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(Claret's sweet mistake... Life of a slay queen 👸👸

      Episode Two


  "How dare you cheat on me Val! How dare you cheat on me!! "Annabelle raged when we got home 
  "Cheat...... "

  "Oh please don't try to suit me with your words Val, we're getting married next two months and here you're cheating on me "

   "You started it first Anna! "
 "How did I start it mr. Man! How? "
  I smirked, is she trying to play smart with me? 
    "Tell me.... "I stepped closer to her so I could be able to look at her face properly 

   Her face read anger but I cared less 
  Someone I really feel sorry for is Claret whom I really think am getting so attached to, whom I think I'm beginning to love and not this one! 

  Who will never do everything just the way I want it, can't sexually satisfy me, always complaining to be on her period, who will always demand for money all the time to fix her hair,

   Her nails, her lashes, who will never care about how I am like, just pop out from nowhere each time she needed something from me
  She'd manage to spend a night before telling me what she wanted and when she gets it, 

She's gone! She dissappears and never comes back again till further notice 
  She was the one who pushed me into having another girlfriend, I loved her so much that's why I didn't want to break up with her 

  I gave her my ring last year so we could be joined in marriage at last and it seems like I got her a license to misbehave and toy with my heart and life the way she wanted 

  But then Claret was there, always there for me
  She's always caring and had been with me, she never cared if I was cheating or not, she did every little thing she could to please me

  She was eager to do everything to make me happy, one fascinating thing about her was her skills in bed, she's really a good one at that 
   But then, not this! Seeing her have began to irritate me

  Each time she's around, I'm not always comfortable cuz I want  her to leave just like she always does so that claret can come and take over 

   I wanted it to be that way not until she bursted in to my office today in the presence of I and Claret where we were having a good time 
  She ruined everything for me, tho I'm partly happy cuz I didn't know how best I was going to break the news of my marriage to her, I didn't know how 
  And there's no way I'm going to say it to her without getting her hurt when I don't think she deserve it at all
   She's just the best but I didn't realize it until in the office today 

   Those tears in her eyes hurt me the most, those pain in her eyes when she asked me if she was a side chick all these while broke my heart in two 

   I never meant to hurt her  that way and not even for Anna cuz she doesn't everything  I gave her but Claret does deserve everything 

    "Tell me Anna that you haven't been cheating on me in this relationship? "I asked and I saw her eyes dilate immediately while I felt her shiver a bit 

   "Tell me!! Anna I knew you were cheating on me too! Our relationship had been eight years! Eight whole years Anna!! "

  "Is that why you decided to pay me back by dating that pretty girl! "
  "Thank God you know she's pretty!! "
   She scoffed at me
  "Let's break up Val! "

  "Exactly what am saying now Anna let's fuvking break up cuz I don't think I love you again! "
  "What! You're not even going to plead with me? "

  "And why would I plead with you? "
  "Cuz am your girlfriend whom you claim to love so much!! "
  ''Not anymore Anna, let's fuvking break up cuz I DON'T LOVE YOU ANYMORE!!!! "I yelled before rolling my eyes angrily at her 

  She was calm staring at me with cold eyes 
  "I didn't mean that Val... "She made to touch me but I pushed her away.... 


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