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 ♥️💞💸 THE

💞(An Affair with my rude boss)💞
💞💸 Episode 2💞💸

Chad smilied warmly as he walked into this two year old daughter's room and felt a whole new man the moment he did.

She was the only thing that was right in his marriage even if he had to punch some holes in Vanessa's diaphragm before she could be born.

‘Daddy?'..Mimi yawned as he sat next to her and he kissed her cheek.

‘Good morning pumpkin'.

‘Where is mommy??'..

‘Ohh mommy is off but not to worry I'm taking you to work today'..


‘Yes'.He kissed her cheek and sighed deeply.

Miracle was the only reason he was still in the damned marriage.

Divorcing and knowing how despicable Nessa could be meant that he wouldn't be able to see his darling daughter again and he didn't want that.
‘One iced Americano please'..Maliya yawned deeply as she ordered her own dose of coffee since she really needed it to keep her eyes open..

‘Big day huh??'..Doris,the shop owner asked.

‘Yep,I just hope I get this job today cause I really need it'..Maliya replied and her 49 year old friend chuckled..

‘Yes cause this is your third cup of Americano this week'..She said and suddenly a car pulled up in front of the shop..

‘Hmmmm looks like a rich man,you can go shoot your shot Liya'..

‘Ohhh that's not a any rich man!! He's the boss of where I'm applying'..Maliya panicked and tried to run but instead she poured coffee all over Chad.


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