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 Season 5

Episode 48

(Autumn plays cupid)

Charles agreed with his wife. "Yes, it's best for you to go home,"  he told Autumn's grandparents. "I can stay with Autumn. It's already getting late and you must be tired already."   

 Arthur and Amy were quite old so Autumn didn't want to endanger their health by worrying about her. So, she made sure to assure them she was getting better.    

 "Oh, all right. You're right anyway. We will leave now." Arthur said. To Autumn he whispered," You, my dear, get plenty of rest." Amy agreed. She didn't want to be out of the house for a long time in case Emily would learn about what happened to Autumn.     

Autumn stayed in the hospital for three days. Charles was with her the whole time. Sometimes, she would wake up in the middle of the night due to nightmares and would see her husband working with his laptop. She felt guilty and sorry for him.   

Her husband had more to worry about because of her hospitalization so she needed to make it up to him once she was better.     

Anthony came in to check her everyday. Once he was sure Autumn was out of danger, he announced that she could be discharged from the hospital. Charles, though, wasn't in the room when he said that. So Anthony stayed a little longer, talking with Autumn. She found his humor quite amusing.     

Autumn mentioned that it was Lisa who took care of her before he arrived. This embarrassed Anthony, because of the way he treated Lisa, even knowing what she had done for Autumn.   

  He was completely wrong about Lisa, he thought.    

 Autumn noted the change in her doctor's mood. "What's wrong?" she inquired.   

"Nothing,"  Anthony quickly replied. He shook his head lightly, and gave Autumn a small smile.     

Autumn stared at her doctor, trying to see if she could get a hint about his concern from Anthony's expression. 

Recalling their previous conversations, Autumn suddenly remembered Anthony mentioning a foreign girlfriend when he worked overseas.     

She started to put two and two together. Autumn probed," Is Lisa… Is she the ex-girlfriend you were referring to?"    

Anthony was taken aback. He wanted to deny it but decided it was better to tell the truth. "Yes, she's the one."   

 Her suspicions confirmed, Autumn was now confused. "What?" She didn't want to badger her doctor but was curious. 

"So why is she here in the same hospital where you are?" Anthony inhaled deeply. How did he explain things to Autumn?   

Instead he frowned. "I can't explain everything in minutes. But I will do that when the time is right,"  he told Autumn.     
Anthony looked a little sad as he told Autumn," Just rest. I need to look in on my other patients."    

Then he left. Autumn wanted to urge him to stay but he quickly disappeared, probably for fear he would have to reveal more secrets.   

  Autumn stayed another night at the hospital to be certain she was really better. It was for both her and Charles' peace of mind. The next day, Charles helped Autumn prepare for her discharge from the hospital. After waking up, she put on her own clothes, and searched for Lisa to thank her again, but the doctor was not around. A nurse informed Autumn she missed Lisa by just a few minutes.   

  She considered for a moment and decided to proceed to Anthony's office. He was on night shift yesterday and she figured he would still be in the hospital.  

 Without her doctor's help and care, Autumn would not have recovered so quickly. It was only proper to thank him.    
 She knocked at his office door. Anthony answered with a tired voice," Come in!"  

  When she entered, she saw Anthony, leaning against a chair, looking almost ready to collapse from fatigue.    

 Recognizing Autumn, the doctor immediately straightened up and asked with concern," What are you doing here?"    
Autumn smiled. "I'm ready to go home now." She looked at her doctor, a bit worried about his appearance. "I was thinking you would still be here because you were just on night shift. I was right. I wanted to thank you again for taking care of me these past days."   

 "It's my job as your doctor to take care of you. But you're welcome. It was my pleasure to treat you,"  Anthony said. He quickly reminded her," Don't forget to stay rested and remember your regular examinations."  

"Yes, doctor. I will remember." She smiled but suddenly panicked at the sight of blood on Anthony's scrub suit. "Did you hurt yourself?" she asked, pointing to a drop of blood.  

   Anthony stared down at where she was pointing. He shook his head and said, "Please, don't worry about it. It's not unusual for doctors to get blood stain on their uniforms while in surgery. I just finished an operation and wanted to rest before changing clothes. But you came before I could change." He felt ridiculously pleased over Autumn's concern.    

 And it was true, doctors were used to getting blood spatters on their scrub suits. It was all part of the profession. 

    He was surprised at Autumn's next words. "You need someone to take care of you,"  he heard her say. Autumn was thinking, 'Anthony is always so busy working, even taking on the night shift. He really needs a woman to take care of him.'  

"Are you kidding me?" Anthony said laughing. "I can take care of myself, and I don't need anyone's help. Thank you though." He examined his patient from afar before saying," Go on home. It's not healthy for a patient who is healed to be staying on in the hospital."    

Autumn was slightly annoyed with Anthony's attitude. "You are so…" She wanted to admonish him but couldn't find the right words. Instead she said, "I just care about you. Now, since you have no girlfriend and Lisa is just somewhere around here, maybe you should try getting back together."    

Anthony was flabbergasted by Autumn's suggestion. But he masked his surprise with the order," Go away. Right now. And don't worry about my life. Worry about yours." He tried to sound stern but ended up being gentle. He really couldn't be mad with Autumn, however absurd her thoughts.   

Then she mentioned," I just came from Lisa's office but she wasn't there. So, if you see her, please express my gratitude for what she did for me."    

"I'll be sure to tell her,"  he replied. Anthony opened the door and was about to see Autumn out when Lisa came up and asked sweetly," Are you done with your shift? Here, I got you coffee and sandwich." She held up a cup and package.     

Anthony was embarrassed but managed a bitter smile. Autumn found this scene quite interesting and looked at the two curiously.     

"Oh, hello Miss Zhao,"  she said pleasantly. Lisa ran to Anthony excitedly. When she saw Autumn, she was a little amazed.     

Autumn smiled and said, "Hello, Lisa. I'm about to leave the hospital and came to say goodbye to Anthony. I just came to your office but the nurse told me you went out. Thank you for your help."  

Lisa responded," It was my pleasure. Take care of yourself." She handed the coffee and sandwich to Anthony. "They are your favorite latte and tuna sandwich. Eat them first before going home. So you can just rest after,"  Lisa instructed.    

 "Thank you,"  was all Anthony could say as he accepted the food. "I think it's time for me to leave,"  Autumn broke the awkward situation. She noted how beautiful Lisa was, and kind, too. It was also obvious how much she loved Anthony. Autumn just hoped that one day the two of them would get back together. But for now, she should leave and give them space and time to rediscover one another.     

When Autumn had gone, Lisa told Anthony," Eat them before they get cold. I had to go far to get them. Sit and eat. And tell me if they really are good or not."  

Anthony was thinking of something to say. "Lisa, I…" But she interrupted him. "Well, I should be getting back to work now,"  she said abruptly.     

"Wait!" he said, to stop her from leaving. Lisa turned to listen. "Would you like to have dinner with me?" he asked.     

She couldn't believe her ears. "What did you say?" she asked. 'Anthony invited me to have dinner with him?' Lisa thought. 'I must have heard wrong.'  

Still uncertain of what he said, she asked Anthony. "What did you just ash me?"

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