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❤️(The woman after his heart)❤

❤👑 Episode 75❤👑
King Roland’s POV ♥️

‘Gregory I…

‘What and why are you here Roland?? I thought I told you I never wanted to see your face ever again??’..He asked as he poured himself some liquor..

‘I know I made a terrible mistake and I…

‘I heard about the wedding,you pretty much created a scandal cousin’..He interrupted me and I clenched my fist…

‘Again I apologize Gregory and I made a mistake alright?!! I was foolish and I was weak and I lost the woman I loved because of that!! I shouldn’t have gotten her hanged’..

‘You don’t get it do you??! Do you think I’m mad because of that??! That I’m angry because you hanged her?!! No Roland I’m angry because you never protected her! I’m angry because all you cared about was wetting her hole!! I’m angry because you never—

‘I cared about her Gregory!! I cared about her and everyday since that incident I have to live with the fact that she is never coming back all because of me!! Do you think I don’t know what pure guilt feels like?!! I LOVED HER!!!’..I screamed..

A deadly dose of silence passed between the both of us and eventually he resigned..

‘That was all I needed to hear from you cousin,that was all I needed to hear’..

Alondria’s POV ♥️

‘Well I pretty much suffered for the most of my life,i was a handmaiden,an exotic dancer,a shove mucker,a digger and then a maid.Every single person I worked for was horrible to me and the worst of the worst was being a Royal maid,in the sand mines I lived with the fact that everyone was being treated the same horrible way but in the castle I was being treated like Garbage more than the other maids’..I narrated and surprisingly Edward placed his hands on mine..

‘I totally understand’.

‘Ohh no you really don’t,the scars on my back are way more worse than you could ever imagine…the…the queen ordered gaurds to rape me and…and looking back at everything it was the worse place a slave could ever be in’..I started crying..

‘Ohh no don’t cry,please don’t cry or I’ll cry too’..He patted my shoulder.

‘Sorry about that,now where was I…Oh, then I was in love with the king which is very stupid of me because he told me he loved me too and I believed him,we would sneak into his secret garden and make love or he would bring me into his room…At last it got me killed and here we are’..I finished and he hugged me really tight..

‘You don’t have to worry Alondria,I’ll always be here to protect you’..

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