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♥️💞💸 THE

💞(An Affair with my rude boss)💞
💞💸 Episode 23💞💸

‘You can't be pregnant!! It's just not possible!!'.Chad gasped as he stepped back a little in disbelief.

‘Yes I'm carrying your child Chad and if you don't believe me then that's your problem not mine,the result is there and you can confirm it with your doctor'.Vanessa smiled devilishly and he sat down on his bed.

There was no way the court was going to grant him the divorce when she was still carrying a child??.

He hurt Maliya so bad and now there was no turning away from his mistake.
‘Hey'.Rebecca muttered as she sat next to Maliya on the front porch.

‘I know you're here to check on me,I'm fine really,I'm just a little bit shaken up'.Maliya replied and she chuckled.

‘No Liya,I came here to drop your stuff,Chad came over didn't he??'.

‘Yeah he did and was asking for a listening ear, you know I thought I had a good thing going.I thought I had something very good going,I thought I madly in love but instead I was being used....I'm always being used'.Maliya sobbed lightly and Rebecca placed her hands on her shoulder.

‘It is not your fault Liya,men are just jerks and that's all there is to it and speaking of jerks..doesn't that look like your ex husband??'.She stood up and Maliya turned to the side only to see Peter—the man she hated the most next to Chad.

‘What the hell do you want from me now?'.

’Liya i still love you'.

‘You what?!'.

‘I still love you,I only want a listening ear that's all I ask for'.He pleaded and she scoffed loudly.

‘Talk about jerks and....'.Her voice trailed off as soon as Chad's car stopped in front of the house.

Oh great,she thought as she raised her hands in mock surrender and he came out of the car.

‘Liya can we please...

‘No we can't Chad!! I'm no longer your MISTRESS so please go back to your pregnant wife!!'.She yelled and his mouth dropped.

‘How did you—

’She sent me a picture of the result okay?? So let's just cut the nonsense out!!'.

‘Liya I said I'm sorry okay?? I didn't know what came over me, she was just acting so nice and I thought she signed the papers at first but—

‘You went back to your wife right?? Now watch me go back to mine'.She said and in front of his two good eyes,she grabbed Peter and kissed him hard on the mouth.

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