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 ♥️💞💸 THE

💞(An Affair with my rude boss)💞
💞💸 Episode 24💞💸

‘Does that mean you forgive me??'.Peter asked his ex wife as the stranger walked away.

‘Ohh get a hold of yourself Peter,I just kissed you so he would leave me alone'.Maliya scoffed and turned to leave but he quickly held her back.

‘I...I'm a changed man now Maliya,I went to rehab and I've battled my addiction,please just give me a second chance'.

‘I am not God,I don't give second chances that easily Peter and even if I did it wouldn't be you'.She sighed deeply and went inside the house.

The moment she shut the door she bursted into a round of hot tears and sat on the ground.

It was pretty much destined that she wasn't supposed to be happy.

The man she once loved broke her heart.

The man she loved now betrayed her.
🎶This superficial love thing got me going crazy.
  Baby if you want me then you better need me.
 Cause I'm so done.
    Not being your number one.

🎶 And if you wanna keep me then you better treat me.
 Like a damn princess.
  Make that an empress.
Cause I'm so done.
   Not being your number one.

Chad walked into the house with a dejected look on his face and when he saw Vanessa smoking again he knew he couldn't take it anymore.

Enough was enough.

It was time she left his life for good and nothing was going to stop him.

He was going to do his best to make sure he protected both his daughter and his unborn kid from her.

She wasn't fit to be a mother and that was that.

‘Vanessa sign the papers please??'.

‘I said I'm carrying your—

‘I don't care,sign the papers,leave my house and I'll see you in court soon'.

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