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(A ploy for vegeance)

The ladies chatting with Autumn scampered to bring her a chair. Then one of them said to Isla," So you don't know that Autumn is pregnant with twins?"   

 Isla's eyes lit up. "Really?" She turned to Autumn, who gave a shy smile while nodding. Isla gripped Autumn's hands in delight and asked more questions about the babies.     

After several more minutes of chatting with everyone, Isla invited Autumn into her office so they could talk more privately.     

She was starting to say something, paused, and remembered there was something she wanted to tell Autumn. "Do you still remember Roger?" she inquired gently.     

Autumn was puzzled and repeated," Roger?" She nodded and asked, "What about Roger?" The sudden question made her slightly curious.   

She was starting to say something, paused, and remembered there was something she wanted to tell Autumn. "Do you still remember Roger?" she inquired gently.    

 Autumn was puzzled and repeated," Roger?" She nodded and asked, "What about Roger?" The sudden question made her slightly curious.     

"We've organized several activities recently," Isla began to explain. "I saw Roger attend one of them." She waited for Autumn's reaction. When there was none, she continued, "He said hello and asked about your condition. I told him you were pregnant and needed to rest at home."    

Autumn arched a brow. "Why was he asking about my condition?" They had not seen each other for a while so Autumn was puzzled about his inquiry.   

"Well, he remains very grateful to you and said he wanted to thank you personally. After all, he is now quite famous and with countless of fans. In fact, he's about as popular as Rachel was during her time,"  Isla said. She sighed, thinking that it was really hard to predict what destiny had in store for you. In this case, Rachel's reputation was damaged, while Roger's fame rose.     

"Is that so?" Autumn smiled at her friend. With her time and attention focused on her unborn babies, Autumn neither had the time or energy to bother about other peoples' lives.   

  Isla had more to say. "Roger also said Rachel had been calling him for days just to annoy him for taking her place as a popular celebrity. Recently, she was asking him for compensation because she had an abortion because of him. 

Roger said he would consider her demand, but wanted to know what you thought about it." While Isla didn't really want to mention this to Autumn, she had learned that Edward couldn't find Rachel. She thought by relating this to Autumn, this might help Edward locate Rachel.  

 Autumn looked at Isla without saying anything. She didn't want to get involved in this matter, but Chris was getting married soon and she was still in trouble that was all because of Rachel. Hearing some news about Rachel, Autumn thought she might deal with her for the sake of Chris and Edward.   

  She rubbed her temples and thought, 'I'll consider it my gift for Chris' wedding.' Isla said nothing, waiting for Autumn to speak.    

 "Do you have Roger's phone number?" she finally asked. Isla jumped at the request.     

"Yes! I have his assistant's number." She quickly searched for the number, rummaging through her desk before finding where she had written it down and handed a piece of paper to Autumn.     
She handed Autumn the telephone, who quickly dialed the number. Fortunately, she got through immediately. Before she could even introduce herself, Roger's assistant recognized her voice and said, "You are Miss Zhao, right? I'll ask Roger to take your call. Please wait."  

He had been briefed by Roger that a call from Miss Zhao was extremely important. And no matter what he was doing, he would take the call.  

   After several minutes, Autumn heard Roger's voice. "Mrs. Lu, this is a pleasant surprise. What can I do for you?"    

"Roger…" Autumn began. "I have a favor to ask of you,"  she said.    

 Roger couldn't help but smile. "Mrs. Lu… I owe you more than I can say. Without your help, I wouldn't have achieved the popularity I enjoy today. So, whatever it is you need, I will be pleased to do it for you,"  Roger said, his tone full of gratitude.    

 At his words, Autumn smiled. "Well, whatever you've achieved is mostly because you're clever, talented and ready to seize opportunities. But anyway… this is what I need from you. I heard that Rachel called you recently, right?"  

Roger was surprised about her inquiry. "Yes, she did." He added," She called to ask me for money. I didn't agree but told her I wanted time to think about it." 

   Roger was certain Autumn learned of the phone call from Isla, whom he met recently.    

 Autumn outlined her plan. "Please give Rachel a call, and make an appointment at Moon CafĂ© downtown at two o'clock tomorrow afternoon. And tell her you will give her the money." Roger was surprised at Autumn's instructions. She added," Please do everything to make sure she agrees to meet with you, understand?"    He was curious now. "Do I really go to meet her?" he asked. Roger had to fix his schedule and ask permission from the production team to take a leave from his shoot.     

He was relieved when Autumn said, "No, you needn't show up. I'll deal with her myself."  

"All right then. I'll call you as soon as I make the arrangements,"  Roger said. After hanging up, he apologized to the director for the interruption. "I'm sorry. 

That was an important call. Also, I need to make another call, if that's okay with you,"  Roger added.     

The director nodded. "That's okay. Why don't we just take a break,"  he instructed. He knew Roger was hard working so he did not mind granting him some time off. 

Besides, being a hot rising star, his projects will surely be a hit among fans.     Roger hurried out of the studio to call Rachel and put Autumn's plan into action.     

Rachel was now a wreck. She was hiding in her old apartment, which nobody knew about and that was why Edward didn't know where to find her.    

 But her ex-husband locked all her credit cards and the only cash she had was enough to support her for only a month.     
Rachel also wanted to divorce Edward, but refused the separation because he didn't give her any money. Besides, she had already suffered a lot from false accusations and a smeared reputation. 

So, Rachel vowed to take revenge on Edward.   

Therefore a divorce was unacceptable.     Other than her troubled marriage, Rachel was also envious of Roger.    

 He now enjoyed the popularity she once had, because he used her and shot up to stardom, while she lost her status.    

 Every time she remembered how she lost everything, she would be irritated. That was why she kept calling Roger.   

  And since Roger had gotten her pregnant, Rachel thought he owed her big time. And to get even, she demanded money from him.     

So, she was happy to receive Roger's call. And when he told her to meet him so he could give her the money, she became even more excited.

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