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(Claret's sweet mistake... Life of a slay queen ๐Ÿ‘ธ๐Ÿ‘ธ

      Episode Six


What did I just see? Or did I read wrongly? My body stiffened, it can't be true and it shouldn't be true! 

   She's pregnant for Val! I won't believe it but... But... She came with a result from the hospital! 

  I heard her say *as usual* meaning that... That is is not her first abortion!! 
  She should go and remove that baby! Gosh! I must get pregnant too!! 

   Not long she left the room, Val pushed me off his skin and followed her out 

  I didn't follow them but I wish that bitvh doesn't change her decision about getting that baby eliminated from her skin 

   I hissed and sighed pacing about the whole room until he came back holding his head with his palms 

  I cheered up immediately for him as if what I heard her say earlier wasn't a bother to me at all

   "Val... "
  "Get out of my house! "He interrupted me when I had scarcely called his name 
  "We can't... "
He came near me and stood watching me talk

  "We can't really break up like this "
   He held my hand and then pulled off the gold ring he bought for me

  "What are you doing? "
  "I told you that am not getting married to you again so I took my ring off! "
  "Why are you doing this so that you can marry her? "

   "What if I do? Isn't she carrying my baby? "
  "You won't dare cuz I will make sure I kill her and her baby!... "He slapped me on my cheek 

  Ouch! My cheek hurt so badly! But hold on, did he just raise his hand to my face and then hit me? 

   Gosh! I turned my gaze sharply to his face 
  "Say that one word *kill* here again and I will kill you instead and bury you! "

  "And that's why you hit me? Val you slapped me because of that wench! "
   "And I can hit you again for calling her wench! "

    I was angry already, 
  "Look Val, no matter what you say or do, all I know is that am your fiancรฉรฉ and there's nothing you can do about it! "

  "You're not any... "

"I haven't finished speaking yet Val... "I stepped closer to him with horror in my eyes "try and act nonsense by not marrying me and watch me ruin... "He slapped me again 

  "Are you threatening me? "He roared at me while I held my cheek
  Is he Valentine that I used to know? I'm not sure he is 

  Cuz the Valentine that I know always cowers at everything I say, pleaded with me not to leave him, worshipped me like am a goddess! 

  He cared for me! Loved me! He even took me to his friends and then defended me, he acted as a sort of protection to myself!! 

  And now, it seems like that man changed only but yesterday when I discovered that he had a side chick 

   "One more word of threats to me again Anna and watch me skin you bit by bit here and now! "

  I didn't say a word, instead I will keep my plans inside of me, I picked up my bag 
  "All I know Val is that this house is still mine and am never going to let you go"

  "Suit yourself!! "He snapped and dissapeared to his room.... 

Hours later, 

   "Hey sis"Rudy greeted when I came back to my house 
  "Oh... Where's your ring? "She asked as it happened to be that her eyes went to my finger 

   "Oh! I threw it away"I lied 
  "You're fucking lying sis! What will Val say to you"
  'Val... "I gave a feigned laughter 
  She began to stare at me curiously 

   "I dumped him"
  "That's a lie! "
  "I'm not lying lil sis, I can't marry someone like him, he's not my type at all"

  "I can't believe that sis, I know you as a big liar... "
  "What! What did you just call me? "
  "Sorry, that's your business sister and not mine"

  "For fuvk sake am your big sister in this house learn to... "

She walked out on me


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