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 Season 5

Episode 47

(Being hospitalized)

Anthony flashed a smile. "Here we go again. You don't have to be so formal with me,"  he told Arthur. "Autumn is not only a friend but also your granddaughter, so I will take very good care of her,"  he assured.     

Arthur laughed, admiring Anthony even more. "Still, I want to say thank you,"  he told his old friend's grandson. The two men shook hands as Anthony turned to leave the ward.     

He did more rounds before returning to his office to rest a bit. As he was settling down, someone knocked on his door. 

Anthony refreshed himself before calling out," Come in, please." He thought it was a patient who needed consultation.    

 Lisa pushed the door open quietly and entered the room. Anthony scowled when he saw her. "What are you doing here?" he asked brusquely.   

"I came to bring you some coffee,"  Lisa explained. She smiled and offered the cup in her hand. Lisa wanted so badly to patch things up with Anthony.   

  But he just gave her a quick glance and said coolly," I don't want coffee right now. I'm tired and just want to have a break alone. So can you please go now?"   

 Lisa dropped by Anthony's office everyday, except when she was on duty and making rounds. Like Anthony, she also worked at Y Hospital. Now, all the hospital staff knew she was ardently pursuing Anthony and he did not like it one bit. He was already getting annoyed with Lisa but controlled his temper.    

 She offered," Do you want me to massage your neck and shoulders?" Lisa moved behind Anthony's chair. But he quickly saw what she was attempting to do and quickly got out of his chair, shouting," No, thank you! Will you just let me rest in peace?"    

His sudden burst of temper petrified Lisa. She realized Anthony had run out of patience with her.   

Lisa lacked the soft features of Chinese women. She had a long nose and pointed chin. Her eyes were beginning to water as she stared at Anthony. She started to speak but was interrupted.  

   "Please leave now. I'm not in a good mood and want to be alone,"  he emphasized every word. Anthony only knew he had grown restless, but did not understand why. After leaving Autumn's ward, he became upset. So Lisa ended up at the receiving end of his bad temper.     

"What is wrong with you?" Lisa asked with concern. She tried smiling again to calm him down. "You can tell me…" But Anthony was raging now and again raised his voice. "I asked you to leave. Did you hear what I'm saying?"   

 Lisa was dumbfounded and tried to speak. It was the first time she had seen Anthony become furious. She stared at him with a dejected look and tried to sense if he would calm down. Finally, she spoke up," I will leave now and let you compose yourself."  

As she walked out of Anthony's office, she thought of the patient thatAnthony had been so concerned about. In her gut, she knew that woman had something to do with his ugly mood.    

 She grabbed a nurse who was walking by and carefully inquired," Do you know what ward the pregnant woman is in?" "She complained of abdominal pain yesterday,"  Lisa added.     

"Are you referring to Mrs. Lu?" the nurse said with a polite smile. "She's at the ward straight ahead, and you can find her in the single room at the end,"  she pointed the way.     

She answered flatly," Thank you." Lisa didn't really know what made her ask about where Autumn was confined. But now, she wanted to check on her to see why Anthony seemed so obsessed with her.   

As soon as she reached the ward, Lisa heard cheerful laughter. Looking through the glass window, she saw a man feeding Autumn with rice porridge. The patient was smiling brightly. Lisa pushed the door and entered.    

 "Who are you?" Arthur and Charles inquired. They looked her up and down, suspicious of the unfamiliar face. 

Although she also had on a white doctor's coat, Arthur still had doubts about her identity. Having worked in the hospital for a long time, he knew almost everybody there, but not this one. She looked like a foreigner to him.     

But Autumn was overjoyed when she caught sight of Lisa. She patted her husband's hand and eagerly said, "Charles, remember the beautiful doctor who helped me yesterday? She's the one!"    

"That's very kind of you,"  Lisa said, with a slightly embarrassed smile. "I just did what I had to do as a doctor seeing a patient in need,"  she explained.   

Charles stared at her before saying in a cool voice," Thank you for taking care of my wife."    

Lisa replied, "You're welcome. I'm just glad she's better now." She observed Charles discreetly for several moments before deciding, 'He's nothing like Anthony. This one seems aloof. He probably only smiles at his wife.    

 Unlike him, Anthony sometimes appears apathetic, but in truth is a warm and considerate man. And he takes very good care of people that he cares about.     
That's why it's so hard to forget him,' she thought. And it was the reason why Lisa was pursuing him again after he left six months ago.    

 For her, Anthony was like insipid water. Plain as he was, he was indispensable.     
"I'm sorry, I don't even know your name,"  Autumn said apologetically. She kept on smiling at Lisa. "I really wanted to thank you for what happened yesterday. Otherwise…"  

She stopped what she was saying, remembering Charles and Arthur were in the room and would hear her.    

 Autumn told herself, 'The nurse was just doing her duty, so she was not at fault. I didn't really want to cause her any trouble.'   

 Lisa stared at Autumn, slightly confused. 'Why didn't she mention what the nurse did to her?' she wondered.     But Charles caught his wife's hesitation and tried to recall what Chris said to him. It came to mind so he told Autumn," You don't have to keep it a secret. Chris told me how that nurse treated you."    

"Your sister has a big mouth,"  Autumn grumbled. Recalling the events of the previous day upset Autumn.     

"You think keeping the incident from us was doing her a favor?" Arthur broke in. "I've already spoken to the dean about the incident. The nurse has been suspended for a month. And if she continues to treat patients that way, she will get herself in bigger trouble. 

Fortunately for her, you and the babies are well,"  Autumn's grandfather said.   

Arthur flew into a rage after learning of what happened at the Emergency Department yesterday. And he would be upset each time he remembered it. He spent most of his life serving patients but his granddaughter nearly lost her life because of a rude nurse.    

 "Suspended for a month?" Autumn gasped. "Isn't the punishment too much?" she asked Arthur.    

 "No, I don't think so. She deserved it,"  her grandfather replied. "It was wrong to treat you the way she did. If she was not punished for her behavior, how can she realize her mistake? And other patients will fall victim to her ways. She's actually lucky because it is just a light punishment,"  Arthur explained.   

Seeing the displeasure on the old man's face, Autumn held back talking in defense of the nurse. She decided to change the subject and turned to Lisa," So, what brings you here, doctor?"   

 Dazed over the discussion, Lisa recovered after hearing Autumn's question. 'I can't tell her I came to check out the woman who captivated Anthony.' She smiled but went on professional mode. "I just wanted to check on you. 

Patients diagnosed with acute gastroenteritis need to get a lot of rest, okay? And for now, it's just soft diet for you."    

Autumn smiled, pleased with the concern. "Don't worry, I'm following doctor's orders." She paused, then with a twinkle in her eye continued, "I also have a doctor at home who supervises everything I do day and night. I wouldn't dare eat what I'm not supposed to behind his back!"  

  Autumn's words amused her grandfather, who burst into laughter. "Ah, my granddaughter is still a mischievous girl. What am I going to do with you?" he said fondly.   

Lisa decided her continued stay was already inappropriate. She was overcome with embarrassment. She regretted coming into the ward. Now, all she wanted to do was get out of the place.     

"All right, then. It seems you're in good hands. So, I will take my leave,"  she told everyone.    

 "I hope to see you around,"  Autumn said. Autumn caught the hesitation on Lisa's face and wondered if she had something to tell her.     

Once Lisa left the room, Autumn urged Arthur and Amy to also leave. She turned to them and said, "Grandpa, grandma, why don't you go home too and get some rest? Once I'm better, I will visit you."

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