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(The survey of nancy)

It must be Ferry Fang, the mystery man who helped release Yvonne.     

Casting a suspicious glance over Nancy, Charles was about to press the matter, when Nancy continued with her confession. "Charles, my crime of drugging Autumn is beyond forgiveness. I am unworthy of your family's respect and regards."    

Nancy felt too ashamed to continue it.     Charles found it hard to forgive Nancy for her heinous crime, though he held Nancy in high regard befitting his senior family members.    

 "Did he give you the pack of powder you just dumped?" Charles questioned Nancy.    

 Nancy nodded beyond shame and continued, "I had to do whatever the mystery man asked me to do including giving him the due money and drugging Autumn if I wanted to save my wanton son who abandoned himself to gambling which led him to heavy debts and then being taken into custody by the mystery man. I was powerless to deal with that and followed his instructions instead."  

Nancy pleaded piteously, remorse running over her, "Charles, if it weren't for my desire to save my unworthy son, I would not have drugged Autumn as the mystery man demanded. I have served Lu family most of my lifetime, but I have to save my son anyway."   

"So you put the drug into the milk Autumn habitually drank. Did you realize it was a good way of destroying Autumn who had to be institutionalized, though in pregnancy?" Charles retorted harshly.    

 "I..." Nancy lowered her head, guilt and remorse running over her. Though Nancy was short-tempered, she would not have committed the unforgivable act but for saving Brent.    

 "Charles, it was entirely my fault. The drug the mystery man gave me would kill Autumn's baby, as Autumn is too feeble to keep her baby." Nancy wept while speaking, "I am too ashamed to serve Lu family any longer. Before my leave, I must tell you to be well guarded against the culprit who may use another one to harm Autumn."  

kill Autumn's baby, as Autumn is too feeble to keep her baby." Nancy wept while speaking, "I am too ashamed to serve Lu family any longer. Before my leave, I must tell you to be well guarded against the culprit who may use another one to harm Autumn."  

  Nancy rose and bowed low before Charles in a gesture of sincere apology. "Charles, now I have to leave. Take care!"    "Wait a while." Charles stopped Nancy. 

    Charles moved in front of Nancy and looked into her eyes. "Are you sure you want to leave this way?"   

 "I..." Nancy looked somewhat perplexed and then she realized something. "You can be rest assured. I will return the money Autumn lent to me.    

 "I doubt you could find a shelter somewhere." Charles said in a cold tone.     
All of a sudden, Nancy found herself too old to restart her life.   

Besides, Nancy was a divorcee without the care of her parents.  But at that moment, Nancy was too ashamed to stay at Lu family any longer.   

  Nancy forced a smile and said to Charles, "Let it be. God will make a way."  

  "How could you leave without making up your fault?" Charles retorted harshly, with apparent contempt toward Nancy. 

    Nancy tried to defend herself, "Charles, I will accept whatever punishment you apply to me for my heinous crime, but now I have to leave Lu family to save my face. When I relocate myself, I will let you know."  

  However Nancy was, at that moment, powerless to save Brent.    

 "You are not allowed to leave!"  Charles looked at Nancy in cruelty. "To atone for your crime, you are requested to take good care of Autumn until she gives birth to a child. Bear no evil idea or meet your doom."  

"Charles, you forgived me?" Nancy could not but express her confusion.    

 "Definitely not!" Charles sneered, "You may win my forgiveness on the only condition that you give Autumn the ever-present care. If something happens to Autumn, you will be punished strictly."  

  Nancy was unable to contain her gratitude. "Of course, I will exert my utmost efforts to look after Autumn."    Nancy realized it was a chance to amend herself for her survival.     

Charles dismissed Nancy roughly, "It is too late. Go to sleep."    

After that, Charles turned around to go upstairs, leaving Nanny reflect for a moment. If Nancy had chosen to drug Autumn again, Charles would not have spared her. But actually Nancy's conscience prevented her from doing so. 

Thus Charles offered her a chance.     More importantly, the culprit would be alarmed to learn of Nancy's removal and then buy another relative to do something much more horrible than Charles could address.   

At that moment, Charles expected to learn more about the culprit Andy promised to investigate.    

 "Charles..." Nancy's appeal stopped Charles from going upstairs. "My son...."    Charles guessed out what Nancy wanted to ask for his favor. "I will try my best to save you son."    

Nancy was greatly relieved at Charles's reassurance. If Nancy had enlisted Charles's help for the matter, Autumn would not have been hurt miserably.    

 On the following morning, Nancy prepared a loving breakfast beneficial to a pregnant woman according to a cookbook. No sooner had Autumn partaken of the meal than Charles went downstairs and packed up his essentials and said to Autumn, "Now, I'm going to work." After the conversation, Charles's trust on Nancy rose again, as he did not prevent Autumn from eating everything Nancy prepared for her.   

"Charles, you don't need to worry about me. Focus on your public duty." Autumn smiled at Charles. After biding farewell to Charles, Autumn, accompanied by Nancy, paid a visit to Cloud Advertising Company. She brought with her some afternoon refreshments from a dessert shop. Isla was stunned to see Autumn again.

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