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 ♥️💞💸 THE

💞(An Affair with my rude boss)💞
💞💸 Episode 3💞💸

‘Ohhh I..I...I am so sorry sir'..Maliya apologized and quickly scurried away before Chad could even say anything.

‘What is wrong with her??'. Chad frowned deeply as he went into his car and wore a vest to cover the stain.

‘Daddy, cupcake'.Mimi pointed at the glass encasing of cupcakes and he smiled at her.

‘You want cupcakes??'.He asked and she nodded.
‘Don't mess this up Liya, don't mess this up'.Maliya whispered to herself as she approached the receptionist.

‘Good morning I'm—

‘You're here for the interview??'.


‘Go sit over there with the others over there'.The receptionist said and pointed at the waiting corner.

Maliya nodded and went over to sit down.She quickly bent her head low the moment she spotted Chad walking in with his little girl and couldn't help but wonder.

He had a kid??.

She heard he was married but never knew he had a kid??.

‘ You're up Maliya Gomez'.Someone called out to her and she walked into Chad's office.

‘Go...good morning sir'.She stuttered lightly and his brows shot up.

‘Why do i feel like you're the woman who poured an iced Americano on my shirt??'.

‘W...Well maybe you got me mistaken for someone else sir'.She lied and he scoffed.

‘No I can't mistake that beautiful butterfly neck tattoo for someone else,you shouldn't lie—i don't tolerate lying'.

‘So...Sorry sir I'm just...I'm just not...I'm just nervous that's all'.Maliya impulsively went on her knees begging and Chad almost laughed.

She was definitely crazy,he thought as he sighed deeply.

‘Sorry but I just can't employ you Miss Maliya,you lied which means you can lie again and on this job I don't tolerate lying'.

‘Please i—

‘Daddy I like her'.Mimi chipped in.

‘Huh?? You really do??'.Chad frowned and when she nodded he sighed deeply.

‘Okay then,I'll employ you but on one condition'.

‘What condition sir?? I'll do anything'.

‘You have to be Mimi's work nanny'.

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