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(The woman after his heart)️

 Episode 8 

King Roland’s POV cont’d ♥️

‘This has got to be a serious joke’..Gregory chuckled out loudly and in sheer anger I stomped away from the ruckus…
‘Your highness,pardon us your highness’..Princess Reana hollered and when I turned around a little smirk creased my cheeks…

She was wearing a simple sundress and her hair was packed up very loosely which made her look comfortable but at the same time elegant..

Now this is what I’m talking about!!…
I am pretty starting to like this Princess..
‘You look beautiful Princess,I’ll take my leave now’..I replied finally and walked away with Gregory by my side…

‘She is really beautiful Roland,I think she’s the one’..He said..
‘Do not be so sure about that cousin,I don’t judge by looks alone even though I certainly do not want an ugly queen’…I replied and just then the new maid bowed as she walked past us..
‘Good morning your highness, greetings sir’…

‘Who is—

‘She’s a new slave,I bought her from the slave master yesterday and I don’t want to talk about her anymore’..I snapped and he smiled as we both went into the study room…
‘She is beautiful,can I buy her from you?? With someone like that to warm my bed I might be more handsome than you’..

‘Haha not funny Gregory,I need your help with the North Dam and with the approval of the new church school in Burlingam’..I said..

‘Seems like you have a lot of work,you need a queen and fast’…He replied..
‘Still I don’t want to waste my precious time picking one don’t you understand?? What is the use to bringing ten princesses to compete when I don’t even know any of them??’..I nagged away and then the same maid walked into the room with a mop bucket and dustpan…

‘I beg your pardon your—
‘What are you doing here?? Off with your nonsense will you?!!’..I yelled and she quickly scampered away..

I just don’t know but something about that maid just irritates me to the core…

Alondria’s POV ♥️

I quickly rushed out of the study room and carried my bucket over to the courtyard and because I was so anxious I mistakenly poured the dirty water on Princess Reana..
‘Ughhh you stupid maid!!!’..She yelled..

‘I…I..I am so sorry your highness’…I begged and the next thing I knew a huge slap landed on my face…

‘Know your place you dirty maid!!’..


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