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(What on earth are you up to)

Thinking of the phone call that Nancy received earlier, Autumn was sure that she must have been threatened by someone.     

Letting out a sigh of relief, Charles turned to Autumn and said, "Autumn, I am telling this to you in order to discuss something with you. Tonight, you..."    

He moved closer to Autumn and then whispered something in her hear. The look on her face changed as she listened to Charles's words. She finally nodded in agreement with Charles.  

   At twelve o'clock in the middle of that night, Autumn suddenly suffered from a severe abdominal pain which frightened Lu family. She was rushed to the hospital immediately. Charles also made a phone call to notify Zhao family members who also reached the hospital at the earliest. 

As soon as Charles left home with Autumn to reach the hospital, Nancy made a call to Ferry. "Autumn has been rushed to the hospital. When will you let my son go?"  

Autumn to reach the hospital, Nancy made a call to Ferry. "Autumn has been rushed to the hospital. When will you let my son go?"    

Ferry also received the news from his heeler who kept watching at the gate of Dream Garden, so he knew that Nancy was not telling a lie. "Don't worry. I will let him go soon," replied Ferry in an indifferent tone.     

Upon hearing this, Nancy burst into anger and said, "You better keep your promise. If you don't let him go now, I won't do anything for you anymore. I have destroyed my conscience utterly to help you, and if you threaten me regarding my son ever again, then I would rather die than do anything for you."  

  "Don't get so furious. I have told you that I wouldn't ask you to do anything for me again," replied Ferry in a cold tone. 

Ferry hung up the phone with great content. Now that he had achieved his goal, there was no need for him to detain Brent.   

As soon as Ferry hung up the phone, his attendant approached Ferry and asked with astonishment, "Mr. Fang, are we really going to let him go?"    

"Of course. There is no need to detain him anymore." Malicious yet indifferent, Ferry continued, "His mother has paid off all of the money that he owed us, so we can let him go right away. Get him out of here. He has been here for a long time. Send him back to his mom."    

"Okay." The man nodded slightly and then replied, "I will do that right away."  

  "Wait a minute." Ferry stopped the man who was going to release Brent and asked, "Is there anyone keeping a watch at the hospital now? We have to be careful."    

"Don't worry, Mr. Fang." Saying this, the man smirked and responded, "I have asked someone to keep a watch there. 

And he will notify us if something happened."  

"Where is Yvonne? How's she doing?" Ferry asked. It was Ferry who saved her from prison. But he had been keeping a close watch on Autumn during this period and had no time to care about what happened to Yvonne.     

"I have arranged a new identity for her and sent her to get a cosmetic surgery done in Korea. When she comes back, she would be presented with her new identity. I am sure no one could recognize her," said the man with a sly smile. "Moreover, I have collaborated with Leila as well. Autumn has come to know that Leila has a new boyfriend.  What shall we do next?" the man asked.     
"Next..." Saying this, Ferry burst into a sneer and then replied, "Next we just have to wait and watch. We're going to have some good fun seeing what comes next! I am so eager to see that!" Ferry had a very calm and pleasant look as he spoke these words.    

 In the hospital

When Autumn was rushed to hospital, she looked absolutely miserable and drenched in her own sweat. Charles had confirmed earlier that it was none other than Anthony on duty, so Charles took Autumn directly to his office. 

Anthonyy just finished making the rounds of the wards when Charles rushed into his office with Autumn in his arms. Shocked and anxious, Anthony hastily asked Charles who looked flurried, "Charles, what happened? 

What's wrong with her? She was fine when she came for the physical examinations today. But why does she look so bad now? Did she get any stimulation?"

Anthony asked several questions in one breath. 

 "Close the door. Hurry up!" Instead of answering Anthony's questions, Charles said in a serious tone and then turned to Autumn and said in a soft voice, "Stay here and I will take care of the rest." 

"Charles, can you tell me what are you doing? What happened?" Confused, Anthony finally asked. It seemed that Charles and Autumn were putting up a show which made Anthony even more puzzled.   

"Okay, I will wait here for you. Don't worry about me. Just take care of yourself," replied Autumn. When Charles got out of the office, Autumn sat up calmly as if nothing had happened. This made Anthony completely taken aback.    

 Outside the office, Charles signalled Andy with a wink. Andy took the hint, walking aside to make a call. After he hung up the phone, they looked at each other, and then sneaked out from the hospital.     

"How's it going?" As soon as they got into the car, Charles asked in a hurry.    

 "Don't worry. Everything is under control. Nancy has called me just now and told me that Ferry has sent her son back. 

Now Ferry must think he has achieved his goal. He must be celebrating for it. He will definitely not expect us to come to him at this point of time." Andy assured Charles in a calm voice.  

 Now that it was impossible to handle this with some impartial means, Andy had to use his previous connections. 

Though he hadn't been in touch with his old friends, they would like to help him without any hesitation.    

 Ferry was celebrating with his attendants in a bar. He was triumphant at last. He had been waiting for this day for such a long time. 

At a time when he was completely overwhelmed with joy, the door of the balcony was opened all of a sudden. The dim light in the room turned to brightsome that almost blinded everyone. Ferry shielded the light from his eyes and soon his brothers rushed to the door. "Fuck! Who is it? Didn't you see Mr. Fang is here?"    

"Mr. Fang? Wow, don't be so patronizing!" Andy looked at Ferry with cold and sharp eyes but ignored him.   

"What kind of demon are you?" Ferry cooled down soon and asked Andy, but when he found Charles behind, he laughed grimly. "I see! It is Mr. Lu! Your wife is still in the hospital. But why are you here?" he asked sarcastically, squinting at him.     

'It was clear that Charles is a powerful man but not a magician after all. How could he reach me so fast?' Ferry thought in his mind.     

Ferry always kept a low profile. Just as the old saying goes that the wily hare has three holes in his burrow, even Ferry had several hiding places. But how could Charles find him in such a short span of time.     

It meant that someone must have betrayed him or Charles had asked some big guns for help.     

Though a little bit flurried, Ferry still kept a sober disposure.     

"I am sure you are aware of the reason of me being here." Charles replied him in a cold tone and a severe look.   

One of Ferry's heelers stepped forth to Charles and pointed at him with anger. 

"There is a small suggestion for you. You better get out of here as soon as possible, or else you will be a sitting duck very soon, so…"  

  Unfortunately, before he could finish his words, his wrist was broken.     

"Ouch! It hurts!" the man wailed. Charles looked at Ferry harshly, loosening his grip of the man without a change of expression on his face and then wiped his hands with a disdainful look. Charles ignored the man's scream as if nothing had happened.    

 "What the hell are you going to do?" Ferry furrowed his eyebrows since he perceived the irritation in Charles's face. He tipped a wink and soon his another heeler took the man who was howling out of dislocation to hospital.

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