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(Became neighbors)

After having broken up with Anthony, Lisa had dated several men in the United States. But the vacuum left in her heart by his absence just wasn't filled by any one of them. It was not until then did she realize how much she loved him. Never would she be happy if she couldn't spend the rest of her life with him. Before it was too late, she had to take action.    

 After careful consideration, she decided to come to Y City and made up her mind to pursue Anthony again after the way she had ended things between them. No matter how difficult it would be, she wouldn't give up.     

"Past is in the past,"  Anthony replied indifferently, staring at Lisa. "You are pretty and well educated. There will a number of men lining to date you. We have split up and you must accept it. 

Please move on and put an end to this pointless chatter." If Lisa had returned to Y City with him, their relationship might have been cemented. They might have even been married after receiving blessings and support from Anthony's grandpa. The moment she refused to come to Y City earlier, their relationship had ended completely. Besides, it was not fair to accept Lisa while embracing his developing feelings towards Autumn.

 That was why he consistently refused Lisa's request throughout their meeting.

   "But you are the only one in my heart. I can't throw myself into starting over another relationship not when I want to fix ours,"  With a determined look Lisa went ahead and said. "To be completely honest, I have already accepted Y Hospital's offer. From now on, I will be a doctor in the emergency department of your hospital. We are already colleagues. I am happy to have the opportunity to work with you!"    

Lisa then changed her tone and began to plead with imploring eyes," Anthony, it doesn't matter if you don't love me anymore. I am telling you that I will pursue you until you change your mind and agree to date me. I'm not giving up on us."  

"Are you out of your mind?" Anthony couldn't understand why she was so persistent in her efforts to mend their relationship. In fact he would have been happy and content about them being together but now it was too late. Withdrawing his feelings about Autumn seemed impossible. Even though it was unlikely that they would end up together, he still wouldn't get involved with Lisa again. He was just frustrated with her constant persuasion. He stared at her in disbelief and tried to speak sense to her yet again," You have excellent opportunities in your own country, opportunities that people dream of in our profession. And you walked away from those and decided to settle here? You are so naive to make such a hasty decision."    

"Why can't I work here? Is it because you are here?" Lisa replied nonchalantly," Besides, I am a mixed-race woman. I know, I looked like a European or an American. However, no one can deny the fact that half of my blood is the same as yours. I came here to lend my medical skills for my country. Is there something wrong with that?"  

Anthony found it hard to respond to that, so he chose to remain silent.     

At this point she was enjoying the conversation, preening herself like a winner of a debate. Lisa's proud tone guaranteed him a miserable future. Just thinking about what he was going to go through made his head hurt.   

  He murmured under his breath, 'She has agreed to work in Y hospital. No wonder she found my office so easily.'    

"Let us start over. Hi, my name is Lisa,"  Lisa reached out a hand and beamed.     She had just arrived, so she didn't have any place to stay especially since she assumed she would live with him. It made it a legitimate reason to force Anthony to let her stay in his house. But Anthony turned her down anyway and got her a room in a hotel. But instead to get rid of her, he had no choice but to agree looking for a house with her the next day as he had the day off.   

How could he be so heartless so as to let a woman stay alone? She was new in the city and moreover didn't have any acquaintances. Anthony had no choice but to say yes to her.     

Even though it was his off the next day, he was woken up in the early morning. Lisa called to inform him that she was on her way to his house. Right after getting washed up and ready, he saw Lisa in his house who then compelled him to go out for breakfast. To his shock, she chose a local restaurant.    

 It was incredible that someone new to the city was able to find this restaurant. He stared at her doubtfully and asked, "How did you find this restaurant?"   

 In his opinion, only people who were familiar with Y City knew this place as it was not openly spoken about. It was unexpected which increased his curiosity by the minute about how she made it.  

 Lisa prided herself on acting like a local. With glimmering eyes looking forward to his compliments, she said, "Well what do you think? Isn't this restaurant great? I did a thorough research on the Internet before I came to Y City. This restaurant was highly rated and recommended by locals. Since then I was looking forward to trying this place with you. I didn't expect to fulfill my dream today."    

Her excitement was obvious to Anthony. He didn't say anything but kept on eating. Honestly, he couldn't put up with her overzealous behavior. If they were still lovers, maybe he would have enjoyed her solicitude. The fact was that he had had been nagging at her.    

