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(Unprovoked hatred)

Autumn said to Charles, "Anthony told me, have two babies in my womb."    

"Two babies?" Charles was amazed, and then he got ecstatic. He grabbed Autumn's hand and asked her, "Do you mean that they are twins?"    

"Yes, they are." Autumn said with a smile, "I just came to know about it today. We are going to have two babies soon, Charles!"

    "Thank God! You were right to keep them rather than giving them up!" Charles was just too ecstatic.     

This piece of good news spread happiness to all the members of Zhao family and Lu family. Andy came to Charles' home early that evening and said to Charles, "Everything is ready now. When shall we do it?"  

"Okay, I got it." Charles frowned and told Andy, "I will inform you when I'm ready."

    "Okay," said Andy. And he went back.     After the dinner, Charles asked Nancy to meet him in the study and said to her, "Nancy, I need your help."    

"Charles, just tell me what it is and I'll try my best to help you." Nancy was indebted to Charles for his forgiveness. 

She expressed her earnest gratitude to him and said, "You didn't care about what I did to Autumn and I think I owe you too much. You have helped me a lot so I'm willing to do anything for you."   

 "Earlier, the man asked you to put medicine in Autumn's food, right? Now I want you to tell him that you have done it successfully." Nancy was a little shocked and asked, "What?"    

"Don't worry. I have got everything ready and the only thing you need to do is to tell him about this. I will deal with the rest after that."  Charles looked into Nancy's eyes and said, "Trust me please. I will bring your son back from his hands safely."  

"Okay." Nancy nodded her head for approval. Then she called Ferry iin front of Charles.     

The call got through immediately and Ferry said, "Nancy, it's very late now!  I hope that I can hear some good news from you."   

 "Where is my son?" Nancy exchanged a glance with Charles and added, "How is he now?"    

"Take it easy, he is fine." Ferry sneered and said, "Nancy, I don't have much patience. If you don't give me some good news, I'm not sure whether your son can still be alive tomorrow morning."    

"Please, don't hurt him." Nancy replied to him without delay, "The thing you asked me to do... I have done it! So when will you give me my son back?"  

"Really?" It sounded as if Ferry couldn't believe it.     

"Yes, it's true." Nancy said, "I put the medicine you gave me to the food she eats everyday. I have done everything according to your orders, so when will you release Brent?" 

   "I will give him back to you when I am sure that she has an abortion." Ferry hung up the phone with a sneer.   

  Nancy looked at Charles nervously and asked, "Charles, did I make any mistakes while making the phone call?"    

"No, you didn't. You did a good job." Charles nodded his head and said, "Now it's my work to deal with the rest of the things."    

After taking a bath, Autumn lay on the bed and played with her smartphone when Charles went upstairs and entered the room. She put the smartphone aside and asked, "What were you doing in the downstairs? Why did you spend such a long time there?"  

"Nothing, don't worry." Charles had called Andy before he entered the bedroom. 

Now the most important thing he needed to do was to tell everything to Autumn. He considered for a moment and sat beside Autumn. "Autumn, there is one thing that I want to tell you."    

"What is it?" Autumn touched her belly, wondering what Charles was going to say. Seeing Charles in a rather awkward state, she asked him, "What's wrong with you? Why do you hesitate in your speech?"    

"Do you still remember Ferry Fang?" Charles looked at her with soft eyes.   

  "Ferry Fang?" Autumn frowned and considered for a long time but she couldn't remember this name.     

She had been provoked the first time when Charles mentioned the name.  But now she still couldn't recollect who this man was.   

"What happened?" Autumn asked Charles. She was getting curious.    

 "Think it over, please." Charles added, "Do you still remember that you once called the police for Yvonne?"    

"Yes, I do." Autumn nodded slightly and recalled as she spoke, "I just happened to be there at that moment when a man was going to hurt her. She is still my sister no matter how much conflicts and differences we might have, so I called the police. Later on, I heard that the man was put into jail. But I know nothing about this man's present conditions." 

   Autumn sighed. "Actually, he is a fated guy. I came to know that his girlfriend committed suicide because of Yvonne. But no matter what happened, he shouldn't have done that to Yvonne."  

  Autumn had never expected that her kind behavior could bring so much trouble in future.   

  She didn't even know the man's name.  

 Charles gave a bitter smile and said, "You were just too kind and now it is causing some trouble for you." 

   "What trouble could it be?" Autumn looked at Charles and asked him, "I think you would have done the same thing if you were in my position.  Even if Yvonne was a stranger to me, I would have called the police."   

 "Do you know that the man caught by the police was none other than Ferry Fang?" Autumn was shocked by his words and asked him, "Really? I don't know his name."    

She looked into Charles' eyes and asked, "Why did you refer to this man's name at this moment?"   

 Charles grabbed her hands tightly and said, "Before Yvonne disappeared from the prison, the last one who visited her was Ferry Fang. Moreover, your disease was also caused by him. He asked Nancy to put some medicine in your food."  

"Nancy?" Autumn was speechless for a moment, and then she spoke, "Oh! How could it be possible?"    

"Don't worry. Nancy has confessed everything to me." Charles explained to Autumn. She patted on Charles' hand and said softly, "I understand it."    

Although there were conflicts between Autumn and Nancy when she just got married to Charles, she came to know more about Nancy recently and believed that Nancy wouldn't harm her without any reason.

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