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 ♥️💞💸 THE

💞(An Affair with my rude boss)💞
💞💸 Episode 25💞💸
(Semi Finale)

A week later Chad and Vanessa battled it forth and back through their divorce.

She was so determined to take everything he owned but he just wasn't going to let her ruin his life again,which was why he hired the best lawyer to handle the divorce.

A restraining order was filed on Vanessa in case of any disorderly conduct and thanks to Coco,she was not able to get Mimi in the custody battle.

‘You won right?? You bastard'.She spat as Chad came out of the car for the final hearing.

‘It's good to see you again Vanessa,keep on being wild I'm sure the court would love it'.He smiled and went into the courtroom much to the her detriment.

Both lawyers fought to the death and even the mistress card was played in the court against Chad but his lawyer was just too good.

He brought photos.


And even eye witnesses from the office.

Vanessa past boyfriends who she hurt in the past and didn't know she was a married woman also testified on how vile of a woman she was.

She was already fighting a losing battle.

‘Women like Veronica Finley shouldn't be here to tell the story and play the victim your honor and I am requesting an amount of 1.2 million to be paid for manipulation and defamation of character'.His lawyer said the final statement and the judge nodded.

’Your case has been granted and they are officially divorced,Mrs Vanessa is amounted to pay 2.5 million dollars and I don't care how she gets the money, but she must pay for all the damage caused....This is my order'.

The whole court jubiliated while Vanessa broke in tears.

Chad smiled broadly but he still wasn't satisfied.

There was something else he had to do.

He had to get Maliya back.

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