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Season 5

Episode 65

(You deserve a better girl)

"How long have you been awake?" 

Pamela stayed up late last night to take care of Burke, so she still felt a little groggy when she woke up. She looked at Burke and was about to tell him her identity but was interrupted by Madeline. She opened the door abruptly and let out a scream as she saw Burke awake. 

"Thank God, you are up and about!"    "Mom, you are just in time." Burke pulled Madeline's hand and asked her with a sense of urgency, "Who is she? Why is she in my room? Could you please tell me what happened last night?"    

"Don't you remember her?" Madeline said in an interrogatory tone and added, "She is Pamela He. Don't you remember her? You played together almost every day when you were kids."    

"Pamela?" With his eyes wide open in shock, Burke turned around to look at her carefully. He couldn't find any resemblance of her appearance as a child. "You have grown up now,"  Burke exclaimed.   

"Yes, I most certainly have." Pamela said to Burke with a smile, "You have become quite a handsome man now."    

Burke grabbed Pamela's hand and looked at her carefully, then he said, "Wow, you too are a much more beautiful girl than before. I like what I am seeing."  

  "OK, enough." Madeline accused Burke, "Pamela looked after you the entire night. Why don't you thank her?"    

"Never mind, Auntie Madeline. There is no need for such formality,"  Pamela said in a sweet tone.  

   Burke's face grew dull the second he heard what happened and in a serious tone he said to Madeline, "Mom, how could you let Pamela look after me all by herself. It's simply inappropriate for a girl to do such things."  

"It doesn't matter, Burke." Then Pamela lowered her head slightly and said to Burke in response, "I did that last night only because I wanted to do and it had nothing to do with Auntie Madeline."    

"Okay, let's head downstairs first. Burke, give Pamela some room to wash up and ask her to eat breakfast with us after she is done cleaning herself,"  Madeline said to her son.    

 After Madeline went downstairs, only Burke and Pamela were left in the room. 

They felt a little awkward to stay alone with each other. They were very close when they were children, but now they hadn't seen each other for so many years and they were not kids any more. And especially with how last night turned out, both of them felt a little weird in that moment.     

"So when did you come back?" Burke asked Pamela to cut down the awkwardness.   

"Just yesterday actually." Pamela smiled and said, "I came to see you right after I got off the airplane. Auntie Madeline told me that you were going to propose to your girlfriend so I came there with her. However..."   

 "Okay, enough I don't need to hear more." Burke felt embarrassed as he recalled his experience from last night. Then he refrained himself and said to Pamela, "I'm sorry, wait a minute."    

Burke then took out a new dress from his closet. It was the latest design from the current season, limited edition. He gave it to Pamela and said, "I bought it for Leila and planned to give it to her as a gift. But now... I don't need it any more. 

You can wear it if you like. Thank you for what you did for me last night. I really appreciate it."    

Pamela took the dress and said, "You're welcome. I'm going to clean up now."    

"Sure." Burke nodded in approval and sat on the bed, waiting for her. Upon hearing the trickling water from the bathroom, he was seized by a strange feeling suddenly.   

Burke found a new toothbrush and cup for Pamela. When she finished, he began cleaning up. Pamela had already put on the dress as he came out of the bathroom. Somehow, he almost mistook her for Leila.     

"So how does it look?" Pamela circled before Burke to show off the dress as she asked him.     

Burke came to himself finally and answered, "You look absolutely stunning."   

 He cleared his throat and said to Pamela, "Let's head downstairs now and have breakfast."   

 After getting along with Pamela for one night, Burke had a strange feeling for her even though nothing happened between them yet.     

A big breakfast spread had been prepared for them as they got downstairs.   

Madeline grabbed Pamela's hand and said with a smile, "Darling, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen."    

"Auntie Madeline, are you kidding?" Pamela responded with a hint of embarrassment in her voice.    

 Madeline laughed and said, "I prepared both local and western breakfast for you because I worried that you would not enjoy our local food after living in a foreign country for so long. Which breakfast do you prefer?"    

"Both seem good to me,"  Pamela said tactfully to avoid disappointing her.   

  Pamela and Madeline spoke to each other happily while Burke remained silent like a stranger in his own house.    

 As Burke finished breakfast, he said to Pamela and his mother, "I'm full now. So I'll get to work."  

"Hold on a moment." Madeline stopped Burke and said, "I want to say something to you."    

Then she said to Pamela, "You can continue eating and I will come back after talking to Burke."    

"Okay, please do carry on." Pamela nodded.   

  Madeline dragged him to the study. Burke cast a glimpse at his mother and said, "Mom, I know what you are trying to do here, but I just broke up with Leila and it's unfair for Pamela to start a relationship so quickly when I am still picking up pieces from my breakup."   

 "Shut up! I was not going to talk about this with you." Madeline said with a dull expression, "I want to talk the things about Leila."    

"I have nothing to do with her now, so what do you want to talk about?" Burke got impatient the moment he heard Leila's name.   

"You are my son and I know you very well." Madeline added, "You can tell everyone that you have nothing to do with her, but I know if she comes back to get reunited with you, you will agree immediately."    

Burke frowned without responding. He considered what he would do if Leila really asked him to patch things up once again.     

Maybe he would say "yes" just like Madeline predicted.    

 "Burke, I never opposed you dating Leila. Otherwise I wouldn't have allowed you to propose. But I saw her yesterday and realized something too. So I need to tell you what happened." Madeline said to Burke in a serious tone.   

  "The first time I saw Leila, she was Charles Lu' secretary then. She was perched on top of an old man's legs and flirted with him brazenly. She even allowed the man to feel her up and down all over her body publicly, just in order to land a contract with him. I felt so disgusted with her and the way she conducted herself." Burke was shocked. He frowned and said, "Mom, it's impossible. Leila is..."  

"Why does this seem so impossible?" Madeline interrupted him and blurted out in anger, "If you don't believe what I witnessed, you can investigate yourself to check whether I lied or not."    

Burke fell silent. Leila was always cold and indifferent with him and he believed that was her nature. He couldn't imagine that Leila would give up her virginity just for the sake of a business transaction. 

He couldn't help but wonder whether he really knew her or not.    

 "Whether you will be with Pamela or not is secondary, but at least you know for sure that she is a good girl and her family's stature can match to ours. She is much better than Leila and that I can vouch for." Madeline sneered and said, "Leila guessed that I'm your mother and pretended to get close with me last night, but she ran off immediately as I asked her for some money to clear your bill. You deserve a better girl rather than such a cunning one who will abandon you in your times of need."


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