's imagination. The fact of the matter was: it wasn't she who wielded the real power, but her niece Hellen who did!     

"Don't fool with us! It can't be that simple!" Eric shouted angrily.     

Just as Eric finished screaming, the gate swung open and everyone turned to stare.     

"Mr. Jackson!" Bobby yelled surprised.     As Jackson walked in, he looked for Cherry and rushed to her side.   

Lily sighed at the sight of Jackson and backed up several steps appearing not very powerful. Cherry felt the change in Lily's demeanor and understood her intention. 

At that moment though, all she wanted to do was to fall into the safety of her husband's arms. "Honey," Cherry cried out, letting go of Lily's hand and hastily closed the distance between Jackson and herself.

 Jackson dashed the last feet and anxiously held Cherry in his arms, not wanting to be parted from her again. 

Only after breathing in her familiar scent could he ascertain his woman was safely beside him. After the initial shock, he looked Cherry over from head to toe, and with a concerned tone asked,"Are you okay? Did anyone hurt you?"  

Crying Cherry shook her head,"No, but I was so scared, Honey."   

 This was the first time she'd been in a situation like this, she was terrified and couldn't bear it.   

  "Don't be afraid! I'm here at your side now! Everything will be okay!" Jackson comforted Cherry hugging her tightly to him, and letting her snuggle into his arms.     

Then, instead of questioning Eric or Jonson, Jackson glanced at Lily.    

 Lily looked into Jackson's eyes and knew Jackson had already suspected something. But, now wasn't the right time to explain things to him. She thought Jackson should understand if she took action without letting him know.     

Making eye contact with Jackson, Lily gave him a slight nod to let him know.  

   Immediately, Jackson understood Lily wouldn't hurt the Chu family and was there to help. If he surmised correctly, she was Grandpa Andrew's subordinate.

 He should trust her without hesitation because he never suspected his Grandpa.   

"Mr. Jackson! We've been waiting a long time for you,"  Eric commented blithely.   

  "Eric, are you tired of living?" Jackson said through clenched teeth. He looked murderous and aggressive at that moment.    

 Seeing the fury etched in Jackson's face, Bobby and other subordinates felt suddenly timid. After all, Jackson was a Chu family descendant and no one could deny the Chu family's power. They were a powerful, rich, noble family and no one in the city doubted it.     

"Perhaps! But, since I have your wife here, you should realize I've planned everything out, very well,"  Eric appeared unafraid as he stood there calmly. He added,"Just now, we discovered your housemaid is not as oblivious as we thought."  

"You have no business interrogating my housemaid!" Jackson uttered. He acted confidently so Eric and Jonson wouldn't doubt him.    

 Lily was satisfied with how Jackson reacted. It seemed Jackson understood her silent message.     

Eric and Jonson were a little surprised and wondered how many other potentially powerful people were within the Chu family ranks. They wondered if Jackson had known his housemaid was not simple while the two of them had treated it lightly, not believing a housemaid could be so powerful or mysterious.     

After a while, Eric broke the ice with laughter as he told Jackson,"Mr. Jackson, since you already knew, let's not dwell on the topic anymore. Let's get down to business!"    

"Eric, don't be so greedy!" warned Jackson ferociously. He was well aware of Eric's wild ambition, but he hadn't expected the man to take action this quickly. It seemed that he couldn't wait to take power.   

"Jackson Chu, are you giving me an order? Then you have the token to show.

 If there is no token, Jonson and I will by no means obey you!" Eric spat out, using Jackson's first name, as a blade.    

 Jonson stood beside Eric much more polite. He diplomatically informed Jackson,"Mr. Jackson, please be considerate of us. We had an agreement with Grandpa Andrew when he was alive, that is, we only follow the orders of the person who has the token. So...?"    

Before finishing his sentence, Jackson cut in,"So you intend to revolt against us, don't you? Well, the Chu family fed and supported you all these years and this is how you repay that, by rebelling?" 

Jackson said furiously. Though he couldn't understand what Grandpa's intention was, he did believe the people supported by the Chu family were now a threat.   

"This was not Grandpa Andrew's intention. But, now it seems to be the situation. We are ready to revolt. If you can't show us the token, tell us and we will assign people to find it. But after we find the token, the person will die!" Eric said, laying the cards on the table.

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