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❤️(The woman after his heart)❤

❤👑 Episode 76❤👑
King Roland’s POV ♥️

Two Days later ♥️
‘You know it’s the third time I sent this so called princess of Astreya a letter of invitation but she declines like I’m some pauper’..I frowned deeply and Gregory laughed..

‘Ohh dear cousin not all women would want to fall at your feet just because you’re a long??’..

‘I know but I feel like she hates me’..I said.

‘You haven’t even met her yet Roland and I am planning on asking for her hand in marriage so back off alright’..He replied and I scoffed.

‘No offence but what makes you think a princess with such ego would marry a Duke’..

‘A handsome Duke and I have heard stories about her Roland,she is a very accommodating person and everyone loves her…Funny enough i also heard that she poses some kind of resemblance to Alondria’..He said.

’Alo?? That’s not possible Alondria is dead! Maybe it’s just the eyes or something and maybe the hair but Alondria is dead!!’..I snapped and he frowned..

‘Why are you so triggered?? It’s just a rumor not that it’s true??’..

‘Sorry I..that night still haunts me more than you know but I have an idea’..

‘What is it??’..

‘Why don’t we pay the princess a visit in Astreya and maybe sign a peace treaty between the two kingdoms??’..I suggested but before he could say anything else two of my gaurds rushed in..

’You are needed back at the castle your highness!!’..

‘What is it??’..

‘Your brother’..

The Next Day ♥️
‘What is the meaning of this insolence Reynold?!!’..I yelled at the top of my voice as I barged into the throne room only to see my brother on my throne..

‘Welcome brother,you’re just in time for my coronation’..He replied.

‘Coronation?! Is this some sort of clownery?? If it is then I must tell you that it isn’t funny in any way at all!!’..I pointed out but he chuckled again..

‘This isn’t a clownery brother it’s an overtaking,I have realized that you are not fit to rule Arilea’…

‘And what makes you think so??’..

‘The kingdom is dying and you know it Roland!! Father in his grave right now would be so disappointed in how weak you’ve become but let’s cut to the chase’..He said and I scoffed loudly..

‘Going against me would get you killed Reynold’..

‘Ohh no it won’t brother because I have an ally,have you met my new wife??’..he replied and when I turned around my mouth dropped I’m shock..


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