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(Using flying knife (1)

At this moment, Zen leaped forward suddenly, and the ogre's attack hit the ground just behind him. The sound of the impact was so loud that Zen's ears ached. When he turned back to look, Zen realized that the force of the attack left a huge palm print on the ground. Had he not jumped away in time, the blow would have landed on his body.

Without wasting any time, Zen rolled forward, got up, and continued running. The phantom ogre, who had been created by the illusion, murmured a few incomprehensible ogre words before chasing after Zen.

Zen had no choice but to keep running. At the same time, he felt angry and annoyed. Why was this ogre chasing him only?

Unfortunately, he couldn't stop to ask for an explanation. Even though the ogre was an illusion, if he were killed by it, he would be embarrassed. Besides, the ogre was an unreal beast. It was illogical to assume that the ogre was capable of thinking rationally. Of course, Zen couldn't communicate with such a creature.

While Zen struggled with his escape, the scene outside Bloody Mountain was also messy.

Many instructors had discovered through the Picture Slabs that the ogre had escaped from the fifth level and entered the third level.

"Joshua, do you know what the hell is going on?"

"Shouldn't this ogre be in the fifth level? How could he break through the magic arrays and enter the third level? This has never happened before!"

Faced with those questions, Joshua stammered, "I..I don't know what's going on. Maybe there is something wrong with the magic arrays in the Bloody Mountain. Otherwise, I have no explanation for how this could happen."

"I demand that the Blooded Test be stopped immediately," said one of the instructors.

"Yes, the Blooded Test should be stopped. I'm afraid that if the participants on the Bloody Mountain are attacked by this creature, they will all be unfairly removed from the exam. I've long suggested that the grade-five phantom beast should be eliminated.

It's meaningless to put it there. I really don't know what the top-level masters are thinking!" Another instructor agreed, too. He nodded and echoed this sentiment.

"Wait! Wait! Don't jump to conclusions in haste!" a master exclaimed. On hearing this, the two instructors who had been talking about the elimination of the unreal beast turned around and asked, "What is happening now?"

"Come and see! This ogre seems to be chasing Zen," the master switched the screen on the Picture Slab to one of the noble-clan disciples. These instructors peered at the screen and saw that Zen was desperately running for his life.

"Hah, so what? I agree that this young fellow's strength is astonishing, but do you remember Johan Lin? When Johan attended the Blooded Test with the strength of the marrow refining level, he was proud of his superior power and wanted to fight with this unreal beast. But in the end, he had been badly injured and could only run away." Another instructor commented.

Johan Lin had been the best disciple Cloud Sect had seen in the past hundred years. He became famous only three years after entering Cloud Sect. At the age of nineteen, he passed the trial of Cloud Road and became a member of Cloud Hall. Both his genius and strength were outstanding and rare in the world.

Some referred to him as a super genius owing to his skills and abilities.

The strength and talent that Zen had shown at this stage were quite distinguished, but in the minds of many instructors, he was still not as good as Johan. Moreover, at that time when Johan sought out the ogre, he was at the level of marrow refining, which was a realm higher than Zen's current level.

Even Johan, who was stronger than Zen, had to accept defeat and run from the ogre. How could Zen have the slightest possibility of resisting against the unreal beast?

Though they had such feelings and comparisons in their minds, most of the instructors still paid close attention to Zen, who was considered as the biggest surprise this year. After a short debate, they stopped arguing and watched the screen to see what Zen would do.

Seeing that none of the instructors were questioning him, Joshua smiled. He was satisfied that his trick had worked.

'Sneaky simpleton! You will die. How can you escape from the attack of the devil ogre? I can't wait to see your dead body!' With these thoughts in his mind, Joshua also turned to the Picture Slab.

It was still broadcasting the fight, or in other words, the unilateral attack from the ogre, as Zen wasn't attacking back. He was just running. With his flexible body, precise and calculated movements, powerful explosive force, and a little bit of luck, Zen had avoided the attacks of the ogre so far.

'Running is never a good solution.

If I keep running like this, I will eventually get exhausted and the ogre will catch me. Its powerful blow will take me out of the exam.'

Zen thought. There was not enough time for him to think of a solution. He found that his attention was divided. On the one hand, he needed to escape and on the other, he needed to observe the ogre's intentions to avoid its attacks.

As he ran, Zen recalled that the ogre's body was entirely different from that of a human. Starting from birth, the ogre was much stronger than a human in terms of physical strength. So, in ancient times, human beings suffered tremendously during wars with ogres.

But the creator was fair. Ogres had a fatal defect, which made them vulnerable. They had two hearts.

One heart was insufficient to generate enough power to support their tough and robust body. So, ogres required a second heart.

Having two hearts was not a fatal flaw. The anomaly allowed ogres to have greater forces. However, the placement of the heart was an issue. The second heart was on their back.

Only a thin layer of flesh protected the ogre's second heart. If the layer of flesh was penetrated, it would be easy to smash the second heart, and the ogre would die.

Aware of this weakness, all ogres would be equipped with heavy armors when they went to the battlefield. The armor had a high protrusion on the back, which was to protect their second heart.

Humans called this kind of armor tortoiseshell in jest.

Having fought with this ogre for some time, Zen had noticed that it wore no such protection on its back.


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