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(Using the flying knife (2)

As long as he penetrated the flesh and the second heart of the ogre, he could knock it down. And this was the only plan for Zen to escape with his life.

While he was still thinking about the solution, a strong wind blew from one side. Zen glanced sideways only to find that the big palm of the ogre was coming toward him.

'Oh, my god! No time to run away!'

This time, even though Zen wanted to dodge the attack, he did not have enough time to do so.

There was no other alternative except to fight. Zen made his decision quickly. He gritted his teeth, turned around, and then jumped on the back of the ogre's hand.

Running along the back of its hand to its arm, Zen then jumped on to the ogre's shoulder. With a somersault, Zen crossed over the ogre's head. At this moment, his nose was only inches away from the two sharp horns on the ogre's head.

With these calculated movements, Zen had finally reached the ogre's back. It was then that he could see the prominent protrusion on its back!

'This is it! Taste my Purple Fist Strength! You devil!'

Zen summoned all his strength and channeled it to his fist. Then he hit the protrusion. This protrusion was the second heart of the devil! A purple light flowed out of Zen's body.

If he could manage to inject the Purple Fist Strength through the thin layer of the ogre's flesh, its heart would be smashed to pieces.

However, to his surprise, Zen's fist slipped when his attack landed on the ogre's back. Its skin was so slippery!

'Oh, my god. I failed!' Zen thought as an overwhelming feeling of danger flowed through him.

In the next moment, the clumsy ogre sensed where Zen was and slapped him when he turned around. 'Bang!' A loud sound echoed.

The ogre had managed to land a blow on Zen while he was on its back! Its power pushed Zen far away. Seeing Zen flying dozens of feet away because of the impact, like a small stone, the instructors sighed deeply.

"What a pity! He has almost done it! What a good opportunity was lost just now!"

"The skin of the ogre is too tough to be broken by a little fellow who is just at the organ refining level."

"Yes, I think so. However, it is a pity that he does not have a spiritual weapon in hand. Otherwise, he would have beaten the ogre."

All the instructors watching the Picture Slabs could not help but sigh deeply. Anyway, in all the time that the ogre had been in the test, Zen was the only candidate to pose a threat to the ogre. In retrospect, were these instructors really expecting this man at the organ refining level to defeat a grade-five unreal beast? Their expectation seemed a bit unrealistic. This incident drew some of their attentions back to reality.

"Wait, wait. Don't run away!" Suddenly, one of the instructors shouted.

Initially, these instructors could not see Zen in their Picture Slabs. They could only observe him through other disciples' cards. Before the ogre beat Zen, there were a few disciples bold enough to follow them and watch their battle. Once they saw that the ogre had defeated Zen, these disciples turned and immediately ran away. They did not have the courage or the strength to face the ogre.

As soon as they had run away, the instructors could no longer see Zen.

However, most of instructors knew that there was no need to see the fight to its end. Zen would be eliminated eventually.
Only Master Su kept looking at her Picture Slab. Several emotions passed through her as she watched the scene.

She had tampered with Zen's disciple card earlier. And now, only she could see Zen's every move in her Picture Slab. As far as she was concerned, Zen's physical strength was indeed extreme. Even though the ogre had slapped him, Zen did not look as bad as other instructors thought.

'This fellow has not given up till now. He has a strong will. Powerful and determined, Zen is more than a match for most disciples, ' thought Master Su. 'I hope this young man passes the test.' With this hope in mind, Master Su turned her eyes back to the Picture Slab.

Zen was still lying on the ground. His chest heaved as Zen took deep breaths to calm himself.

The power of that slap was so terrible that he felt like all his bones had been smashed to pieces.

Fortunately, his body was strong enough to withstand the blow.

Zen's body had absorbed most of the ogre's power, and at the same time, it had transformed the force into warm currents that were refreshing his body.

However, there was still a small portion of the power left, which was enough to cause serious injury to Zen's body.

With no strength left to move, Zen could only lie on the ground and wait for the warm currents to restore his body.

Meanwhile, he closely watched the ogre. Feeling the trembling of the ground, he knew that the ogre was getting close to him.

Even though agonizing pain coursed through Zen's body with even a smallest movement, he did not want to give up yet.

As long as there was a small chance, Zen wanted to fight back.

When the ogre saw his prey lying on the ground, it slowed down. The ogre even stopped and studied Zen for some time. Then he raised his foot and was about to step on Zen with the intention of trampling him to death.

Maybe because the ogre felt that its prey was unable to move, it raised its foot slowly.

The slow movement gave Zen the time he needed to roll away. Enduring the agonizing pain, he climbed up from the ground. Zen intended to jump up at the same time.

"Ouch! That hurts!"

Although Zen was determined not to wait for his death at the hands of the ogre, the movements caused a tremendous amount of pain to flow through him. He could not help but cry out in agony. The pain from the inner bones was so significant that his body lost flexibility and he could not jump up as he had planned to.

In this case......

Zen needed a new plan. Without hesitating, he took out the broken flying knife from his space ring and then summoned all his strength before throwing the flying knife at the ogre.

'I hope it works!' Zen prayed in his heart. This was his last hope. If this strike did not cause any harm to the ogre, then Zen was doomed to be eliminated from the Blooded Test.

Zen watched the flying krnife with bated breath. He was shocked when he saw the route of the flying knife.


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