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 Season 5

Episode 46

(At the hospital)

Chris saw Anthony's behavior and was suddenly feeling confused and uncomfortable. Why was she feeling weird?     

She noted how Anthony stared at Autumn affectionately. He was not looking at Autumn as a patient but with loving eyes. She tried to ward off any inappropriate thoughts. Was he staring at Autumn with passion in his eyes? 

Chris felt her heart thumping. She thought, 'Autumn is my sister-in-law. No matter how attractive or charming she was, she is a married woman. And Anthony knows he cannot fall in love with her!' Chris wondered about the young doctor. He was handsome, a competent physician and came from a rich family. It wouldn't be difficult to find a more suitable partner than Autumn. 

She looked up with questions in her eyes, but Anthony's face was now impassive. 

'Did I misunderstand his actions? He was probably just concerned about her as a patient, and knew he had to look after her babies.' Chris thought.   

Once Anthony controlled his emotions, he noticed the skeptical expression on Chris's face. It suddenly hit him that paying too much attention to Autumn was improper and would cause suspicious looks. Quickly, he schooled himself to behave like a doctor to erase any doubts Chris might be having about him. The last thing he wanted was to get Autumn in trouble when she was already suffering.     

He faced Chris and gave instructions. "Once the saline drips are all used up, please look for me." He checked Autumn, still unconscious, one last time before taking his leave. Anthony knew if he stayed longer, he would keep staring at Autumn.     

Chris nodded and was quite relieved that the doctor was on his way out. But just as he was leaving the ward, Charles came rushing in. Anthony just nodded in greeting and left. He was in no mood to speak to Autumn's husband, although it was the proper thing to do. In Anthony's opinion, Charles was an irresponsible husband. Besides, he knew Autumn needed rest, so what he thought didn't matter. It was Charles who should be taking care of his wife. He was family. Anthony was just her doctor and an outsider.   

His face full of worry, Charles asked loudly," Chris, what happened to Autumn?" Charles felt a momentary panic when he entered and saw his wife lying asleep, her face ashen. He rushed to her side and took Autumn's hand in his, stroking it gently.    

 "What took you so long to get here?" Chris demanded. Tears suddenly welled in her eyes and spilled down her cheeks. Suddenly all the emotions that had been building inside her since she drove Autumn to the hospital burst forth. If something terrible had happened to Autumn, she would never have forgiven herself.   

"How is she?" Charles asked, his tone so distraught. He was stroking Autumn's hair gently when he noticed the glass infusion bottle hanging on the IV drip stand. Charles's brows furrowed. He was aware that giving her any infusion could affect her pregnancy.

 "Why is Autumn being given an infusion?" he inquired sharply. Charles was thinking, 'Did Chris forget to tell the doctor that Autumn had a delicate pregnancy? The medication could harm the babies!'   

 Chris snorted a little. "Calm down. I like the babies in Autumn's womb as much as you do. Doctor Xiao ran tests and found she has acute gastroenteritis. That medicine is safe for pregnant women,"  she added.   

  Charles bowed his head in relief. He now regretted his decision to return to work instead of taking care of his wife. 'If Autumn was not brought to the hospital on time, she might have lost our babies,' he thought. Charles now knew going back to work so soon was a bad idea, considering the risks to Autumn's health and the babies' safety. But his wife insisted that he go back to manage the company and he gave in.   

Chris looked at her brother, wondering if she should say anything about her earlier observation. It was a struggle whether to open up about her doubts or not. 

Autumn was her sister-in-law and she had full faith in her. But Anthony's behavior towards Autumn was nagging at Chris. She remembered the look he gave Autumn. It was not for a patient, but similar to how a husband looked at his wife.    

 Charles, totally clueless, said, "No matter what it is, just say it. Don't hold back on anything. I want to know what happened." At that point, he was consumed by guilt that he was ready to hear anything bad.     

So, he was a bit confused when Chris said, "That Doctor Xiao, do you know him? Really know him?" she asked. Chris was uncomfortable about what she saw but couldn't be certain it was real. She just noticed how Anthony showed more attention to Autumn than he did with other patients. He was even more anxious than Charles when he learned Autumn was taken ill. He made it look as if their relationship was more than just doctor and patient. 

Chris knew that if she didn't tell Charles about Anthony's unhealthy concern for Autumn, she would be eaten by guilt. But she also didn't feel right causing trouble between her brother and sister-in-law. So, she decided not to bring it up, but tried insinuating things, hoping Charles might pick up on it.   

Her brother replied, "Yes, I know Doctor Xiao." He looked at his sister, a little confused, and added," His grandfather and Autumn's grandfather have been very good friends since long before. Why do you ask?"    

But he was still more preoccupied with Autumn and her condition. Chris shook her head to wipe out earlier thoughts when she heard Charles's explanation. 

"Oh, nothing. I was just wondering,"  Chris quickly replied. It was normal for friends to be concerned about one another, especially if their grandfathers were close friends. So there was no need to worry.   

An hour later, Autumn finally woke up. As soon as she remembered where she was, she quickly inquired about her babies. Charles held her hand for comfort. "Shhh… Don't worry. Our babies are all right."    

