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"Why did you come here?" Isla helped Autumn to sit down and blamed her out of concern, "You're pregnant, right? Why not stay at home and take a rest?"    

"It's okay for me." Autumn smiled and said, "The doctor told me that I have recovered. I felt so bored to stay at home all these days so I came out from the house. There is nothing to be worried. I'm fine, really."    

"Hey! Everybody..." Autumn patted on Isla's hand and announced, "I brought desserts for you. Take a break and eat some!"    

"Thank you, Manager Ye!"    

"That's really nice of you!" The employees said together.    

 Isla looked at Autumn with concern and said, "You really care for your employees too much. You don't take the chance to take a rest at home, instead, you come to the company and stay with your employees. How incredible you are!" 

 Autumn leaned her head against Isla's back and said, "I came here because I missed you."   

 "Liar! Stop talking nonsense!" Isla blamed her, "I think if your family allowed, you would begin working right now! I warn you that I won't let this happen. If you go back to work, I will resign and break with you at once!"   

 Isla threatened her.    

 "What? You are so cruel to me!" Autumn said to Isla jokingly. Actually, she had thought of start work because there were too much work waiting for her in the company after the press conference of Giant Promise Company. In order to handle the situation, Isla had to hire more employees.    

 All the employees were so busy working while Autumn as the boss could only stay at home. She felt sorry for them.   

Moreover, she was not used to being at leisure for a long time.   

  But Autumn was clear that she couldn't begin working because her health condition didn't allow her to do so. Therefore, she was satisfied with only coming back and staying with her employees.     

"Don't worry, I won't start working now." She touched her belly and said in a soft tone, "I will take care of myself for the sake of the baby in my womb."    

"Okay then." Isla also touched Autumn's belly and said with a smile, "I wonder what my godson will look like after he is born."    

"How can you be so sure that it will be a boy?" Then Autumn added, "I hope I will have a daughter so that I can dress her up every day."    

"Okay, a girl is not bad either," Isla said with a smile.     

The time she spent in her office passed very quickly. Soon it was 3:00 pm. Nancy came and reminded her that it was time for them to head homewards. "Autumn, we need to go home now. Or else Charles will get angry with us."  

"Fine." Autumn left her office reluctantly. When she got home, Andy had already arrived. "Why have you come here?" she asked.    

 Autumn looked around but she couldn't find Abby. She was curious why Andy came alone.    

 "I came for Charles. Where is he?" Andy asked with a serious expression.     

"He went to work today and now he might be on the way home." Autumn asked, "What happened? Is there anything wrong?"    

"No, nothing happened." Andy wasn't about to tell anything to Autumn before he discussed the matter with Charles.    

 Andy waited only a few minutes before Charles came home. Charles knew that the investigation about Ferry must have got final results as he saw Andy in his house.   

"Hello, Charles," Andy greeted him. Autumn looked pretty healthy and she walked up towards Charles immediately.

 Then she said to him, "Andy has been waiting for you since quite some time."    "Let's have a talk in the study," Charles said to Andy. Charles didn't want Autumn to know too much about this investigation before it was completely solved.     

He closed the door as they went inside the study room. Then Andy took out the materials about Ferry and said, "Ferry Fang was Yvonne's classmate in college.

 His girlfriend was Yvonne's best friend and she went to the same company as Yvonne. Because Yvonne had a strong family background, the leaders gave her more attention than that girl. Soon later, Yvonne stole the girl's design draft during a company meeting. This irritated the girl and she committed suicide while Yvonne also resigned from the company after that."    

"Does this have anything to do with Autumn?" Puzzled, Charles asked Andy. It seemed that Yvonne was the only one should be blamed. 'Is there anything to do with Autumn?   

Why does Ferry try to take revenge on Autumn?' Charles wondered.     

"Wait, I haven't finished yet." Andy continued, "Ferry got a little insane after his girlfriend's death. He believed that Yvonne killed his girlfriend and always caused trouble to her. He once came for Yvonne with a knife but came across Autumn unexpectedly. Autumn called the police, so he ran away. He was hit by a car when he was escaping and was disfigured. Therefore he hated Autumn since then." 

   Charles frowned as he heard Andy's words. Autumn was so unfortunate. She had nothing to do with this man but now he blamed all his misfortune on her.   

  Ferry was so ridiculous. The one he should blame was Yvonne but he turned his aim at Autumn.     

"Wasn't Ferry put into the jail?" Still puzzled with the tale, Charles asked Andy.   

"Yes, he was. But he knew a leader of a Mafia organization in prison and followed him since then. Now Ferry has become one of the heads of the organization and he is famous for his cruelty. Therefore it's very natural that you can't find his information." Then Andy added, "Ferry is very stubborn. He will never give up until he achieves his aim. Now he has aimed at Autumn so he will try every means to hurt her. We should find a solution to stop him forever."    

"But... What should we do now?" Charles sounded worried as he spoke to Andy, "Nancy has confessed to me that our unborn baby is his aim. What should we do?"    

Charles grew restless because he was so worried about Autumn, not knowing how to deal with the situation.    

 "Did you say that Nancy has completely confessed to you?"' Andy frowned as he asked Charles.   

Charles nodded his head and answered, "Yes, her son is still in Ferry's hands and I promised her that I would spare no effort to save him."    

"I have got an idea." Andy got close to Charles and said something to him. Charles frowned and asked, "How does it work?"

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