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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-----------Episode Three----------
     ---Alicia's POV---

  I exclaimed. 

How could I possibly forget about the foodstuffs they asked me to buy? 

  "Where is it? "She asked in utmost fury and I stood up transfixed. 

  "Uh... "

 "You forgot again? "She interrupted and I brought my gaze to the floor and I noticed that Emma was laughing at me already. 

  "I'm sorry mom"I mumbled closing my eyes and she hissed. 

  "I wonder what you're always thinking that makes you forget yourself all the time! "

 "I'm sorry mom, "

 "Sorry for yourself! "She snapped at me rolling her eyes for some time before she left the room. 

 I heaved. 

 Emma laughed the more. 

  I frowned looking at her. 

  "What's wrong? Why laughing? "

  "Cuz I can't believe you ran home after Mr. Handsome said he likes you"

She laughed still. 

 I realized what I had done! 


I ran home after he said that he liked me! 

 Oh gosh! 

I shot her a glare and scurried out of the house with the basket and then went to the grocery store to get what I was asked to get the last time.... 

Next day, 

  Preparing for school was so easy for me, 

I can't wait to be in school! 

   I can't wait to tell him that I liked him too! 

 I can't wait to be in school and then tell him that I want to be his girlfriend! 

  "Aren't you going to eat? "Mom asked as I walked past the dining table, 

  "No, I'm not going to eat today, bye mom, bye dad! See you in school Emma! "

 "Okay! "I heard her reply as I went out closing the door gently behind me. 

  I boarded the school bus to school and soon, 

 I stood in front of my school, 


   Was moulded with iron on our gate. 

  I smiled sighing as I ran into the school. 


🗣Rat is in school early today. 

🗣How she runs, 

🗣i heard that short people hears peoples feets on the ground, is that true? 


🗣Look at how she runs like someone who is walking. 

🗣She's jumping like a frog rather than running! 
  All eyes were on me, 

Followed by laughter, 

Murmurs too but I didn't care as I came into our class. 

 I saw him transferring my locker... My own locker to the front row. 

  People were laughing at him but I didn't mind. 

 He turned and saw me, 

Our eyes met and I gulped hard clutching onto my backpack. 

    He walked towards me and I stepped out of the class. 

I couldn't stand in front of him, 

I'm shy! 

So shy! 

   "Hey! "He cooed still looking at me but I turned my gaze elsewhere. 

   "Hey"I mumbled and he smiled touching my head. 

  "I transferred your desk to the front "

  "Why? "I mumbled not looking at him but the ground and I heard him smirk. 

   "Because I don't want to give you troubles when trying to copy things from the board"

 I never told him that I wasn't tall enough to see the board! 

  I didn't speak, 

I know I didn't like the idea of him regarding my height but I just couldn't speak. 

  "My seat is near yours, I want to be near to the angel of my heart"he said and my face lifted up to look at his eyes. 

 His seat was near mine? 

 I checked it out with my eyes going straight into class and spotting where he kept my seat to see that his own was near mine! 

Near mine!! 

  "Tk... "I mumbled and he smirked, 
  "I'm not Tk, 

I'm called Tom! But you know my last name is kinda funny, 

   So... Call me Tom"

He's talking too much just now! 

  He held my hands, 

 "I really like you Alicia"

  My heart threatened to fly out. 

  "Be my girlfriend please"he pleaded going down on one knee and I gasped. 

  The best honor anyone can give to me! 

Everyone was surprised and it added more pride to myself! 

Someone pleading with me to be his! 

  Isn't that great? 

  "I will be girlfriend!! "I replied and he seemed really surprised to hear me say that, 

  "Really? "

 I nodded my head smiling.... 


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