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♥️💞💸 THE

💞(An Affair with my rude boss)💞
💞💸 Episode 20💞💸

‘What are you going to do now??'.Rebecca asked as Vanessa exited the building and Maliya couldn't say anything.


‘I just...i just want to go home,can you please uhmm help me pack my things and then send it to my house later??'.

‘Yeah I'll do that,are you gonna be okay??'.

‘You're back early??'.Mr Gomez asked as his daughter walked into the room with a dejected look on her face.

‘I...I'm not really in the mood to talk now dad'.Maliya replied in a strained voice and he instantly knew something was wrong.

‘Liya are you okay??'.

‘No I am not okay?!! The man I thought I was dating is actually still happily married to his wife and I am just his mistress!!!'.She yelled at the top of her voice and ran to her room.

‘Liya it's alright okay?? You can just talk to me'.He ran after her before she did something drastic.

The last time her heart was broken in such manner she almost killed herself and now history was repeating itself again.

‘I just want to be alone and I know what you're thinking but I'm going to be fine'.She sniffed and shut the door.
Chad walked into the office and paused back a little seeing Maliya's empty office with Rebecca packing.

‘Uhhh what is going on??'.He asked and the dirty look Rebecca gave him threw him aback.

‘She left,your wife came over and they pretty much had an interesting conversation'.She said and he gasped.

‘What...What did she say?? What did my wife say??'.

‘Well she showed Liya pictures of the both of you and then told her to stay away from you,you know you're a douchebag right??'.

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