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(Hell mountain (2)

"That's fine. I have to say that you overplayed your part." The old man waved his hands and laughed. He knew that the boy did not really care about who he was. But this was not something he needed to care about. He continued, "Although Cloud Sect is large, if you are extraordinary, I am sure that we will meet again, sooner or later."

Knowing that he had not annoyed the old man, Zen smiled at him, then turned and left.

The old man watched as Zen left. Then he sighed and whispered, "I did not expect that after so many years, this book will finally be claimed. I don't think anyone will believe that this was not heaven's will."

Since Zen had left the hall, he did not hear the old man's words. Even if he had heard what the old man had said, he would not understand the meaning.

When Zen entered the hall for the tier 3 cultivation method, he saw that all other people had left. Even the hall for the tier 2 cultivation method was empty.

It was not advisable to linger in the Heavenly Library, as over time, it became harder to bear the pressure of intent of the Vengeful Beast. It was natural that the others would leave soon after selecting the appropriate cultivation method.

Zen was the last to leave the Heavenly Library.

When he stepped out, the disciples of the other thirty-two peaks had already left. Only the disciples of Drizzle Peak were waiting for him.

"I am so sorry to have kept you waiting." Zen bowed with hands folded as he apologized.

"That's fine. We are brothers of Drizzle Peak, and we should be concerned about each other, now and in the future! Well, welcome to Drizzle Peak." said an outer disciple as he patted Zen on the shoulder.

This group of outer disciples who had picked Drizzle Peak was from low clans. None of these disciples were from noble clans. So they were congenial with each other.

Master Aura Su had been standing in the distance and studying something. When she saw Zen, she smiled and asked, "Did you enter the tier 4 cultivation method hall?"

Only the few people present at the tier 3 cultivation method hall knew that Zen had entered the tier 4 cultivation method hall. Master Aura Su must have heard about this from other masters.

The outer disciples of Drizzle Peak were surprised by what Master Aura Su had said. They looked at Zen with big round eyes. They had initially thought that Zen had stepped out last as he had spent too much time studying the books and making his choice. No one thought that he had entered the tier 4 cultivation method hall.

They all knew that the deeper they went, the stronger their soul needed to be. How strong was Zen's soul? They were in awe of what Zen had accomplished.

Zen thought that Master Aura Su might ask him about what cultivation method he had chosen. Since the old man in white had presented him with Spiritual Thorn, Zen decided to tell Master Aura Su about the book. However, before he could say anything, she swung her right hand and said, "There is no need to tell others about what cultivation method you have chosen.

You must learn to keep your secrets in Cloud Sect. Let's leave now. We should get back to Drizzle Peak before dark."

The other people present did not ask Zen any more questions. Seeing that all disciples were here, Master Aura Su led them away from the Heavenly Library.

The walk took about four hours in Cloud Sect before a steep mountain appeared in front of them. This was Drizzle Peak, one of the thirty-three peaks.

On Drizzle Peak, neat rows of pavilions had been built. Seas of clouds and fog enshrouded the peak giving the impression that this was beautiful heaven.

After Master Aura Su took her disciples up to Drizzle Peak, she spoke to a few outer disciples briefly. Then she left in a hurry. It seemed that she had many other things to do.

One of the outer disciples stepped forward and said to Zen and the other disciples, "My name is Sean Zhou. I am here to welcome all of you to Drizzle Peak. I will take care of you all."

After they bowed to each other, Sean Zhou informed them about all the procedures.

For example, changing disciple cards, picking up uniforms for outer disciples, arranging accommodation, and so on.

After Nory received the white robe of an outer disciple, he could not wait to try it on. He then said with pride, "Haha, I am an outer disciple of Cloud Sect now.

This uniform looks awesome. It will be an honor to wear it and walk on the streets of the Imperial Capital. I would like to see if anyone dares to bully me then!"

Sean Zhou could not help laughing out, "This is only a white robe. If you practice hard and become an inner disciple, you will be more proud to have earned a black robe!"

Nory did not feel embarrassed. He replied with a smile, "Well. That is a long way off."

"Nory, the inner disciples are ascended from the outer disciples, so why deny yourself?" Sean was an enthusiastic and optimistic person. He not only comforted the outer disciples but also explained the rules to them without missing any detail.

"The rules of Cloud Sect are very complicated, but the most important one is strength!" Sean looked at the disciples before continuing, "The rules have been set to protect the weak. If you want to set the rules, you have to be either strong or talented. These are the only two ways to get others to surrender to you!"

Sean's words struck Zen. He knew that this was true for not only Cloud Sect, but also in the Burning Sky Empire, and even the entire Eastern Region. Whoever had the most power was the boss. This was a universal principle.

If he was strong, why would he come to Cloud Sect? If he was strong, he could rescue Yan from Hell Mountain with just a word. Unfortunately, he was weak.

Sorrow filled his eyes at the thought of his sister, Yan. She was the one person about whom he was most concerned. He erased the sadness from his eyes and said, "Sean, I want to ask you something."

Sean maintained his warm smile, nodded and said, "Sure, what can I help you with?"

"Where is Hell Mountain in Cloud Sect?" Zen asked cautiously.

Sean's eyebrows rose at the question. When he replied, his pitch was higher.

"Hell Mountain? Why you ask about that place?"

"Oh, no special reason. I am just curious," Zen replied.

"Hell Mountain is an independent mountain in the northwest corner of Cloud Sect. Anyone who has made a serious mistake or has broken the rules will be locked there. I certainly haven't been there. But I have heard that the environment in Hell Mountain is awful.

Thousands of disciples have been locked there!" When Sean finished, he looked at Zen's face and asked again, "Do you have a friend who is locked in Hell Mountain?"

Zen did not answer this question. Instead, he asked, "Is there a way to enter Hell Mountain?"



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