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 ♥️💞💸 THE

💞(An Affair with my rude boss)💞
💞💸 Episode 22💞💸

‘Maliya please let me explain,I just need to explain...Maliya I love you!!'.He grasped onto her arm and she pushed him away lightly.

‘Don't you ever!! Don't you ever touch me like that ever again Chad!!'.

She walked away and he went into his car,when he was sure no one was looking he bursted into a gallon of tears.

He was fooled easily and now lost the woman he claimed to love in the process.

She was never going to forgive him no matter how hard he tried to plead and this was all because of his gullibility and Vanessa.

She was the one who ruined his life and he wasn't going to give her that chance again.
‘Daddy??'.Mimi blinked as her father walked into the room and packed all her clothes into her pick bag.

‘Aunty Coco wants you to stay at her place for a little while okay?? I just have some things to sort out'.He said as he took her outside and Coco smiled at the little girl.

Even though she was once Vanessa's friend,she still cared for Chad and it was time Vanessa got her Waterloo.

‘Take care of her okay??'.Chad pleaded,she nodded and then drove away.

Some minutes later Vanessa walked into the house after a round of shopping with her new friends only to see Chad waiting for her with papers on the bed.

’I am not signing these papers Chad,you're wasting your time'.She scoffed and he smirked.

‘You will sign them Vanessa'.

‘I will not sign them Chad and you can't make me sign them,together forever remember??'.She sneered and he wished he could take back the sweet words he once told her.

‘You will sign these papers Vanessa and i—

‘I will not!!'.

‘You will or I will kill you!!'.

‘Ohh please Chad you don't even have the balls to do something like that!!'.

‘Well then dare me Vanessa!! Just dare me and see!!'.He threatened and when she saw that he was serious she brought out her own trick card.

He wasn't the only one who had something up his sleeve.

‘What's this?'.He asked as she handed him the envelope.

‘Well according to the doctors report I'm pregnant'.

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