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 🌹THE CEO's 


(Claret's sweet mistake... Life of a slay queen 👸👸

      Episode Thirteen


  The urge to cry came again, I heard her say to him that she's horny, I wonder what they can be doing out there now, 

  I opened the door slightly to notice that they were gone! 
  Coming here is definitely a bad idea! I shouldn't have listened to my kid sister over coming here

 I'm a side chick and nothing can change me from it, fighting over someone who doesn't care anymore about me

   I bit hard staring at everything in the guest room, it was once I slept here since I knew val five years ago
  I never knew that someday I will be a guest to this house, 
  A fuvking guest! It hurts so much when I think about it, I dumped myself on the bed and closed my eyes briefly and rubbing my tummy 

  "Are you really in there? "I smiled still rubbing my tummy softly 
  As I opened my eyes to sleep, I began to hear moans, grunts and humms coming from upstairs

  It tore my heart apart, he's sleeping with her! 
  He's fuvking having s3x with that bi*ch! 
   I covered my ears with a pillow so I won't hear them but it felt like they were doing it on purpose to irritate me

   I tossed on the bed still covering my ears until I slept off




  Someone kept calling my name, my eyes fluttered open to see someone peering into my face, I blinked my eyes repeatedly before I recognized whom that was

   It was val! I sat up immediately yawning 
   "Are you okay now? "He asked and I rolled my eyes getting out of the bed 
  "I made some coffee and tea for you"

  " I never said I needed one"I replied going into the bathroom to wash my face 
  I came back later to see that he haven't left, 

  "You shouldn't be here, your woman needs you"
  "I... "
  "I will eat them later, thanks"I interrupted going into my wardrobe to change my clothes 

  He still didn't leave 
  "I want to change my dress so please leave "

"You can, you always wore... "
  "We're strangers now "
 "Do you hate me that much now? "

 "Yeah and I will always "
   "But Claret... "
I unbuttoned the first button of my pyjamas and he still didn't leave
  "I said you should leave, I don't want her to meet you here, I'm not ready to fight over a man"

  He sighed standing up to leave and I gasped 
   "And... "I stopped him from walking to the door 
  "Whenever you guys are making out, try to keep your voice down for the guest to be able to sleep"

  He didn't reply, he just bowed really embarrassed and left 
  I sighed and sat down on the bed, I bit hard 
   Why's he here? I stared at the plate of noodles, eggs, coffee and tea which he brought for me

 Exactly the same one he made for me every morning when I woke up from sleep, 
  I wonder if he did same thing to her, jealous surged into me once again 

  I wonder how many other people he'd made the same food to 
  I sighed again for the last time before getting up to change my dress 

 I did that so quickly coming out of my room with the food and coming to the dining where they were both seated already eating

   I sat down two seats away from them and began to dig into my food
   "How is it? "He asked me and I nearly choked as I started coughing 

  "Sorry,"he tried helping with a cup of water 
  "Here take "he offered me a glass of water but I ignored him getting a glass myself and drinking from it....  


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