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 Season 5

Episode 45

(Autumn in pain)

Rachel shook her head and said, "No, thanks." She didn't think that Chris would give her a fake ticket since she had already given her one million. She cast a glance at Edward, and finally said, "Let's go. We'll finish the paperwork here and have nothing to do with each other anymore."    

Rachel walked fast heading for the gate. She kept her chin up. Chris stayed behind. Seeing Rachel and Edward go inside, she let out a sigh of relief. Chris had been nervous asking Rachel if she would check out the ticket that was handed to her. Had she done so, Rachel would have discovered Chris' trickery and the whole plan would be screwed. 

    But Rachel didn't. She was more interested in the money.     

Not long after, the former couple came out of the bureau with Chris walking towards Rachel to hand her the card. "I wish you nothing but happiness, Miss Bai,"  Chris told Rachel before turning to Edward. "Let's go home, Dad."  

Once inside the car, Chris looked out the window to see Rachel's expression. Seeing the excitement in her face, Chris burst into laughter.    

 Edward frowned slightly. "What are you laughing about?" He saw amusement in his daughter's eyes.     

But she only said, "Nothing." After a few seconds, Chris was unable to hold back her glee and turned to her father. "Dad, the air ticket I bought for Rachel is for some poor little country. I couldn't help laughing because I can already imagine how desperate and mad she would become once she gets to the airport the day after tomorrow!"    

Edward was initially shocked. But eventually, he joined in the laughter. He found it totally hilarious that Rachel, always cautious in everything, would find herself in some far away land like a deported refugee.   

Rachel found herself very lucky to have sold her apartment in a day. With the money from the sale plus the amount given by Chris, she would start a new life overseas.   

  So it came as a complete shock when, arriving at the airport, she realized she was holding a ticket for a country she had never heard of. Rachel was fuming mad and immediately called Chris to berate her. Her call was unanswered. Rachel knew she could not throw a tantrum in public.     

What was she to do? Her apartment had been sold so she had no place to stay. Rachel grudgingly decided to buy herself a ticket for Europe and swore never to lay eyes on Chris again.     

Chris was expecting Rachel's call and had no plans to answer her phone. As she looked at her ringing phone, she broke into laughter along with Autumn, who was beside her.   

Suddenly, Autumn felt a sharp pain in her abdomen.    

 She grabbed Chris' arm and grimaced in pain. "My stomach…" Autumn said, panic in her voice. Seeing Autumn in pain, Chris was immediately concerned. 

    "What's happening? What are you feeling?" she asked. Now Chris was panicking as well. "Wait here. I'll drive you to the hospital. Just let me get the car!" she nearly shouted.    

 Autumn and her babies were very important to the family. Everyone knew they must do everything to keep them safe.     

At the hospital, Chris learned it was Anthony's day-off so she had to bring Autumn to the Emergency Department. 

On the way in, they met a nurse. "My sister-in-law could be going into labor. Could you find a doctor to take a look at her, please?" Chris nearly pleaded.  

 Her fear was rising by the minute. The nurse took a look at Autumn and asked, "Did you bleed?"   

 When Autumn shook her head, the nurse told her impassively," I'm afraid you need to wait. There are many other patients needing more immediate treatment and they were here before you."    

Chris was aghast at the nurse's manners. "How could you be so rude?" In her mind, Autumn's pregnancy was not like every woman's so she needed more care, particularly because she was carrying twins. The nurse's attitude really annoyed Chris. Worried about Autumn, she told the nurse," How can you just dismiss her when you don't even know her condition?" She took a deep breath and went on," Unlike most women, she has a very delicate pregnancy that puts her and her babies at risk. If something happens to them because she has to wait too long, will you be responsible for that?" Chris ended with a threat," I can report you to your supervisor and have you fired!"  

It was the first time she felt like retaliating because of a family member being treated unfairly. But the nurse was not cowed. Instead she looked at Chris with scorn. 

"Ha! I think your condition is worse than your sister-in-law's and you need careful examination. You probably don't realize you're suffering from severe hypochondria!" 

The nurse sneered," You act as if you own this hospital!" She looked at Chris, her cheeks turning dark pink. 

"I just followed the rules of the hospital when it comes to handling patients. You have no right to fire me for doing my job!"    

Chris was sputtering in anger but controlled herself. Autumn pulled at her sleeve and urged," Stop arguing already!" 

Pain engulfed her again. "Just call Anthony and tell him what happened!"    Chris hugged her, partly to apologize. 

Once she calmed down, she called Anthony before helping Autumn sit down. "Wait here. I need to fill up hospital forms."  

She got busy dealing with hospital admission procedures while Autumn remained seated, sweat beading on her forehead. The pain in her womb was become more excruciating and she worried about her babies. She closed her eyes, pain etched in her face, and when she opened them, she saw a woman who asked, "How about you now?" 

She got hold of Autumn's hands and asked, "Are you all right? What do you feel?"    

Autumn's face scrunched in pain when she was about to reply. She fainted instead before she could utter anything.     
The woman who caught her was Lisa. She overheard Autumn mention Anthony was her doctor and decided to check in on her.     

If she was able to help the pregnant woman, Anthony would be grateful to her, Lisa thought.     

Lisa gave orders to place the unconscious Autumn on a gurney and handled her examination. Results of the lab tests would come out after 30 minutes but she stayed with Chris to wait. After Anthony, Chris also called Charles to relate what happened.   

Lisa finally got the results of Autumn's tests and saw she was suffering from acute gastroenteritis. She was about to order the nurse to give the appropriate medication when Anthony barged into the emergency room. He gave Autumn a worried look and tried to help her sit up.     
Lisa stepped forward to inform him of the results. "The woman is suffering from acute gastroenteritis,"  she began. "She needs to be given medication now."    
But Anthony snapped at her," She is my patient and you no longer have to worry about her." He flashed Lisa a cold stare before escorting Autumn to another area. Chris, still worried, followed behind. Lisa stood where she was, shocked at Anthony's behavior.   

  'What is wrong with Anthony? I just wanted to help and he acted like I was to blame for what happened,' she thought.  

 Anthony usually had a grip on his emotions. But when he received Chris' call that Autumn was taken to the hospital, his heart raced and he drove as fast as he could to get to her. It was a struggle to hide his emotions when he saw Autumn lying down, face so pale.     It shook him that he was afraid he would lose Autumn forever.     

Anthony did another round of tests to make sure it was really just gastroenteritis. He let out a sigh of relief when this was confirmed. He prescribed the necessary medication for pregnant women and had Autumn lie in bed before covering her with a blanket to keep her warm.

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