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 Season 5

Episode 50

(Unrequited love)

Anthony went to the counter to pay the bill. When he reached the exit, he caught sight of Lisa waiting for him in front of the restaurant. He got his car and waited for Lisa to get in. He drove in complete silence until they reached Lisa's apartment. She didn't get out immediately. She turned to look at Anthony with concern and asked gingerly," What are you planning to do with your feelings for her?"    

Anthony opened the window and lit a cigarette. "It's my business. It has nothing to do with her or you,"  he replied in a cold tone.     

"I…" stammered Lisa. "I'm only asking because I care for you." She then faltered, her face looking pained," Anthony, you and her… you know it's impossible!"    

"I know. I'm aware of that,"  Anthony nodded grimly. He knew from the beginning that he didn't stand a chance with Autumn.   

"I have met her husband,"  Lisa opened her mouth. Lisa stared at Anthony thoughtfully, 'Now he looks utterly dejected. His face looked grim and hopeless, but I have to fight the urge to hug him. I know I'm too harsh with him when he already seems upset. But for our sake, I must let him give up that hopeless thought.'   

 "When Mrs. Lu looked at him, it was obvious that she's in love with her husband. No one can destroy their relationship, not even you,"  she said warningly, her eyes flashing. "You know what? You'll just end up being hurt and disappointed,"  she continued, looking at him steadily. "I can help you forget her, just give me another chance,"  Lisa almost begged.   

  "Enough!" Anthony said in a low harsh voice, his eyes piercing her. "It's none of your business. I don't need your help,"  he said coldly.   

He cast her a scathing look as he put out his cigarette on his car ashtray with force. "If you have so much free time, devote yourself in your own affairs. Even if I can't have Autumn, I will never get back with you. So don't waste both of our time. Just leave me alone."    

"Why not?" Lisa felt hurt but was still unwilling to give up. "You're single, so am I. Why can't we be together? Besides, we used to date before. It's better than dating complete strangers, don't you think?" Lisa pursued.     

Anthony interrupted immediately," It's because we already dated each other that I know we're not meant for each other. It won't work."   

 With a sigh, he continued, "Stop bringing me breakfast, coffee or anything else. I'm serious."    

He glanced at his watch, giving Lisa a grim look. "It's late. Go inside. You need to go to work tomorrow."  

'I know I'm being cruel to her, but… If I don't make it clear, it will be a bigger problem in the future. For her sake and my sake, she has to understand that rekindling our relationship is futile,' Anthony mused grimly.    

 Lisa got out of Anthony's car with reluctance. Her heart ached as she watched him drive away. Clearly, there is no reason for her to stay in this country any longer.    

 'Should I really give up on him this time?     
I don't know,' she wondered despairingly. Her mind was in turmoil after what she just witnessed tonight.     

Anthony also had no idea what to do next.     

'How can I forget my lovely, sweet Autumn?' he thought. 'What about her illness? I can't just turn my back on her, can I?     

But if I continue to stay with her, I might fall more deeply in love. What if I can't bear to leave her?   

I have no answer. Deep inside, I've never really thought of finding an answer for it. Unrequited love can really hurt like hell,' he sighed.     

His phone suddenly rang, intruding on his thoughts. He glanced at the caller ID and frowned as he picked up the call. "What are you doing up at this time, grandpa?"    

"I'm waiting for you,"  Craig replied with a hearty laugh. "I know you're free tonight, but you didn't call me. So I called you."  

  Anthony laughed back at his grandpa's censuring tone. "I had dinner with a colleague and I just got back home."   

 "Colleague?" he asked, surprised. "A man or a woman?" Craig asked with interest.     

"A woman…" Anthony answered bluntly.     "Is she that foreign doctor called Lisa?" asked Craig excitedly.   

"How did you know?" Anthony asked in surprise.   

  "I have eyes in the hospital, you know. Your romance with that doctor is widely spread there,"  his grandpa chuckled. 

"Some said that you were meant for each other. I heard she traveled a long way to pursue you. Is that true?" Craig asked, bursting into laughter.    

 Anthony scowled, 'There are many rumors about Lisa and I these days. I ignored them because I thought people would stop talking about them soon. But now even grandpa heard the rumors. This has to stop.'    

He replied grimly," Grandpa, how can you believe such nonsense? Of course, it's not true."    

"Really?" Craig asked, disappointment evident in his voice. 'What should I do? I was extremely happy when I heard the rumors. I thought my grandson was finally dating someone. Now he's denying it.   

Will I live to see my great-grandson?' he thought, truly anxious and disappointed.    
 "Anthony, I know you're conservative. You don't have to worry that I may disagree with you dating each other. I may be old but I'm open-minded with these things. If you're sure about your relationship, I don't care if she's a foreigner as long as she treats you well.

 You can introduce her to me and your parents, then we can arrange your wedding as soon as possible. I can't wait to see my great-grandson,"  Craig voiced his opinion enthusiastically.     

"Grandpa, I told you we're just friends,"  Anthony said exasperatedly, scowling. "I want to concentrate on my career, nothing else."    

"You…" His grandfather was rendered speechless. "Are you trying to drive me crazy? Tell me what kind of girl you are looking for and I will find her for you. I don't believe I can't find a good wife for you if I put my mind to it,"  he said, losing his patience.   

He thought of Autumn all of a sudden. "Look at your grandpa Arthur's granddaughter. She married young, and now she's about to be a mother. You should learn from her."    

Anthony remained silent when he heard Craig mention Autumn. He took a deep breath before saying calmly," I will take care of my affairs, grandpa. Please don't worry about me. If I find a girl, I will definitely bring her to you immediately." 

   After a pause, he went on," It's late, grandpa. You should go to bed now. Thank you for calling. Good night."    "Anthony, hey, are you listening? 

Anthony!" Craig's voice thundered on his ears. Anthony felt bad hanging up on his grandfather, but he had enough. He threw himself resignedly on the couch, his mind troubled.   

I can't go on like this any longer, he
muttered to himself.

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