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(Claret's sweet mistake... Life of a slay queen 👸👸

      Episode Five


   "You fucked up boss! "My friend kept saying when I finished narrating to him all that happened yesterday in my office and how I broke up with Anna and how I've been calling Claret but she won't pick my calls 

   "Guy... Mehn its just something... "
  "Something what? I can't believe that you're still with that girls who called herself Anna"
  "Well... "I shrugged sipping on my wine 

   "I don't know and not sure about what I feel towards her"
  "Are you kidding me Val? "
 "Well, can't say but... "
   "What? "

  "Those pain I saw in her eyes yesterday really touched me, I realized how much I meant to her, how much she's willing to stay and how I wrongly gave the ring to Anna"

 He smirked 
  "You're kidding me, "
  "I'm not kidding at all Casper"
  "How will I know when you're saying that... Oh C'mon! If I were you yesterday, I will defend her and not Anna"

  ''That's my mistake, I'm just confused Casper "
  "What you wanted "
  "Be a nice friend for once Casper and advice me"
  "Advice you how? On what you've already lost? "

  "You think Claret will come back to you? She?? A side chick for five whole years!... (He chuckled) do you know what is five years?? "
  "That's why you should advice me"

  "So that you do what? "
 "I want her back "
He stared at me in disbelief before he started laughing
  "You don't mean this, do you? "
  "Stop this laugh of yours, am not kidding "

  "But do you know what a heart is like? You just broke her heart yesterday and then today you want her back 
Mehn... "He nudged me

  "Give her full space to regain herself, she was so into you and then all of a sudden you messed up
  Don't think of going to her now else you won't find it easy with her"

  "Mehn is that an advice? "
  "Of course yes! "
  I rolled my eyes at him , he's never a good person whom you'd turn to for an advice when you needed it.

I wonder if he's really my friend at all

     "Think of it Val if it were your sister who all these happened to.. "Those words touched me
  "C'mon Val, she needs space to think! Let her be!! "
   I sighed

   My mind is just too jampacked! Arrrgghh... A knock came on my door 
  "Come in"
And that wench called Anna walked into the room smiling sexily under the seductive short dress she was wearing 

   "Hey baby"she winked at me as she cat walked towards me
  My friend stood up to go almost immediately 
   "Uhm.... Valentine I'm gonna call you later then "
  "Sure friend "he hugged me whispering 

  "Use your brain and not your head dear"I sighed nodding my head at his message while we shook hands afterwards and then as he was about making use of the door, Claret walked in

   My heart beat faster when our eyes met
   Anna turned to see her and she rushed to my side clinging onto my arm 
  My friend cleared his throat and walked out leaving me alone with the two of the girls 

   "Claret... "I made to call her but Anna kissed me, I couldn't react or push her away, I don't know what force made me act that way 
   I saw instant pain in her eyes when she saw Anna kiss me like that 

   Anna as if she planned this began to romance my body with her hands 
  "Baby I missed you so much, I'm sorry about yesterday.... Getting mad and all that "

  I wasn't listening or rather, I didn't want to listen to her as my gaze was on Claret 
   "Claret... "I called again but this time it was Claret who interrupted 
   "Its fine "she dipped her hand into her hand bag and then brought out a letter 

   "Here"she handed it to me while I and Anna peered into the content of it 
  Oh my gosh! I exclaimed inside me when I read on and on
  She's pregnant for me!! I looked up sharply to her 

  "You're... "
  "But never mind, I'm taking it off as usual, just wanted to let you know like I used to... "She smiled briefly and turned her back to me
  My heart almost fell out when she said she's taking it off 

  "Hold on... "But hell no! She didn't even stop walking until she left my house banging the door closely behind her.... 


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