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 🌹THE CEO's 


(Claret's sweet mistake... Life of a slay queen 👸👸

      Episode Four 


  "What's wrong Claret? "My sister who came into my room asked me before sitting down on my bed

  My tears began to flow more than before cuz I found a comforter who will soothe me and tell me that all of this is a dream! 

  I can't still believe that Valentine will do this to me! What the heck! 
   "What's wrong sis? Speak to me and stop... "I hugged her with my knees on the floor as I cried my eyes out 

   My phone began to ring but who cared! I didn't care for a bit
  "C'mon stop this sis and answer your phone! "I didn't even bulge as I cried the more
  I felt her touching my phone from where I kept it on my table 
  "Oh my gosh! Its your prince charming Val... "
  At the mention of Val, I got mad and I collected the phone from cutting up the call and the next minute, I turned my phone off 

  "Bastard!! You mother fucking bastard! I hate you!! "I snapped as I kept my phone on the table 
  "What the hell is going on? Can you please tell me"
  "Would you believe me if I tell you this? "

  She nodded her head 
  "Even of I told you that for five years I've been dating that bastard boyfriend of mine? "
  "I knew when you started dating him of course "
  "Okay"I nodded my head
 "So?? "
  "For five whole years I spent my time with this guy, loved him,did everything to please and make him happy... (I sobbed)... I loved him Cindy! I loved him so much (sobs more hiccuping and blowing my nose) "

  "Take it easy okay? "She rubbed my back 
  "I won't Cindy cuz for that five years I was just a side chick to him"
Her hands froze on my back while she stopped staring, she froze for some seconds before she suddenly bursted:

  "What!!!!! "Almost deafening my ears 
  "Repeat what you just said? Side chick? I can't believe that Claret, how did you even know that? "

   "His main girlfriend came to his office today... You need to see how he was acting and speaking to me Cindy (fresh tears streamed down my face)... I felt like a trash infront of her!! "

  She was dumbfounded staring at me
   "You... Like... All that... No! I can't believe you.. You mean to say that he never loved you at all? "
  I nodded painfully hiccuping and cleaning the mucus that was running into my mouth 

   "I can't believe this Claret and don't expect me to believe it "
  "I knew you won't believe it cuz he was so fond of you... (little sob).... even I myself can't believe it "I shook my head to make my words sink down into her and as emotional as she is.... 

She began to cry along with me, I had to stop my own tears and console my own sister, I really have to cuz no one will do it for me.... 

🎶I never knew you were that  someone 

🎶waiting for me... 
We were just kissing when we fell in love

🎶Not knowing what it was

🎶I will not give you up this time 

🎶Darling just kiss me slow 

🎶Your heart is all I own

🎶I know we will be alright this time.... 

 Hours later, 

  I woke up on the soft caress of a bed sheet wrapping around me while I was sleeping on the bed 

  "Hey sis, woken up? Here's some good food I made for you"I heard Cindy as she came into my room 

 I yawned, was I really sleeping all these time? 
  "I'm not hungry"I said to her and she frowned
  "You have to eat, Val doesn't care if you eat now or not "

At the mention of his name once again, tears filled my eyes 
  "C'mon, you've got to stop crying huh! You've to stop fighting and face future now  
 Leave everything behind you and move on! "

  "How? I mean how? With the mockery of my friends whom I called fools for lingering on their broke cheating boyfriends
 Move on from the guys I rejected back then? Huh? "

  She gulped hard
  "That's life Claret, not everything works out fine for us, you always told me that "
  "But... "
  "Hush! Let me food you myself "

  She shifted the food close to me and then began to feed me even though I refused in the first place...

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