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(Autumn's driver)

"Oh I am just fine." Autumn pulled Charles to sit in the sofa and then said to him with loving eyes, "Charles, I want to... discuss something with you right now." 

   "What is it love?" Charles was a little anxious as he wondered what it was that Autumn wanted to say.    

 "Okay, I'll just tell you." Autumn let out a warm smile and continued, "My belly is growing bigger and more swollen so I'm afraid that I can't drive on my own any more."    

"Yes, you are right. I don't want you to strain yourself." Charles nodded in approval and said to Autumn, "I have arranged a driver for you. He will drive you anywhere you want to go."    

"But that driver is an employee of your company and it's inappropriate to let him only work for me. That is after all personal use.  With that said, I think I should have a driver working only for me." Autumn suggested with a wide smile.   

Charles changed his posture in an attempt to get more comfortable and then said to Autumn, "What are you getting at?"   

 He could tell that Autumn was going to say something unexpected.   

  "Charles..." Autumn continued to smile as she looked at Charles and said, "Nancy's son has recovered and he wants to stay in this city. I think he is a good choice as my driver. On the one hand, I really need a driver to take me to the hospital for examinations and also to do other things. On the other hand, Nancy had parted with her son for so many years and I hope that I will be able to give them more time to get along with one another. Nancy has worked for our family for several decades and I wish that she can have a happy life once she is old."  

  She added, "If her son works at some other place, he will have to rent a house and it will be too inconvenient for Nancy to see him often. Do you agree?" Autumn asked Charles with eager and optimistic eyes, hoping for his approval.   

"So you said and did all of this only to help Nancy?" Charles asked Autumn as he was puzzled.   

  Autumn nodded and said, "Nancy has already suffered too much and faced many ordeals. I think we should do something to help her. Don't you think so?     

Charles, do you agree with what I am saying or not?" Autumn pulled Charles' hand and sincerely asked once again. 

    "I agree with your stand, we should help her in any capacity we can." Then he frowned and presented his dilemma, "I also do want to find a driver for you because you are pregnant but the driver must be reliable, or else, you and our baby might be in harm's way and I cannot let that happen.  Well, you should ask him to come to our home and I'll see whether he is qualified or not. If not here, I'll arrange another place for him to work at. I think that is a fair arrangement. What do you think?"  

"Yes absolutely, you are so kind." Autumn kissed on Charles' cheek as she bubbled with excitement and said, "I'll just go and share this good news with Nancy right now."    

"Be careful Autumn. Don't run so fast!" Charles got scared when he saw Autumn dash towards the kitchen so he reminded her to slow down almost instinctively.     

Autumn didn't care to hear what Charles said and instead rushed to the kitchen and told Nancy, "Nancy, Charles agreed."

    "Really?" Nancy turned around and saw Charles enter the kitchen, following Autumn. She asked Charles with a hint of doubt, "Mr. Lu, you... really agreed to hire him?"   

 "Autumn's belly is already very swollen and she will need a driver, but I haven't decided to employ him just as yet." 

Charles told Nancy in a cold tone, "Autumn's driver must be a reliable man. If he doesn't meet my requirement, I won't employ him. Let that be clear."  

"OK! I'll ask him to come for the interview tomorrow." Nancy told Charles ecstatically.     

If Brent could find a job, then Nancy would have nothing to be worried about as he would fend for himself.     

The next morning, Nancy went to the hotel Brent was staying at. He was still sleeping when she arrived and she opened the curtains immediately. Brent, who was still in bed, asked her with dissatisfaction, "Why have you come here so early, mom? I need to sleep for some more time."   

 "You consider sleeping more important than everything else! How do you hope to sustain yourself in this city? By sleeping?" Nancy lashed out at him in anger.     

She made so much effort to help him get a job but here he was just thinking about sleeping. His laid back attitude really put her over the edge.    

 Brent sat up and said, "I... I haven't find a job yet but don't worry mother. I will work hard if and when I find a job. I won't let you down."  

"Really?" Nancy questioned Brent's sincerity  with suspicion, not knowing whether she should believe him or not.  

   "Of course!" Brent promised her almost immediately, "I have thought about it all rather clearly, I cannot go idling about my life without any purpose anymore. Gone are the days that I was young and could afford to be carefree now if I don't find a decent job, no woman will marry me in her right mind. Therefore, I will work hard for you and my future wife. I need to build myself a stable and bright life." 

   Nancy sighed. If Brent had thought it through, she didn't have to stack up so much money for him.     

The money she saved all through these years were enough for him to build a big house in countryside and get married.   

  "Remember what you said. If you break your promise in the future, I will punish you!" Nancy warned Brent of dire consequences in a serious tone.   

She was pleased to see Brent change. From now on, if only Brent could work hard, she wouldn't care about the money she spent on him and rather would be a proud mother.     

"Trust me, I will always remember that and never let you down." Brent stood up and said as he grabbed Nancy's hand, "Mom, did you find a job for me or talk to them about a job?"    

"Yes, indeed I did." Nancy cast a glance at Brent and added, "The hostess of the family I work for is a kind woman and she agreed to provide you a job, so you should behave well to please her and leave a good lasting impression."   

 "The hostess?  Is she..." Brent knew all about what Nancy was forced to do when he was kidnapped by Ferry so he couldn't help wondering whether Autumn was crazy or not when Nancy told him that Autumn was willing to offered him help.   

  "Yes, she is, so I warn you to be on your best behavior." Nancy sighed and continued, "We owe Autumn too much. If you want to get and keep a job here, you must show your determination to Mr. Lu and his wife. Then, we also need to express our gratitude to them."  

"Okay, I understand." Brent grew more excited once he learned that he had finally got a chance to stay in the city, and then he asked Nancy eagerly, "Mom, so... what should I do?"    

"You have a driving license, I hope?" 

Nancy cast a glance at Brent and said, "Mrs. Lu is pregnant and she needs a driver immediately, so bearing all that in mind she chose to employ you. 

Remember to drive slowly and prioritize her safety. She is pregnant and you should be careful and I cannot say that enough. Do you understand?" 

   "What? You let me get employed as her driver?" Brent's excitement disappeared almost immediately as he heard that the job was to be Autumn's driver and his face dimmed as it reflected his disappointment.

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