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(Stay In Y City)

As Brent finished his scrumptious breakfast and put his chopsticks down on the table, Nancy hesitantly said, "You have made a sufficient recovery. The doctor said you can leave the hospital tomorrow. So you can head back to our hometown then, okay? I don't have much here as I have spent even the last bit of my saving to save you and nurse you back to health." Nancy then took out ten thousand and handed it to Brent.    

 "I'll send you some more money later when I do have some but for now this should do. Please find a wonderful wife and have a happy life ahead. But if you continue to gamble like your father, I'll give you the cold shoulder and will fail to acknowledge your existence," she warned him.     

Brent took the money and counted it shamelessly in front of her. 'Only ten thousand! Do you think I'm a beggar?' he thought to himself with growing anger but he did not let his expression reflect his feelings.   

"I don't want to go back, mom. I want to stay in Y City. It seems good enough for us. Please, help me get a job here," he implored Nancy, as he held her hand almost like a child requesting for candy.     
"What? Did I hear you right, you don't want to go back?" For a moment, Nancy could not comprehend what he meant when he said that. "Do you think it's easy to find a job here? Listen, let me make something clear, it is not easy to live in the city. I think it is better if you just go home."   

 "Mom..." Brent didn't give up. He kept giving Nancy mournful looks to draw out some pity. "I have considered this idea and thought about it carefully for days now. It is simple, if I go back to my old life, surrounding the same people I used to gamble with, they will definitely come back to pester me and will boggle me down no matter how hard I try to go the other way. You know, it's hard to shake off these people. I might as well stay in Y City and start afresh that way I could give our relation also a new beginning. Mom, I promise I'll make money and provide for myself. This way I will not be looked down upon anymore."  

Brent then let out a wry smile and went on, "I really want to turn over a new leaf. Please believe in my future and support me. That is all I ask of you."    

"But..." Nancy hesitated with a frown because she doubted his motivations.  

   But in all honesty, she was concerned about Brent joining the company of his old bad friends. And if her fears came true later, she would really have no means to save him yet again.     

'But if he stays in Y City, what can he possibly do to sustain himself?' Nancy wondered, trying to figure out a way for Brent to make a living in the modern city.    
 "Mom, why don't you ask the family you have been working in for a favor? They are so rich and generous that I am sure they will help us. After all something of this proportion must be just a piece of cake for them." Brent put across his idea which seemed almost prepared and thought-over.   

Nancy spared him a warning look. "I have caused them a lot of trouble on your account. I could not possibly ask for any more favors after the things they have already done for me. I just cannot..."    

"Humph, you've been working for them for years. Why can't you ask them a favor? Besides, you are just asking to help find a job, not asking them to support me or put up with me. Don't act as though I'm trying to freeload here." Brent shrugged casually.     

"Oh, you just shut up!" Nancy stopped him in a strict voice, but actually she didn't have the heart to force him.    

 After Brent was discharged from the hospital, Nancy put him up in a hotel to recuperate for some days. Upon noticing Nancy's return at work, Autumn curiously asked, "Nancy, has your son been discharged?"  

"Yes, he is doing quite well now." Nancy nodded gently, and smiled. "He has almost recovered and is now staying at a hotel. I'll go over and cook for him every evening."    

"Oh Nancy, you should not have come back. Please go take care of your son first and come back to work after he completely recovers," Autumn urged her warmly.     

"How could I take any more days off?" Nancy expressed as she chopped some vegetables. "I have already troubled Mr. Lu and you so much due to Brent. Only if I come back to work sooner will I feel less guilty about this entire episode."  

 With a warm and comforting smile, Autumn said, "You don't have to stress so much. I don't blame you at all for what happened. I understand a mother's love and responsibility for her children is of utmost importance."  

"Autumn..." Nancy called out to her and bit her lip. Then she sighed and took a long grateful glance at Autumn. "You are so kind that I just feel so overburdened by guilt about all the evil things to you. Despite Charles and you making it clear repeatedly that you don't blame me, I still can't get myself forgive. It was heinous and a crime," she poured her heart out, as she lowered her head in shame.    

 Then with a bitter smile, she continued, "Please let me do something for you. This is the only way I'll feel better."    

Autumn, without persuading her further, dropped the subject. "What are your plans for the future?" she asked, looking at the side of her face. "Do you mind telling me?" 

   "We haven't made any plans as yet." Nancy stopped chopping, turned to Autumn and replied, "Brent said he wanted to stay in Y City and get a job, but I wonder what he can possibly do? After all, he has never had a real job so I am growing concerned about it."  

She sounded rather depressed and annoyed with this new challenge. "I was urging him to return to our hometown, but, on the other hand, I was increasingly scared that he would again fall into the company of his evil friends who always dragged him down in life. If he gets into trouble like this once more, he'll really be done then. So I thought it might be a good idea for him to stay in this city and start a new life. I'm still in a dilemma." 

After voicing her concerns, Nancy smiled, as she gathered some hope and strength.   

  "Anyway, after he recovers over the next few days, I'll make him look for a job. That way he won't get bored and will be able to provide for himself."    

"Oh, you do have a reasonable point." Autumn said, as her neck was bent in thought. "Nancy, why don't you ask him to come and live in this house with you?" 

Autumn offered, looking up at Nancy optimistically. "You haven't lived with him all these years, so this is a good opportunity for you to make a connection and develop your relationship with him. Besides, if he lives here, you can save some money."  

"You... are always so kind and considerate, Autumn." Nancy's face lit up with happiness immediately. She actually would be relieved in many ways if Brent could stay with her. However, she wondered if Charles would agree to this proposal.     

"But..." Nancy hesitated, with a worried look. "Brent has been a couch potato. You should not extend your generosity for free, but I really don't know what he can do for this family," she voiced her concern.     

"Let me think about it," Autumn said, as she rubbed her chin and brooded. Within a few seconds, an idea occurred to her. "Can he drive?" she inquired immediately.   

"Yes, that he can do," Nancy answered optimistically. "He got his driving license several years ago, but he hasn't been driving in the recent past. Why do you ask?"   

 "I was thinking he could maybe be my driver." Autumn stroked her tummy and explained, "My tummy is getting bigger by the day and it's hard to drive by myself before giving birth, so I actually would require a driver."    

"Autumn, you... I don't know... what to say. But... just thank you!" Nancy was unable to express her feels as she was just so happy and excited. She knew that Autumn was saying all of this to help her.     

After all the terrible things she had done to her, Autumn was still willing to help her with all her heart.   

  This made her feel more guilty about what she had done.     

"This is a deal then. I'll speak with Charles about it later. I think he'll agree to this arrangement." Autumn patted Nancy on the back of her hand and added, "Even if he objects, I will persuade him and ensure he agrees. So please don't worry."  

"Autumn..." Nancy choked, as tears began to well in her eyes. "I will take care of you as my own daughter from now on.

 I really can't express how grateful I am to you. The way you treat people with care and generosity is an example to all of us to always be our best selves."    

"Well, let's not talk about this anymore. I am glad I'm able to help you." Autumn smiled. "Go ahead with your cooking. I'll leave you alone. Charles should be home anytime soon now."   

 "Yes sure." Nancy watched her back as she left, still greatly touched by her help.     
As soon as Autumn walked out of the kitchen, she saw Charles, who also had just walked into the house. He seemed relieved as he saw Andy's people send Ferry away with his own eyes. "How are you feeling today, Autumn? Everything okay?" he asked sweetly as he took her into his loving embrace.


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