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 🌹THE CEO's 


(Claret's sweet mistake... Life of a slay queen 👸👸

      Episode Twelve 


  What is this bi*ch doing here? Is she here to compete with me over my man? 
  Then she's kidding! She's fuvking kidding me!! 

  I ran to her way and stood;

  "And where do you think you're going? "I asked her and she didn't even bother looking at my face, 
  She turned to Val;
  "Tell your woman to leave my way now "

  "Thank God you know I'm her woman! So what are you doing here? 
  Haven't it occurred to you that you're nothing to this man! He's my fiancé whom am gonna get married to pretty soon! 

  He's my man! You're nothing but all these girls who needs money and not love but money! 
 I know your type!! Side chick!!! "I yelled to her face which showed no emotion at all

   "Oh yes! I'm a side chick... "She smirked rubbing her nose
"But... "She turned to look at Val again "we have a baby in here in my tummy... "She rubbed her tummy with one of her free palms 

   I got hurt, I was foolish not to think as clever as she is to get pregnant for Val, what was I thinking!! Was that foolish? 

   I feigned a smile 
  "Are you sure the baby is his cuz you girls can do anything, these baby might not be his cuz... "

  "Cuz what? We've been dating for five years now! Or didn't he mention that to you? "

 Five years!! Gawd!! For that long? I turned to look at Val, so it have been so long that he started cheating on me? 

   I clenched my fist smiling again 
  "So what? What if he dated you for five years? Does it mean you were that loyal to him? 

  You can... "

  "Anna that's enough"I heard Val say, I kept quiet as the both of us stared into each other's eyes with so much hate and jealousy

  "Okay darling but I don't want her in here"
  "Or rather Val, I don't want my baby to grow up in this kind of environment where a woman keeps running her mouth like tap"she snapped at what I said

   "Val"I called going close to him and holding his arm before he pulled me off
  "Val"she called too not moving from where she stood

  "Take her away from here, rent another place for her "I pouted and she scoffed 
  "Val.. "He turned to her on hearing her call his name

  "Yes?? "
  "I don't want my baby to grow elsewhere away from the daddy "
  "I never said you were going anywhere"
  "Good, and tell your wife or rather girlfriend to stop disturbing my peace "

  "She's no longer my fiancéé or girlfriend... "
  "I don't care Val"she snapped again at him 
  I was boiling with anger, I will make sure I get rid of her baby before she leaves this house!! 

  "Val let's go inside am horny! "I said sexily coming close to him and staring at her to know her reaction 
   She looked away going into the room and banging the door close behind her 

  He turned to me, 
   "You won't stay here with me Anna"
  "Why? Because she's here"
  "Call it or think anything you like but this house won't contain the three of us"

  "You want to marry her instead of me? "
  "What if I do? She's carrying my baby"
  "And what if I carry your baby too? Will you marry me? "

  "Annabelle, there's no me and you again"he said and stormed away into his room while I followed him behind 

  We came into his room while he turned abruptly to me
  "Go away "
  "I won't "
  He paced about the room, 
  "Val I can make it up for you"I stepped closer towards him

  "There's no... "He shut the fuvk up when he saw me rip my clothes off standing stark naked in front of him.... 


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