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 Season 5

Episode 51


The following day, Autumn was discharged from the hospital. She convinced Charles to drive her to the Zhao family's house to visit her grandmother. It had been a long time since Emily saw Autumn. She was unaware that her granddaughter had been hospitalized, obviously just so happy to see her.   

 Emily carefully led her granddaughter to the couch, knowing her pregnant state. She noticed that she looked pale and instantly worried about her health. 

"Autumn, my dear, now that you're pregnant, you should start taking care of your diet. Always eat nutritious food and get enough rest for the baby,"  she told her gently, clasping her delicate hands.  

  "Of course I will, grandma,"  Autumn reassured her grandmother with a smile. "You too, grandma. Please take care of your health,"  urged Autumn.  

"I…" Emily broke off, looking down hesitantly. After a while, she smiled bitterly and continued, "My dear child, you know I'm old, there's nothing on earth I want more than to see your child come to the world… but I'm not sure if I will live to see that day."    

"Grandma!" Autumn felt tears pricked at the back of her eyes but managed to look sternly at her grandmother. "Don't talk like that,"  she reprimanded.    

"I'm serious." Emily smiled sadly, patting Autumn's hand gently. "I know that you want me to live forever, but I know my own health. I'm afraid that I don't have much time. Don't worry, I promise to hold on until you give birth to your child,"  Emily reassured her.    

Emily's words saddened her but she didn't let it show. She smiled brightly as Abby joined them on the couch, setting a tray with tea and biscuits by the center table. Since Abby and Autumn were both pregnant they had much to talk about.  

Abby had more experience and she happily shared them with Autumn.    Meanwhile, Charles and Andy were talking seriously in the yard. Tension emanated from Charles and he was still on high alert, even knowing that Ferry had already left.    .

Andy looked at Charles with concern and comforted, "I think you are too nervous. We both know Ferry left and he can't lay hands on Autumn anymore. So don't worry."    

"But I still… I still can't rest easy,"  Charles replied flatly, his eyes looked cold and hard. "Until Autumn gives birth to the twins, I don't think I can eat or sleep well."    

"How about…" Andy had an idea but not sure how Charles would take it. Deciding to go for it, he continued, "How about you let Autumn stay with Abby for now? 

Since they're both pregnant, they can keep each other company. I think Autumn will be safer here. Ferry won't dare show his face in my house."  

"No, thanks." Charles' reply was abrupt and final. 'I know Andy has good intentions in asking Autumn to stay with Abby. But Autumn is my wife. I'm ready to lay down my life for her. I can't let her live somewhere else. I will do my best to keep her safe or die trying, ' he thought to himself as he made up his mind.  

  "I respect your decision,"  Andy nodded, knowing Charles would't change his mind. "I have information on Yvonne's whereabouts. I know Ferry sent her abroad but I couldn't track her departure records. I have men posted at the airport, they will notify me immediately if she comes back,"  Andy informed Charles.  

  "Okay, that's a good idea, thank you!" Charles' countenance brightened. He appreciated Andy's help. Without his assistance, he would have had a hard time.   

 "Don't mention it. We are family, after all,"  Andy replied with a smile. He gave Charles a hearty pat on his shoulder and continued, "Let's go inside. Lunch must be ready."  

They stayed a long time at the Zhao family's residence. By the time they left, Autumn was so tired she fell asleep the moment she got inside the car. Charles arranged his wife comfortably for the journey home. When they arrived, Charles gently took his sleeping wife from the car.    

"Mr. Lu…" Nancy greeted warmly from the doorway. "Autumn was tired. I will bring her up,"  Charles told Nancy and continued to bring her up the flight of stairs effortlessly.   

 After making sure that Autumn was comfortably tucked in bed, Charles went downstairs. "Is Mrs. Lu okay?" Nancy asked, concernedly.   

 "She's good now. The trip exhausted her,"  Charles answered. "Nancy, tell Brent to be more attentive to Autumn when they go outside. Tell him to bring her to the hospital immediately if she seems unwell,"  he urged.  

"I will,"  Nancy promised with a nod. "Don't worry, Mr. Lu, Brent and I will take good care of Mrs. Lu."    

"Thank you, Nancy. I appreciate that,"  Charles returned with a smile. After several minutes, Charles went up to their room. Exhausted in body and mind, he fell asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow.    

The good night's rest invigorated Autumn. She woke up early and slipped out in the yard to enjoy the feel of warm sun on her face.    

When Charles woke up, the sun was streaming from the window and Autumn was not on the bed. He strode to the window, pulled the curtains up, and peered at the curtains. He saw Autumn watering the flowers, and a smile broke in his face.  

As if sensing his presence, Autumn looked up and saw Charles by the window. Looking at his handsome face, she waved at him cheerfully and gave a sweet smile.    

"Mrs. Lu, please don't tire yourself, come inside to have some breakfast,"  Nancy pleaded with Autumn retrieving the watering pot. "You need to rest. Leave everything to me."   

 After a lot of persuasion, Autumn finally agreed to go inside. She found Gary walking around the living room murmuring to himself.    

"What are you looking for, grandpa?" She asked him cheerfully upon reaching his side.    

"I'm looking for a Jade Ruyi*. It should be here. It was a birthday gift from my friend. I remember putting it here but now I just can't find it…"  

  (*TN: Jade Ruyi is a kind of jade ornament.) 

Gary replied, scratching his head and looking confused.  

"Jade Ruyi?" Autumn repeated to herself. Finally, Autumn remembered that she saw it in front of the TV set in the living room so she went there to look. But it was nowhere to be found, she wondered where it could be.   

 "Maybe you moved it somewhere else, grandpa? Try to remember. It will be found sooner or later,"  Autumn reassured Gary.    

Gary sighed irritably. "Perhaps I'm too old and easily forget things. Also, just two days ago, I bought a string of Buddhist prayer beads, now I can't find it. I must really be getting senile…."   

 At the mention of prayer beads, Nancy clutched her chest in fear.   

 She recalled what had happened two days ago. When she went to Brent's room to bring him some night snack, she found him playing with a set of prayer beads which he hurriedly put aside when he saw her.  

When she asked him where he got the beads, she remembered him saying that he bought it himself.    

She already forgot the incident but Gary's words triggered the memory. She suspected with a heavy heart that Brent had stolen it.    

Nancy was familiar with all the items in the house except for the Buddha beads. It was too much coincidental that Gary purchased the Buddha beads a couple of days ago, the same time that she saw it in Brent's room. She started to panic.   

 'Come to think of it, I saw Brent hurrying from the living room. I asked him what happened and he just ignored me.  

  If my suspicions are correct and Brent really stole those things, how could I continue working here?' she asked herself in dismay.    

"Is everything all right, Nancy?" Autumn asked with a confused expression, after she turned around and saw Nancy's unusually pale face.  

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