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(Impossible to give up)

Walking up to Ferry, Andy sat beside him and greeted him with a cold smile, pouring himself a cup of wine and tasting its flavor. "A good taste!" 

   "Take it if you like it." Ferry offered the bottle of wine to Andy respectfully, "Andy, I think, you'd better just stay out of it."    

"I am surely involved in this case, considering the relationship between me and Autumn." Andy replied in a calm and composed manner.     

"But you've already given up the old business."  Ferry was shocked that Andy decided to protect Autumn. Andy used to have a overriding prestige in the gangland, but he had long quit the industry.    

 While Ferry was no more than an novice involved in the gang affairs, Andy had absented himself from the gang world and established his family.  But Ferry had been bombarded with Andy's exploits.   

Ferry had thought of Andy's influence when evolving his scheme against Autumn but assumed Andy would not interfere in his plan.     

And what justified Andy's interference?   

  But at that moment, Ferry came to a conclusion that those concerned would put their heart and soul into serving Andy if he asked for their help; even though Andy had long been out of contact with anyone in the gang affairs.     

Ferry was, at that moment, badly wanted on the phone by influential and powerful personalities, who threatened to doom him if he continued his petty design.   

  Seven or eight calls successively bombarded on him, and then Ferry realized he had offended a person he shouldn't.   

Ferry was holding the receiver, paralyzed with fear and then went into silence.    

 "So can you make sense of these calls?" Andy questioned Ferry after the end of those menacing calls, "Now can you make a decision?"    

"What on earth could you be satisfied with?" Ferry looked at Andy in a cold manner.     

"You should have gotten even with Yvonne, who is responsible for the death of your ex-girlfriend and your disfiguration. All I expect of you is to stop harming Autumn, otherwise..." Andy let off a cold smile, "Do you still remember Troy?"   

 Ferry was unable to conceal his fear and shock at the mere mention of Troy, who had been a most influential and prestigious gang leader, only to be crippled as a street vagabond all because he had offended Andy.  

 In the ensuing vengeance against him, Troy was as good as lost.     

Andy, seeing Ferry greatly alarmed, was pleased inwardly.     

Andy let off a sarcastic smile and patted Ferry's shoulder meaningfully. "I have long excused myself from gang feuds. 

And promising young generations will surely excel their predecessors. But if you continue the attack against Autumn, I will be bothered to doom you through my previous connections."    

"You...." Ferry was fully aware of Andy's unabated influence and prestige in the gang world. He had just had a taste of it from the phone calls from Andy's previous connections.     

Ferry finally succumbed to Andy's power. "Andy, please spare me this time. I swear not to harm Autumn anymore."    

"It is not enough." Andy let off a cold smile and demanded Ferry, "From now on, you should give up your tracks in the Y City, otherwise...."  

Ferry was terrified instantly, "Do you.. demand me to leave Y City forever?"  

  "Exactly." Andy replied with great composure, "As far as I am concerned, you are not a native person. Since you have sworn to spare Autumn, it is time for you to leave Y City. This is the only thing I demand from you. You better accept it gladly."   

 Andy looked at Ferry with piercing eyes and perceived Ferry's hesitancy to leave Y City.     

Andy was fully aware that to remove Ferry from Y City was the last thing Ferry would accept. But Ferry's attempt to hurt Autumn could not be spared.    

 Andy had no alternative but to expel Ferry from Y City for the sake of Autumn's security until she gave birth to her child.    

 Ferry, with his hard-won accomplishments, though much inferior to Andy's, found it exceptionally difficult to leave Y City at that moment. However, if he did not follow Andy's order, he would meet his violent end.   

To leave or not, Ferry would emerge as a loser in that game.     

"So it seems you are hesitant to leave Y City."  Andy retorted harshly, seeing Ferry torn by indecision, "To leave or not, it depends on your decision. But I am too impatient to wait for your decision. So you better make up your mind as soon as possible." 

   As he spoke, Andy made a gesture to leave, when Ferry stopped Andy immediately. "Andy, I have to leave Y City on your command, but    

"What?" Andy replied with great composure.     

"But Andy, as far as you are concerned, even I have gathered some strength and power in the gangland. Can you grant me some time to settle something up?"  

Ferry pleaded earnestly, "I will not attempt to hurt Autumn anyway with the knowledge of her family relationship with you. But I need one-week's time to take care of my public duty."  

Andy, a man of reason, decided to grant Ferry a grace period. "How long do you need?"   

 "Just a week is enough." Ferry promised to Andy, "After a week, I will leave Y City without any responsibility left."   

 "Okay." Andy granted Ferry 's request, "Remember one-week's time. And then I will designate someone to see you off."    Actually Andy would send someone to supervise Ferry's removal.    

 After the departure of Andy and Charles, Ferry collapsed into the couch, overcome with a growing sense of futility.   

  "Ferry, how could you leave Y City like this?" one of Ferry's underlings challenged Ferry.   

"No alternative!" Ferry forced a helpless smile as he spoke to his underling, "Andy would doom me considering his lasting influence and power in our gangland. I have to leave Y City, otherwise, I would meet my violent end."   

 "What would be the consequences of your removal?" Ferry's underlings were uncertain of their future prospects.    

 "Firstly, let my statement be known to all of you that whoever willing to follow me will be treated well or willing to stay will be duly regarded. Second, tomorrow you have to arrange me a private meeting with Leila unnoticed."  Ferry let off a cold smile. Actually Ferry was not ready to spare Autumn under any circumstances on the ground of his sufferings caused because of Autumn.


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