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 🌹THE CEO's 


(Claret's sweet mistake... Life of a slay queen 👸👸


   "Well... "
  "Well what Val! What!! "I spoke with so much pain in my eyes 
  I can't believe what I just heard from him 

  "I didnt like you at first... "
  "So you're saying am your side chick all this time!! "I can't believe this
  I ran my eyes on his real girlfriend who stood watching us and smirking at intervals 

   "I'm your side chick Valentine!!! "I screamed before bursting up into tears

So was the life of Claret who thought she had it all when she started dating the most famous, rich and handsome CEO in one famous company which he inherited directly from his dad

   She loved him, told everyone who wanted to hear that she was dating a rich man! Not just a rich man but someone who loves her so much 

  She was wrong! And that's what she came to know 
  She felt so ashamed and embarassed
  It dawned on her that Valentine only told her what she wanted to hear

  What happened next?? 
  Will the CEO SIDE CHICK live with it? Wgat then happens when she found out that she was pregnant for him? 

Care to know? 
Grab your popcorn and let's vibe together

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