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"So, you're Nancy's son,"  said Charles. He sat on the couch while studying Brent.     

Brent nodded politely and replied, "Yes, I am."    

Charles began the interview. "How experienced are you at driving?" He wanted to make sure Brent would serve his wife well.    

 Brent stood up straighter to boost his confidence. "I would say I have enough experience as a driver,"  he told Charles. Even as he tried to sound confident, Brent felt intimidated by Charles.    

 "And how often do you drive?" Charles pursued the questioning with great composure.     

Brent admitted," Not very often." He thought for a second before adding," I used to serve as a temporary driver for people in my village, especially when there were urgent circumstances."  

Brent could not shake off the meekness that was gripping him in front of Charles.     

But Charles still remained doubtful whether he was fit for the job or not, even as he noted that Brent was attempting to behave like a subordinate.     
It was Nancy's appeal that he was really considering, so despite certain misgivings about Brent he would probably give him the job.     

"Do you know what we need you for?" he asked Brent. Although Brent remained standing, Charles made sure to look him in the eye.     

"Yes, I am aware,"  Brent replied. He looked at Nancy before adding," My mom told me that I could work as a driver for Mrs. Lu."   

 Since Charles made no attempt to hide his dislike for Nancy's son, Brent tried his best to defend himself. "If you give me the chance, I promise to change little by little. And I will serve Mrs. Lu well in return for accepting my services,"  he said quickly.   

Nancy spoke up in behalf of her son. "Mr. Lu, please give him a chance. Brent will do his best driving for Mrs. Lu." She looked at Brent. "I know he's done many foolish things and may even be thought of as unworthy, but I know he will take to heart serving Mrs. Lu. Besides, I will keep him under close watch,"  she vowed.    

 Charles looked from Nancy to Brent and was now torn by indecision.    

 Suddenly, he heard Autumn's voice. "Charles, why not give Brent an opportunity to reform himself." Nancy didn't look like she was going to persuade Charles into employing her son, so Autumn thought she would come to her rescue. "I think Brent is capable of driving for me,"  she declared.    

 Charles was surprised to see his wife awake and making her way down the stairs. "What are you doing up already?" He would have wanted her to sleep longer and quickly stood up to help Autumn sit on the couch.   

She smiled at her husband in gratitude. "I don't need any more sleep, Charles. Don't worry about me because I am feeling perfectly fine." Autumn held on to her husband's arm before pleading," Please say it's okay for Brent to drive for me."

    When Charles still did not answer, she remarked," Besides, we agreed that to engage Brent as a driver would be my decision, remember?" Charles looked at his wife helplessly, and finally gave in. 

"All right, Brent. You can try out for the job." Nancy broke into a smile and Brent heaved a sigh of relief.   

  Autumn smiled at Brent, too, and said, "Go back to the hotel and get your things. And Nancy, please arrange a room for Brent." She gave Charles a hug as an expression of gratitude.   

Nancy raised her brow when her son remained quiet. "Aren't you going to thank Mrs. Lu?" She pushed him quite forcefully into action.     

Brent felt not only gratitude for Autumn, but respect and humility as well. "Thank you very much, Mrs. Lu,"  said he. He eyed the woman he would be working for.     

And was taken aback as he suddenly got a good look at her. Autumn was stunning.     

Brent shifted into daydream mode. 'She looks like an angel from heaven,' he thought.     

Even when Autumn was already out of sight, Brent still could not get her image out of his mind.     

His mother shoved him and quite harshly said, "Mrs. Lu is a woman whom you shall hold in awe and respect, understand? Stop those flighty thoughts you may have of her!"  

"But Mom, her beauty has possessed me!" he said eagerly. Brent couldn't care about his mother's admonitions. Instead he excitedly said, "I'm going to pack up my things and come back quickly. You better get a room ready for my return and the start of my stay here in Dream Garden."    

"You don't have to tell me what to do!" Nancy retorted. She had mixed feelings about Brent driving for Autumn, one part thankful, the other worried.     

