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(Treatment session)

To further boost his grandson's image, Craig announced, "Anthony will soon begin working at Y Hospital with his preferred salary." The elder physician said, "I just accompanied him to make things easier and also to take a short vacation in Y City before finally returning home."   

 After listening to Craig, Arthur suddenly felt much relieved to learn that Anthony was just as skilled as his grandfather. 

"Thank you, my friend, for the reassurance. And to you Anthony, I am leaving Autumn in your care. I trust you will take good care of her."    

Anthony bowed. "Grandpa Arthur, please put your mind at ease. As you are my grandfather's old friend, I promise to put my heart and soul to ensure Autumn will get a proper treatment." He remained composed even as his heart swelled with pride over his grandfather's words.   

On their drive back home, Autumn was in a cheerful mood. Charles really hoped Anthony can help his wife to heal.    

 After several minutes of silence, Autumn spoke up. "Charles, tomorrow I can go to Y Hospital for treatment by myself." She wanted to prove she could be independent again.     

But Charles, ever protective of his wife, dismissed the idea. Quite roughly, he expressed his concern. "I don't see any advantage of allowing you to go to the hospital by yourself."  

  He added, "I will feel better if I accompany you to Y Hospital tomorrow, given your delicate condition." Autumn was ready to argue. "But, I'm strong enough to do that." She hoped to convince her husband to trust her to go by herself.     

Charles drummed his fingers on the steering wheel while thinking. Finally, he proposed, "Here is my suggestion. I will accompany you to see the doctor for the first time. If his diagnosis shows that you are sound enough to be by yourself, I will go back to the office to take care of business. Is that acceptable to you?" 

 Autumn heaved a sigh of relief. "That's definitely okay with me," she told her husband.     

It was 10:00 p.m. by the time they got home. Nancy was waiting for Autumn's arrival and was quite impatient as she went to greet the couple. Autumn was surprised to see Nancy still awake that late. "Nancy, why have you not slept yet?" she asked with concern.     

Autumn noticed Nancy looked a bit anxious.    

 "I was waiting for you, Autumn," said she. Nancy rarely smiled, but this time she had a sincere one for Autumn. "I made these baby clothes during my spare time and wanted to give them to you. I wasn't sure what your favorites were."    

Autumn was presented with neatly stitched clothes, the workmanship of which she greatly admired. "Oh Nancy! 

These are beautiful." After inspecting them carefully, she said, "They will fit my baby perfectly."  

Nancy had made baby pants, tops, shoes and hats with elaborate stitching that would definitely look cute on a baby.    

 "Thank you for your appreciation," she humbly said to Autumn. Nancy stood up and bid goodnight. "You go on and get a good night's rest," she told Autumn.   

  Charles, sitting calmly, watched everything that happened between the two women. Still, he would continue to keep a close watch on Nancy.     

The following day, Charles drove Autumn to Y Hospital. As Autumn entered the examination room, they both saw Anthony wearing the doctor's white coat.     

Autumn was amazed at how Anthony looked different simply because he was dressed as a doctor now.   

"You look distracted," he told Autumn. Anthony led his patient into the room, and got busy checking her. First he took her pulse and conducted an ultrasound meticulously. Then he carefully asked about how she was feeling.   

  Finally, he said, "For the time being, you are in good condition. But I want you to be honest with me and tell me if there's something bothering you. Tell me the truth."   

 Autumn nodded. "Okay. So ask anything and I will answer truthfully." Anthony checked Autumn's chart, and frowned a little at the notations.     

"Your previous physician told me you were drugged, resulting to your becoming mentally unstable," he started. "Lately, how often do you feel like something is wrong with you?" Anthony inquired.     

Autumn sat back, trying to recall her previous experiences. "When I had those attacks, I was restless whether sitting down, standing up or lying down. I would get mad without any reason. Since I was examined by a doctor, who confirmed my condition, I have taken care about the food I eat, to make sure it was not drugged, and my peace of mind returned," Autumn related.   

She thought of the last time she felt troubled.     

"So far, I have not felt that way in several days. I think I've managed to stay stable except for the last disturbing episode," she added. Autumn sat calmly even as she recounted all these things to Anthony.     

Her doctor nodded, and wrote some notes. He frowned briefly, and then looked up, her condition becoming more clear to him. "This is what I'll do. I will prescribe some Chinese medicine which, if properly decocted, should be conducive to the baby's health. After you give birth, we can do something else to help you feel better."    

Autumn felt a great sense of relief. "Thank you for your kindness." His reassurance and course of action helped ease her anxiety.   

Anthony gave his patient a small smile. "We are closely connected because of our grandfathers' friendship. I am duty-bound to see that you receive the best care." He patted Autumn's arm and said, "Remember, you have to come in for a visit every three days."    

Autumn nodded and said, "I want to consult you about another matter." She tried to look passive. "My family worries about my condition constantly. I'm wondering if there is need for them to always be caring for me?" Autumn asked.   

  "Definitely not!" Anthony smiled gently. "For now, all you need is to come in for regular check-ups and avoid things that make you anxious. You must stay relaxed and keep your mind calm, for the sake of your baby. You have to remember all these, okay?"  

"Sure!" Autumn said with relief. She could now tell her husband that he did not need to be over-protective of her and he could devote more time to running the company's affairs.    

 "I appreciate all that you're doing for me," she told Anthony. Autumn was talking to Anthony animatedly as she stepped out of the office. Charles jumped up to greet them and was anxious to find out about her condition. 

"So what's the diagnosis?" he asked.  

   "I've given her a prescription that should be well-prepared and taken three times a day. More importantly, be sure she comes in to visit every three days," Anthony told Autumn's husband. Then remembering Autumn's concern, he suggested, "She is not in any danger despite her present condition. She should remain stable unless there is trouble. It would be best to treat her like a normal person. Excessive displays of concern would only stress her out."

    Charles frowned a little and asked again. "So you mean my wife won't become unstable like she has been before?" Anthony patted Charles' arm in reassurance.   

"She'll be fine," he said with a smile. Charles let out a breath.   

  Before going home, Charles filled Autumn's prescription at a Chinese medicine pharmacy. When they got home, he saw Edward come to visit. 

Nancy had prepared a sumptuous meal and invited the couple to join the dinner. But Charles claimed they had already eaten and helped Autumn to the couch.  

   Autumn felt it was no longer necessary for Charles to protect her from Nancy, but she still appreciated his kindness and concern.   

  Nancy understood that she was dismissed and left without another word. Left alone, Autumn focused on Edward's state of mind instead.     

Edward looked so different since the last time he visited. 'Something must have happened,' Autumn thought.   

Chris said, "Dad, I've been wanting to ask you… How have you been dealing with Rachel?" The same question had been asked by Chris previously, and he had been unable to answer then. He sat motionless for several minutes. The truth was he had almost forgotten about Rachel. "Rachel? I have not seen her for quite a long time."

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