 After breakfast, Lisa advised to look for a house in his neighborhood, as she clearly preferred to live close to him.    

 Anthony didn't agree, but Lisa kept begging him," Anthony, as you know I have no friend here except you. In other words, you are the only one I know in this city. Besides, it is not safe for a woman to live alone. I don't mind being treated like a friend but look at this way, you can help me when I am in trouble. It's more convenient to live closer. What if… What should I do or whom do I turn to if anything happens to me?"  

Lisa's words succeeded in persuading Anthony. He gave in and took her to a real estate agent. After seeing several nice properties, she chose a good one bedroom apartment and paid the advance. The apartment was rather satisfactory but all that she mattered was that she was living close to Anthony.

 It was a good start in pursuing him.     "Anthony, we are neighbors. Can I visit you frequently?" Lisa asked brazenly.    

 Anthony retorted with a look of grim determination on his face," Of course not!"  

All this while the real estate agent thought they were a couple but when he overheard their bitter exchange, he was astonished. He had never seen such a hostile couple. Lisa's face turned gloomy as she was embarrassed by his rude and harsh tone. However, it didn't take her much time to cheer up. Her apartment was not far from Anthony's. After all it was unlikely that he would slam the door in her face if she did go to visit him.    

 After the tenancy agreement was signed, Lisa invited Anthony to have some food together. She expressed her gratitude for his help. Knowing her, it was useless for him to even try to say no. She again began pestering him to agree. 

There was not a single person who wouldn't yield to Lisa's indomitable spirit. She pleaded," Anthony, I know you don't want to see me. But you have to eat anyway. If you don't have dinner with me, you will have to cook when you go home. Is it not a better choice to share a table in a restaurant?"    

Anthony declined her invitation with determination and said goodbye. For him, it was more enjoyable and peaceful to have instant noodles at home alone than to stay with her in a fancy restaurant. An ambiguous attitude would give her a wrong signal. His only wish was to stay away from her. If that was not possible, then the only relationship between them should not be more than friendship.   

Meanwhile, in a bid to avoid being recognized by anyone, Rachel disguised herself with a face mask and a pair of sunglasses and went to Moon CafĂ© for an appointment with Roger. She arrived at 1:50 pm. As she entered the private room, she took off her mask and sunglasses. Fortunately, since it was winter, wearing thick clothes as well as a mask and sunglasses didn't draw any attention or look any suspicious.    

 She ordered a pot of rose tea and was almost immediately lost in thought. 'When I found I was pregnant, I came here to meet Chris. I told her about this exciting news proudly. This is the first time I have come here since then. Only two months passed, but a lot of things have changed.'  

News about Chris and Sam holding their wedding ceremony was widely covered in all media outlets including newspapers. Autumn was also leading a good and happy life with Charles. 'I am hated like a rat crossing the street. I hid from everyone and dared not to come out of my shelter.'    

The more she compared her life with Chris and Autumn, the angrier she felt. She cursed them in her mind, 'Why are they living happily while I suffer so much? Autumn marrying Charles is the main reason of all my grief and doom.     Has she not appeared, Charles wouldn't have abandoned me even. I would have been Mrs. Lu and living a happy life. My career too would have reached a new level.'   

 Rachel blamed Autumn for everything she had experienced. She even fancied taking the money Roger had promised and moving abroad. After she got made enough money and thought out a detailed plan, she would come back to take revenge. Autumn would pay the price.   

The moment she snapped out of her thoughts and returned to reality, she saw the door open. She stood up to welcome Roger, only to find Chris in the doorway. It was too late for her to realize she was trapped.    

 She cursed at Roger in her mind and blamed herself, 'Roger is a playboy. How could I believe such a poor lie that he would give me money?'    

In fact Rachel's stupid behavior was understandable. No one helped her. Like a drowning man at a life heir, she wasn't expecting Roger's offer to be the straw that broke the camel's back. This time, she would lose everything.     

Chris was glad to see Rachel there. After putting on a cheerful smile, she greeted her," Here you are."    

Rachel took her sunglasses and face mask on the table and walked towards the door. She didn't utter a single word, let alone say goodbye to Chris.   

"Why are you leaving? You just got here." Chris stopped Rachel and requested," We haven't seen each other for quite a long time. Let's have a heart to heart talk today just in case I never find you again."

    "We have nothing to talk about,"  Rachel pushed Chris away and impatiently said, "I have something else to do so there is no time to waste talking with you here."

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