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(Recovering the flying knife (2)

There was some degree of truth in Nory's conclusion. If it hadn't been for Zen, Nory might not have passed the initial exam. And if Zen hadn't helped him during the Blooded Test, Nory would have been eliminated already.

"What if I go to Drizzle Peak?" Zen asked, smiling.

The question brought Nory up short. Then after a moment's hesitation, he exclaimed, "Are you kidding me?"

According to Zen's brilliant performance in the test, he could get into any peak he wanted.

But now, Zen was considering going to Drizzle Peak. Nory had to remind him, "Bro, Drizzle Peak is at the bottom of all peaks. You know that, don't you?"

Zen nodded as Master Su's face flashed through his mind. If it hadn't been for her, he would have been disqualified by Joshua in the test. But if Drizzle Peak ranked last, then its support couldn't compare with any other peaks. Its disciples would have two strikes against them when it came to their quota of pills, refining methods or other monthly supplies.

Zen hesitated for a moment.

As the night wore on, Zen shoved everything else out of his mind and focused on something more important.
He had to get his knife back even if it meant that he had to turn Bloody Mountain upside down.

After Nory drifted into a deep sleep, Zen slid out of the room. He went to the foot of the mountain under cover of darkness. Vaguely, he found the trial he had taken earlier and began to ascend the mountain.

The magic array was inactive at this hour, and so, there weren't too many unreal beasts. Since the magic red sand had made the mountain inhospitable to animals, even real beasts were rare.

The mountain seemed different without the magic array. Zen dashed around for a while as he searched several places and tried to find the spot where he had fought the ogre, but it all came to nothing.

His knife was buried deep in the huge mountain. Trying to find it could be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

He searched for about an hour and then completely lost his bearing in the dark. It seemed that Zen would have to go through every corner of the mountain to get his knife back.

It was such a great weapon. It was a pity that he had only used the knife once.

The result disheartened Zen. Suddenly, not far away some twigs rustled and swayed, then a woman dressed in green walked out from the trees.

As the women sauntered over, her beautiful face gleamed in the moonlight. She was wearing a green floating dress, which showed off her perfect curve. She was stunning, and for a moment, Zen was enchanted.

As soon as he recognized that the woman was Master Su from Drizzle Peak, Zen withdrew his gaze immediately and greeted her with a smile, "Hi, Master Su."

"What are you doing here so late? You are supposed to be in the dormitory." Master Su asked. Her lips curved into a sly smile.

"I couldn't sleep, so I decided to take a walk here..." Zen's face grew hot since he was telling a blatant lie.

"Is that so?" Master Su took two steps toward Zen, her bright eyes surveying his face. "Why did you choose to come here, the Bloody Mountain, for a walk?"

Her voice was clear and pure. Zen could tell that her tone was mischievous.

"Exactly," Zen spread his hands and shrugged. He returned her smile.

"Well, I don't think so." Master Su shook her head and said, "I think you are looking for something."

Zen coughed in embarrassment. Then he scratched his head, surprised by her acute judgment. "I guess that is a private matter, Master Su."

"Oh, if it's private, then I will respect your boundaries and be on my way. Bye!" Master Su replied as she swung a knife in front of him.

Zen's eyes brightened when he saw the knife. He said quickly, "Master Su, the knife…"

"Is it yours?" Master Su turned with the grace of a fairy and looked straight into his eyes.

Of course, she knew it was Zen's knife. She was the only master who had witnessed first-hand the whole fight between Zen and the ogre. She knew where the knife had fallen and retrieved it easily in the night.

Zen nodded, "Yes, it is my knife, Master Su."

"Well, it is a cracked knife, but it is powerful. Good stuff. I can give it back to you, but…" Master Su added, "on one condition."

"Name it." Zen said.

"You join Drizzle Peak," Master Su said with a sly smile.

Zen had been expecting her to say that. All this while, he had been hesitating about which peak to choose.

But now he knew without a doubt which peak he would pick. His choice seemed to be influenced by Master Su. Her behavior seemed a little shady, but she had found his knife.

He might never have found the knife had it not been for her assistance.

As he thought of this, Zen nodded and said sincerely, "I will choose Drizzle Peak tomorrow."

Master Su gave him a sweet smile. She tapped the ring on her slender finger. A second later, two small rings appeared in her palm. "Your knife is cracked, plus you can't control the knife with your life vitality unless you reach the nature level.

That is why you can't make the knife return after you throw it. Here is my 'welcome to Drizzle Peak' gift. Take it."

Zen looked at the two small rings and blinked. He had no clue about the function of the gift.



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