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 ♥️💞💸 THE

💞(An Affair with my rude boss)💞
💞💸 Episode 21💞💸

🎶Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
     Caught in a bad romance.

Chad sighed deeply as he walked into the house and then looked over by the side only to find Vanessa smoking out of a pot with their daughter next to her.

‘Vanessa what are you doing?!!'.He yelled and she chuckled.

‘It feels so good to be me again Chad don't you think??'.

‘What are you talking about??'.

‘Well what I'm saying is that I had to pretend that I still cared and all to waver away from signing those stupid documents and all you see?? Now your so called mistress knows we're back and she is probably hurt'.She replied and he gasped lightly.

So it was all a lie!!.

He thought his marriage was turning for the better but it was all a stupid lie and she never cared about him!! It was all a lie and he stupidly believed her.

’Damn you Vanessa!! Damn you!!'.

‘No Damn you Chad?!! You were the one who loved remember?!! You lied to the poor girl and now she's hurt all because you couldn't stick your pants were they belong'.She laughed out heartily and he ran over to his car.

He just had to talk to Maliya.
‘Please just let me see her!! Please just let me see her!!'.He begged but instead Mr Gomez punched him hard again on the face.

‘You think my daughter is some kind of slut?! You think she's some piece of chick that you can use to your pleasure?? You think she's just your mistress??'.

‘I assure you it's—

‘Dad let him speak'.Maliya suddenly appeared by the stairway and Chad gulped hard.

Mr Gomez gave way to the both of them and then they both walked outside.

He prayed silently so she would give him a listening ear but deep down he knew it just wasn't possible.


‘You told me you divorced her Chad,you told me that you were no longer together and that you were in custody of Mimi but instead you lied to me'.She said in a very icy voice.

’I am very sorry for everything i—

‘No you're not sorry for what you did,instead you broke my heart to pieces and now you're acting like you're sorry..I should've seen the signs,I should've listened to Rebecca'.She sighed deeply.


‘I don't want to see your face ever again Chad'.

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