True to his word, Brent moved in to Dream Garden that night. The next day, he drove Autumn to Y Hospital for her regular check-up. She got off at the hospital lobby, dismissed Brent, and headed to Anthony's office.     

It was previously agreed that Anthony would devote mornings exclusively for Autumn's treatment when she was scheduled to come in. So Autumn went straight in without knocking.    

 Anthony, however, was talking over the phone, and looked rather anxious. She overheard him saying," Lisa, I don't see why you have to come and see me when we have put an end to our relationship." 

 Autumn closed the door gently, sat down and waited for Anthony to finish his conversation.     

The young doctor suddenly noticed Autumn's presence and abruptly ended the call, telling his caller," I need to go now. A patient is waiting for me."   

 He hung up and greeted Autumn, smiling apologetically. "Come on."    

She knew it was not polite, but she was intrigued. "Was that your girlfriend on the phone?" Autumn sensed Anthony would rather not discuss the matter.    

But he answered," My ex-girlfriend." Anthony suddenly had the urge to talk to Autumn and did so calmly.   

  Then he proceeded with the examination, taking great care to assure it would be a safe pregnancy. Anthony explained," Your baby is developing quite well. This means you just need to come here every week instead of every three days."  

But Autumn was hardly paying attention. Instead, she continued her questioning. 

"Is the girl you were talking to on the phone a foreigner?" She had suddenly become interested in Anthony's personal affairs rather than her own condition. 

    He looked annoyed that she was more interested about his relationship than her medical situation. "Autumn, please pay attention to what I'm saying. This is all essential for a safe pregnancy,"  he urged.   

  She waved a hand dismissively and said, "Don't worry, I'm listening to everything that you're saying and will follow your advice." Still she persisted. 

"Back to your girlfriend… but you have parted ways?" Autumn paused for a moment, frowned and said, "So why does she keep pestering you with calls? Does she want to get back together?" 

 Anthony sighed in resignation. Autumn would continue probing even if he ignored her so it was best to answer. "She decided to come back to rekindle our relationship. She said she was arriving shortly."    

Anthony admitted to himself that he was finding it hard to deal with Lisa. "So, do you want to get back into a romantic relationship with her?" Autumn was getting more curious.     

"Definitely not!" he answered quickly. Anthony was struggling to put his emotions into words. "Our relationship should be as good as gone,"  he snapped at her unintentionally.     

As the young doctor spoke, he looked at Autumn affectionately. And he was trying very hard to stop every passionate thought about his patient.   

  But it just would not stop. Helplessly, he admitted to himself that he had a huge crush on Autumn.   

Anthony knew he needed to be psychologically strong to remember that Autumn was off-limits and forget his feelings for her. Yet, he also wished to remain like a guardian angel to her.    

 Autumn was surprised to see Anthony lose his composure. "Please calm down. I don't understand why you're becoming very upset. It was a casual question,"  said she.   

  Anthony shut his eyes for a few seconds to relax himself. Then he said, "I think I'm okay now." The doctor realized he had behaved rudely and decided to get Autumn to leave. He pretended to check medical records on his table, and said, "I have another patient to attend to."    

"I'll be on my way,"  she teased Anthony, knowing she was dismissed.Autumn was slightly disappointed not to learn anything more about the good doctor.   

  After her hospital visit, Autumn instructed Brent to drive her straight to Cloud Advertising Company, without passing by the house. She brought cakes and milk tea for her colleagues whom she had missed terribly. They were also unusually busy at that time and would appreciate the visit.   

Isla learned that Autumn was in the office, and as she walked out to meet her, Isla saw that her friend was already happily chatting with a group of staff.   

  Instantly, Isla was concerned that Autumn might get tired from standing so long. She expressed her displeasure quite loudly but affectionately. "Everyone is so excited to try out afternoon refreshments and chatting with Autumn but no one has even thought to make her sit down. Have you forgotten that she's expecting a baby and that she should be showered with care and love? Mr. Lu will not make it easy for all of you if his wife suddenly does not feel well because you kept her standing while talking."

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