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(Conjectures (1)

Randall was very depressed.     

He knew that Martin would be unwilling to let things go. If Martin hadn't argued with him in the first place, Randall would not have locked him up.     

He didn't know that Martin had Roger, a young master of the Meng Clan, behind him. Now Randall found himself in an awkward situation. To please Fren, a young master of the Zhuge Clan, he had offended Roger. But Randall hadn't accomplished anything.     

It was too late to repent.     

"Martin, if something is unclear, let's go back and talk about it," said Zen with a wink to Martin.     

Now that Martin had been released, they needed to consider the matter carefully before making a decision. If they fell out with Randall, they would be in a bad situation, too.   

Stubborn as Martin was he had a clear understanding of the situation in which he found himself. Hearing what Zen said, he cast a scornful glare at Randall and shut his mouth.     

Seeing that everything was settled, Jon guided the crowd out of the yard.    

 Randall remained in the yard. He was quite upset. He glanced at Liam, who had also stayed behind. Randall growled, "Didn't you say that Zen was just an ordinary disciple without any influential background? Why is a person from the Meng Clan behind him?"  

If he had known what was going to happen, Randall would never have agreed to get involved.    

 With his temper and ruthlessly efficient style, Randall wanted to beat up Liam!    

 But Liam had come to the Dragon Fort on behalf of Fren, so Randall didn't dare to offend him too much. He had already annoyed Roger, a nobleman of the Meng Clan. If he couldn't align himself with Fren of the Zhuge Clan, Randall would be in a more precarious position.   

"It's ... It's because ..." Liam didn't have a reason. He was equally puzzled. Liam turned to Randall and said, "Zen is an ordinary disciple at Cloud Sect. And he has no strong background. I don't know how he made the acquaintance of a young master from the Meng Clan."  

  Liam was wondering about this as well. Why did Roger help Zen?     

He was aware of the rules of conduct of noblemen. There were two ways to be a part of them. The first was to bring great benefits to the children of the noble clans. The other was to be obedient and submissive to them and do what they asked. Either way, children of noble clans never considered ordinary people as friends.   

However, Roger, the young master of the Meng Clan, was willing to stand up for Zen and take care of him. How did Zen attach himself to the Meng Clan? And what did he rely on? Liam was confused.    
 "I told you that we should have killed that boy. It was a simple and easy task. 

But Liam, you idiot! You wanted to kill him inconspicuously. That was too much to hope for. You wanted him to be killed by the blade locusts, but now he is alive. As far as your ability is concerned, I consider it a joke that Fren sent you to do this!" grumbled White Fiend.     

"It's not too late. The minute Zen leaves the Dragon Fort, we'll kill him," said Black Fiend with a dark smile.     

"You are right. Now that we have offended the Meng Clan, we should kill Zen as soon as possible. Otherwise, we will face not only the wrath of the Meng Clan, but also Fren's anger!" said Randall.     

Liam nodded and said, "Well, then, we'll do as Black Fiend has suggested. As soon as Zen comes out of the Dragon Fort, we'll kill him."  

A wild look reflected in their eyes at the prospect of getting even with Zen.    

 They knew the rules of the noble clans. If ordinary people were useful to the noblemen they served, they would earn endless benefits. If, however, they proved useless, the noblemen they assisted would surely kill them.    



After leaving the small yard, Jon walked Zen and the others out of the main army camp. Along the way, he said, "You have upset and disgraced Randall. I believe that he will act on this humiliation. They will find every opportunity to kill you. So, I advise you to leave Dragon Fort and return to Cloud Sect as soon as possible."   

 Roger agreed with Jon. He said, "Zen, you have got the crystal core of the queen blade locust. You will be able to exchange it for a lot of points. It has been a rewarding trip for you! Will you return to Cloud Sect with us?"  

"I'm still trying to figure out how on earth you managed to get rid of that queen blade locust!" said Jon. He had heard about the ins and outs of the matter. He knew that Zen had not only escaped from the clutches of the queen blade locust, he had also killed her and retrieved her crystal core. But that was what he found hard to believe.     

Jon knew that Zen was strong and had a great capacity for fighting. But even with his strength, Zen was not powerful enough to be a challenging opponent to the queen blade locust. He couldn't believe that Zen had killed her by himself.    

 Hearing Jon's statement, Zen smiled but chose to remain quiet. By no means could he afford to explain. He couldn't tell Jon that he had not killed the queen blade locust. The fire scorpion lion had killed her. While the queen's crystal core might not be very valuable in their eyes, the fire scorpion lion's crystal core was precious indeed.   

The fire scorpion lion's crystal core was the best material for pill refining and weapon refining. The top seven clans in the empire would do anything to get the fire scorpion lion's core! If they knew where the fire scorpion lion was, they would send people to seek, hunt, and kill it. If that happened, the people seeking the fire scorpion lion would find the dead bodies of both, the queen blade locust and the fire scorpion lion. Then they would speculate that Zen was in possession of the crystal cores of both creatures. This would be a huge mistake! Zen would not be so stupid as to expose the matter.

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