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❤️(The woman after his heart)❤

❤👑 Episode 79❤👑
Reana’s POV ♥️

It can’t be!!…

It just can’t be!!…

She can’t be alive?!!..

I watched her die in front of me!!..

I watched her hang and I saw her body taken away so how is she alive and a princess looking so beautiful?!!…

How is she alive?!!..

Just how?!!..

‘This isn’t possible!! You should be dead!!’..I cried out and she smiled warmly..

‘Yes I should be dead and in fact I was dead but I feel like the gods planned a different path for me..Yes I am dead Princess Reana!! the Royal maid Alondria is dead and you’re looking at a new person,you’re looking at Princess Alondria!’…

‘Princess my foot!! Let’s get out of here Reynold!!’..I turned to Reynold who was also shocked to the bones so we could leave…

‘I could kill you now if I wanted to Reana and right now every bone in my body wants to have revenge for what you did to me and the other girls but—

‘You don’t have the balls Alondria, beautiful garments and shiny hair doesn’t make you a princess…you might be a princess on the outside but you’ll always the the slave wh*re Roland slept with’..I interrupted and I could see the boiling rage in her eyes…

If only she could read minds herself she would see how frightened I am to see her but I am trying to be defiant and fearless..

She can’t know I’m terrified of her..

‘Your highness I…..Reana?!!’.. Someone walked into the throne room and when I turned around I gulped hard..


Alondria’s POV ♥️

Just when things couldn’t get any more complicated!!..

I just hate her so much and I wish I could abuse my power to kill her right in front of me but father and mother would both be angry..

‘Alondria what is she doing here?!!’..Edward yelled pointing at Reana who so happens to be his sister..

Why am I not surprised??..

‘Remember the witch I told you about?? The one who tried to kill me and eventually got me hanged?? She is the witch!’..I replied pointing at her..

‘Reana what are you doing here??’..He asked and i could see how angry he was..

‘Well It’s been years since I last saw you brother and you have grown quite handsome’..She replied and he scoffed..

‘I ask again Reana,what are you doing here??’..

‘She’s here to ask for help or should I say beg??’..I snickered..

‘I wasn’t here to ask for—

Okay I’m done with this foolish talk..

‘Gaurds!! Seize my prisoners!!’..

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