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(Clan influence (1)

A peculiar scene was unfolding in the yard.     

There were ten ranks within the nature level. Huge gap existed between each two of these ten ranks.    

 For instance, Roger, White Fiend, and Black Fiend, who had all just reached the nature level, were at the first rank.    

 Cultivators at the nature level were able to generate life vitality. They could use this life vitality as weapons to kill their enemies quietly.   

  Randall and Jon, the best of the Imperial soldiers, had already reached the fourth rank of the nature level. They possessed great mastery of life vitality at this rank.    

 That would give Randall a significant advantage if he fought against Roger or the others.   

Another fact that gave Randall an edge was that he had mastered the chill intent, which could give his opponent's soul frostbite in the blink of an eye.     

Jon's mouth twitched uncontrollably. He had agreed to help simply because he wanted to do Roger a favor. Otherwise, he would rather not make a dangerous enemy like Randall. He and Randall were both at the fourth rank, but Randall's mastery of chill intent made things different. If they fought with each other, Jon would have to pay a great deal of attention to Randall's intent. It would be a tough fight.    

 But what on earth was going on here? Jon found himself utterly at a loss of the situation.    

 If he wasn't mistaken, the youngster following Roger wasn't even near the threshold of the nature level. This kid was still at the marrow refining level. He couldn't even discharge life energy yet, let alone generate life vitality.   

Where did he get the nerve to challenge Randall? How did he dare say something like 'you are bringing shame to yourself'?     

And to Jon's surprise, not only had this kid said it, he had done it.     

Jon had witnessed the unusual scene. Randall's intent hadn't hurt Zen at all. Instead, Zen had snorted lightly at the attack, and then, Randall had screamed with pain.    

 How could he have done that?     

Jon racked his brain to find an explanation but failed.     

Liam's mouth gaped open, impossibly wide. Although Randall had never revealed his true ability in front of them, Liam could sense it from their daily contact. Randall's majestic presence suggested that his force was way above those of White Fiend and Black Fiend.   

  Randall was far out of their reach. If it hadn't been for Fren, Liam would never have gotten the chance to work with Randall.   

But again, what happened just now…    How did Zen manage to hurt Randall so badly with just a snort?     

Liam knew Zen better than the others. Zen was a lowborn boy who had entered Drizzle Peak not long ago. A few days earlier, by some dumb fluke Zen had defeated Leo, his sect peer.     

Liam knew Zen's past, so he was more surprised at this scene than others.    

 Roger's eyes lit up as delight coursed through him.    

 Roger always prided himself on his knack of assessing people. As such, Roger had studied Zen and now believed that he had an accurate judgment about Zen. Although Zen was still at the marrow refining level, he would stand a chance of winning in a fight against a body refiner at the nature level.   

This assessment by Roger showed how high Zen's skills were.     

Roger trusted his judgment. He also knew that if he tried telling people about it, nobody would believe him.    

 Despite Roger's high assessment of Zen's abilities, the young boy still surprised him. Roger was now sure that although he was confident of how Zen would perform, Zen's actual abilities and potential were still unknown to him.    

 How many more secrets did Zen have? Was he holding back his abilities?    

 Roger raised his chin as he thought about what Zen was capable of. He was smart enough to understand that it was unwise to reveal one's own true position and intention to the others. Some secrets could only be shared with your closest family members. Roger knew better than to ask stupid questions.    

 Nevertheless, his decision to help Zen seemed pretty wise now.   

As assumed earlier, Roger was now confident that his clan could use this guy and his power to their advantage.    

 Randall felt as though his head was going to split. It was like a sharp sting had pierced his soul, and the unutterable pain from his soul was tearing him apart.     

Fortunately, the soul was a special form. It could heal itself as time wore on, but the excruciating pain from attacks to the soul was inevitable.     

What Randall couldn't endure was that he had been publicly humiliated by this brat, a kid at the marrow refining level!     Jon had witnessed all this. He might tell the soldiers. If that happened, Randall's authority would be destroyed.    

 He must kill this brat to redeem himself!     
As Randall got to his feet, life vitality surged through his body. The air in the yard cooled instantly. Although it was a hot summer day, all onlookers felt chilled to the bone. The temperature must have dropped by dozens of degrees.   

"You do have a death wish, don't you? But I'm afraid you picked the wrong way. You pissed me off, and you will regret it.

 There is going to be a hell lot of pain waiting for you before you die," Randall growled at Zen. A terrifying pressure radiated from Randall's body as he spoke. In the next instant, the force was directed at Zen.    

 Zen's body tensed. The pressure was like a massive iceberg. Once it fell on him, he would be crushed to pieces. 

Randall's force was indeed extraordinarily powerful. He was not a common body refiner at the nature level! 

"Jon?,   at this point roger call out and gave jon a look.

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