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❤️(The woman after his heart)❤

❤👑 Episode 33❤👑

King Roland’s POV ♥️

‘Did you see that?! Seriously Roland don’t tell me you didn’t see the way that maid cut your men’s mouth shut?!’..Gregory ex beclaimed excitedly as we both watched the drama from a distance..

She must really have enough guts to stick up to my men like that,she must really have guts to shut them up even in a way that surprises me..

Something is just different about her..

Just something..

‘You’re drooling Roland,are you admiring the maid??’.. Gregory snickered and playfully I jabbed his ribs..

‘I am not drooling over anyone,don’t make assumptions like that Duke Gregory,let’s go’..I quickly denied the fact that i was actually admiring her and we both waked over to the bonfire…

‘What is going on here??’..I asked acting clueless about the earlier event and Marco,my least favorite guard spoke up..

‘Uhmm your highness we’re just… we’re just tired from walking that’s all’..He said and I frowned..

‘Of if an enemy was trying to ambush us y’all would be too weak to fight back all just because of some excuse?? You were never trained to be lazy!!’..I yelled and he pursed his lips..

I glanced over to where Alondria was and she was already asleep near a large log while my tent was next to it..

How can one person have the beauty of five queens??..

Princess Reana’s POV ♥️

‘Please tell me you’re joking!! Tell me you’re joking Meredith!!’..I screamed at the top of my voice as Meredith told me what’s really going on…

‘I…I’m sorry but I didn’t know the King would also leave with the guards’..She murmured and I groaned loudly…

‘Now I’m pretty sure that puny maid is there with my king doing only God knows what!!’..

‘Well they…we don’t know for sure if she has been found my princess,from the looks of it she might have been thrown in a river or something’..She tried reassuring me and somehow it made sense..

’Yes you’re kind of right Meredith,she might have been thrown off or something and I’m pretty sure she’s in fear now knowing that it’s the middle of the night and she can’t walk,or cry out of help’..I said with a smile on my face…

‘I am so happy that you liked my plan my princess’..She bowed down..

‘Yes,you’ll get your reward tomorrow in celebration of Alondria’s death’..

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