Autumn slumped back, relieved. But then she noticed her husband's gloomy face. She turned her head and didn't speak. Autumn was feeling guilty that it was her fault that put the babies in danger.  

 Charles sighed. "What were you doing? You promised to take care of yourself and our babies if I return to work. I leave you alone for a while and look what happened to you!" He shuddered.

 "It has just been a few days and here you are already ill and in the hospital,"  Charles pointed out. He knew it was wrong to blame Autumn because it would make her feel worse. But he couldn't help it.   

"But I wasn't doing anything to put myself or the babies at risk,"  Autumn said glumly. She bowed her head again, feeling even more guilt at Charles's tone. "I am fine now,"  Autumn murmured. Still, she could not help blaming herself for becoming ill.     

Charles was about to retort when the door opened. Anthony walked in. He nodded to Charles and quickly attended to Autumn asking," How are you feeling now?" The doctor checked her pulse, and noted she was regaining some color in her cheeks.   

  "I feel much better,"  Autumn said softly. Even with the slight argument with her husband, Autumn was in much better spirts than when she was brought in.    

 Looking at the concern in Anthony's eyes, she was taken aback when he said sharply," I thought you wanted to keep your babies safe. So why weren't you taking good care of them?" "I think this is the first time I've encountered a careless patient,"  the doctor reprimanded his patient.   

Autumn was turning pale again, but was hesitant to retort. What could she say to defend herself?    

 She closed her eyes momentarily. Autumn began to realize that Anthony was speaking the truth. She was not taking good care of herself, nor of her babies. Autumn had no choice but to accept her doctor's criticism.     

Anthony spoke up. "From now on, you need to pay more attention to your diet. You were lucky your sister got you in time. So, your babies are safe." He checked the IV line. He instructed with his face impassive," You are not allowed to eat today. But the liquid here will provide you with the nutrition you and your babies need. By tomorrow, you can eat a soft diet, like rice congee. Is that clear?"    

Autumn nodded. "Yes, doctor,"  she said. She was properly scolded and knew she deserved it.   

"All right then. Get some more rest. I have to see my other patients. If you have any problems, call the nurse." 

Anthony was acting like a doctor now. Since his face and tone were serious, no one could deny he was being responsible, reminding his patients about what to do and not to do for their health.    

 Charles stood up and followed Anthony. "I will see him out." As soon as the two men stepped out of the room and the door was ajar, Charles turned to the doctor and inquired," Is she really out of danger?"    

Doctors were trained to always be upfront about a patient's condition. Anthony told Charles," It's not serious. But you have to be careful in the future. 

She was drugged before, which is making her pregnancy difficult. You already know it's risky to go through with the pregnancy, so you can't be too careful." "Just take very good care of her,"  he advised Charles. "I'll go ahead."   

 Anthony left Charles standing there, relieved his wife was not in danger anymore. Charles was grateful for the news. He could not bear the thought of losing Autumn. It would break his heart and the safety of his babies did not seem as important.   

Back at the ward, Autumn said she would sleep some more. Charles sat nearby, silently watching her. Soon, he too fell asleep. When he opened his eyes later, he saw Arthur and Amy, both distressed over what happened to their granddaughter. Amy, her voice shaking, said, "Why do bad things always happen to Autumn? She has had a very rough time. Yet her sufferings seem endless."   

 As a child, Autumn was abused by her mother. Then she was made to marry Charles in place of Yvonne. Amy felt more pity for her granddaughter after what happened today.     

"Grandma, I am okay,"  Autumn said quietly. She had heard Amy's voice and opened her eyes. She tried sitting up to comfort the older woman. "Look, I am better."  

Arthur didn't quite know what to do around his granddaughter. But he said, "You must get well quickly. Emily has been nagging us to see you. She said it has been a while since you last came to visit her. I had to tell her you have been busy. We had a hard time persuading her to just wait for you to come visit her."    

He touched Autumn's hand, and rubbed it affectionately. "Once you regain your strength and feel better, make time to see Emily. She doesn't have a lot of time anymore,"  he said sadly.     

Autumn frowned as she looked at Arthur. "You didn't tell her I'm in the hospital, did you?" She worried about Grandmother Emily's failing health. If Emily became upset about her, Autumn would feel more guilty about her situation. The thought of Emily being gone forever was just too painful.     

"We would never do that,"  Amy said. "We didn't even tell her when you were drugged. If she found out about it, her illness would only get worse. So we've spared her those details,"  she assured Autumn.   

"That's good. Thank you,"  Autumn said in relief. "I promise to visit her once I get out of the hospital,"  she told Amy.   

  Autumn looked around the ward and noticed Charles was not there. She wondered where her husband had gone.

 But she did not want to think about it.     "Where did Charles go?" she asked her grandparents. Amy patted her granddaughter's arm.     

"He just went out to get food. He left after we arrived,"  Arthur answered. He was grateful for his grandson-in-law's thoughtfulness.     

Anthony dropped by again to check on Autumn. He interrupted his conversation with Arthur and Amy to examine his patient carefully. Satisfied that she was recovering, he told them she was getting better. Before he left, Arthur was profuse with his thanks. "Doctor Xiao, thank you for taking good care of Autumn. We appreciate it very much."

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