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(The woman after his heart)️

 Episode 7 

King Roland’s POV❣️

‘You again?!!!’..I yelled seeing the maid with pretty blue eyes who poured wine on my coat earlier…
Why on Earth did I buy her from the slave master in the first place??…

‘So..I..I’m sorry your highness’..She stuttered with her head still bowed in shame…
‘I suggest you throw her in the dungeon,she has caused way too much trouble just for a maid’..Mother suggested and I stroked my beard..

‘I think a night in the dungeon would do the both of you good and that’s final’..
‘Your highness I’m ..I’m sorry it’s the—
‘Guards take them away!!!’…I yelled as the other maid tried to defend herself and two guards led them away..

‘Now where were we??’..My focus went back to mother and my royal assistant who listed out the itinerary of the Bride competition..

‘Tomorrow is the dressing contest,each princess should know how to dress on certain occasions and we are going to test it on the courtyard which you would attend of course’..She replied and I rolled my eyes…

This is going to be a long process…

The Next Morning ️
I changed into a simple tunic and let my hair run down freely,went over to the courtyard and waited for the competition to start only for me to hear my cousin’s voice….
‘Well,well,well if it isn’t King Roland’…
‘Hello Gregory,I thought you’d be here sooner’..I replied and he patted my shoulder as he sat next to me..

‘I was busy with Duke stuff in MontenFo’..He said..
‘So I guess you’ve heard what mother is planning on doing’ …
‘Yeah I heard about it and —Ohh your princesses are here and —What the hell are some of them wearing??’..He exclaimed and when I turned around I also joined him in gasping..
Princess Ariana wore a ball gown which clearly had tight corsets in the waist area and the most foolish headpiece I’ve ever seen while Princess Clara wore a broccoli festival dress…
What has mother done to me??..
What is this??..


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