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 🌹THE CEO's 


(Claret's sweet mistake... Life of a slay queen 👸👸

      Episode Three 


   "I didn't mean it Val"I pleaded 
I can't loose this guy now, not when I've told all my friends that am getting married to the love of my life 

   He didn't want to hear that, after staring at me like a piece of trash, he left for his room while I followed him so I could sort things out between us

   I can't let that wench I saw earlier have her way with my own man, its not happening! Not when I'm still breathing 
   "Val am sorry "
 "That doesn't mean we won't break up Anna"he snapped at me now laying down on his bed 

   "Okay Val, do anything you like... "
  "I won't Anna! Just steer clear off my life now! I'm not going to marry you again"
  "So who will you marry then?"

  He doesn't mean this does he? That he won't marry me? He's got to be kidding me! Not after all I've prepared 
  Many friends and relationships I've turned down just because of him! 

   "Someone but not you"
  "Don't tell me its that wench cuz I don't want to believe its her "
He scoffed coming out of his bed and stepping closer to me
  "What if its her? "

  "I will skin her alive and bury her before your wedding "I replied in a real bad voice
  Now standing infront of me, he began to laugh softly and then stopped the next minute 

   "and if its not her then but someone else what would you do? "
  "I will find that person you will marry and kill her before you can even wed her Val... "I replied again and he scoffed 

   "See Val am sorry I... I know I wasn't a good girlfriend... "
  "Exactly what you say all the time for the past eight years! Every time *I'm sorry am not a good girlfriend, I'm sorry am not a good girlfriend *while you will never change for the better! 

  Am I some baby to you? Someone you treat anyhow you want? Am I some toy Belle? Am I your kid brother whom you treat the way you want? "

  "Its not it Val... "
  "Get out of my house cuz we're done! This relationship is off! And stop bothering my life again! "
  I trembled at his sudden out burst, why did I bring all these matter up? 

  I thought he still loved me? I thought am his heartbeat?when did everything change? Is it because I cheated?

   " I slept with my bestie cuz he really needed it then"I confessed to him and it seemed to ignite his laughter cuz he laughed unend clapping his hands 

  "Clap for yourself then
  A big clap! (He clapped) .... Another one (he clapped again) and a bigger one(he clapped repeatedly).... You see yourself? "
      I was embarrassed 
  ''Bestie?? That stupid guy was even sleeping with you behind my back while everytime I tried to sleep with you, you'd turn me down! You're always on your period!! You... "He made to slap me if not that I shifted away from him 

   "I hate you so much Anna so don't you ever show your face to me again!! "
  "Val I... "
  "Who told you to call my name you!! "He chased me out of his house.... 

Minutes later, 

  I was already in my own house or rather the house he bought for me
  I was boiling in anger for that girl who's the cause of all these and at myself for bringing the downfall of my already married life! 

  Why am I so stupid! Why didn't I live with him from the time he gave me his ring? Oh yes! He wanted to marry me while I never cared busy slaying, going to new sites, new places and buying new clothes

  Buying phones and shoes too, changing cars and then hair and snapping pictures, posting them on my Instagram page to earn likes, comments and shares! 
  The only thing I cared about most was flaunting my boyfriend! 

How stupid of me to even think of my marriage with him? 
  No! I can't lose out like this, I dialed his number and called him maybe he might be calm now missing me again like he used to after we had a fight 

   He didn't pick up! I called and called but he won't even pick my calls!! 


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